Red Dead 2 Guides, Tips, And Cheat Codes


Red Dead Redemption 2 is lastly right here. Rockstar’s new open-world western sport is now obtainable on each PS4 and Xbox One, and it presents gamers with a large, deep open world to discover. The foremost story alone will take you within the neighborhood of 50 hours to finish, and that is earlier than partaking in a lot of its aspect content–and all of that is to be adopted by Red Dead Online in November, the sport’s on-line multiplayer element.

To enable you to take advantage of the expertise, we have put collectively quite a few guides and ideas, tackling each particular facets of the sport and a broader array of issues try to be conscious of earlier than beginning. Rockstar has opted to not maintain your hand with many options within the sport, leaving it to you to both uncover them or discover them hidden away in menus. We’ll even be looking at a few of these examples to make sure you’re conscious of every part the sport has to supply.

We’ve acquired loads of different guides and tips about the best way, and we’ll proceed to replace the record under with all of them. While you wait to truly get your arms on the sport, make sure you take a look at our RDR 2 review.


One doubtlessly huge facet of the brand new sport is cheat codes. Like GTA V earlier than it, RDR 2 permits you to use cheats and even has a whole menu obtainable for the function. However, at this early stage, we do not truly know what all of them are; no less than some are cleverly hidden in newspapers in-game. We’ll be doing our greatest to hunt these down and can report again as they’re uncovered–you can see these we have been capable of affirm in our record of all of the Red Dead 2 cheats. In the meantime, we have additionally acquired a rundown on the best RDR2 cheats which can be value a strive.

Do You Need To Play Red Dead Redemption First?

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Red Dead Redemption 2 is the third sport within the Red Dead collection, although it is solely carefully related to its direct predecessor. However, RDR 2 is a prequel, happening years earlier than the occasions of the primary RDR. If you have performed the earlier sport, you will acknowledge the names and faces of lots of its characters, together with RDR protagonist John Marston. We dive into whether you should play RDR first in our function, however no matter alternative you make, it is best to give our Red Dead Redemption story recap a glance to refresh your memory–or fill within the holes for the primary time.

Tips To Know Before Starting

As with any sport, it may be helpful to begin with sure data in hand. That’s definitely true of RDR 2, which is a dense sport full of assorted techniques that work together with one another. With that in thoughts, we have put collectively an inventory of key tips you should know earlier than booting up the sport for the primary time. We’ve saved spoilers to a minimal, however you will need to remember, as an example, that aspect missions can expire if you aren’t getting to them rapidly sufficient.

How To Make Money Fast

As an outlaw, you are after cash, however not essentially out of sheer greed. Whether your motivation is the betterment of your gang and its members or since you merely desire a new gun and horse, you are going to need to get your arms on as a lot cash as attainable. With that in thoughts, we have put collectively a information on how to make money quickly.

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Outfits And Climates

Among the methods Red Dead 2 tries to immerse you in its world is with its climates. You’ll should account for temperatures if you wish to maximize your efficiency, sporting applicable clothes relying on the place on this planet you might be. We’ve rounded up all of the outfits we have come throughout to this point to offer you an thought of what yow will discover.

Things The Game Doesn’t Tell You

As you play and share tales with pals, chances are you’ll come to comprehend there are any variety of things the game doesn’t tell you. There are varied fascinating particulars and tidbits you can miss as a result of Rockstar is not throwing them in your face, so we have achieved our greatest to spherical up a lot of these so you do not miss out on some alternatives in the course of the course of your adventures.

How Do Morality And Honor Work?

Among the numerous techniques you will discover in Red Dead 2 is honor. Arthur Morgan could also be a prison it doesn’t matter what selections you make, however there are levels to which he’s a foul man. That comes into play with morality and honor, as your actions will both increase or decrease your honor. Pressing down on the D-pad permits you to see this at any time, and one thing so simple as greeting a passerby will will let you construct it up. Aside from how individuals react to you, it is value being conscious of the implications of your honor–Good Guy Arthur will get reductions at shops, which is a method to avoid wasting money.

Some Side Missions Can Expire

If you are a completionist, the considered non-compulsory missions disappearing is downright terrible. But no matter your strategy to enjoying video games like Red Dead 2, it is best to completely have interaction with a number of the non-compulsory content material involving your gang. These sequences function a number of the finest character second within the sport, however for those who advance far sufficient within the story, a few of these missions will go away whether or not or not you have achieved them. You can discover out extra about how this works in our PSA on side missions expiring.

How Do I Fast Travel?

Fast journey does exist in RDR2, though it isn’t one thing you will do by choosing some extent in your map and warping there. The means for rapidly shifting round contain utilizing precise modes of transportation, resembling stagecoaches. Provided you have got the endurance, you are a lot better off operating or taking your horse, since you’ll encounter a number of the sport’s most fascinating content material that means. But if velocity is of the essence, seek the advice of our rationalization of how fast travel works.

All The Guns

As famous above, cash is at a premium, so you do not essentially need to purchase each weapon you lay your eyes on. You could need to plan forward, so we have rounded up all of the guns we have found to this point with a view to offer you a way of what awaits.

Health, Stamina, Dead Eye, And Horse Cores And Bars Explained

One of the numerous new wrinkles in Red Dead 2 is the Core system, which dictates a wide range of facets of your character. It is usually a bit complicated to wrap your head round, with Cores influencing bars however bars getting used earlier than Cores, amongst different factor. Do your self a favor and get a great grasp on this key system by trying out our information to how Cores work.

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Fishing Tips

Early within the sport, you will acquire the flexibility to fish, which is usually a enjoyable mini-game to kill a while with. You can get by with out a lot technique, however for those who’re considering getting the largest, legendary fish that present in Red Dead’s world, it is best to seek the advice of our fishing guide for ideas and legendary fish places.

How To Find The Legendary Animals And Pelts

During Chapter 2, you will encounter your first Legendary Animal–an huge Grizzly Bear. From right here, you’ll observe and hunt the sport’s rarest animals, a few of which would require added firepower. If you need to know the placement of each single elusive animal in Red Dead 2’s world, go take a look at our Legendary animal sand pets guide for steerage on how one can discover them, and what to do with that legendary bear pelt.

Perks Guide: Trinkets, Talismans, And The Crafting Components You Need

Perks provide enhancements to Arthur’s general talents which can be unlocked by acquiring Talismans and Trinkets, that are primarily crafted at Fences. You’ll want elements from Legendary Animals to craft them. Others are rewarded to you by finishing particular missions underneath particular situations. Check out our Perks guide providing an in depth run down all the Talismans we have discovered to this point, what they do, and what you’ll want to unlock them.

The Best Horses And Where To Find Them

There isn’t any singular “best horse” within the sport. There are solely sturdy breeds that truthful a lot better than the usual breeds you encounter early on. Speaking on the different sorts: the Arabian, Turkoman, and Missouri Fox Trotter breeds stand out as essentially the most well-rounded and top-tier. Here’s our best horses guide providing particulars on every.

Hidden Weapons You May Have Missed

There are a lot of weapons to search out within the large world of Red Dead 2. However, a few of these cannot be purchased from weapon outlets, and they are often simply missed for those who aren’t paying consideration. With this in thoughts, we pulled collectively an inventory of weapons that may take some further effort to search out, however are among the many sport’s most fascinating instruments for fight. In addition to customized six-shooters from legendary Gunslingers, there are additionally melee weapons that may be traced again to historic cultures misplaced to time. Go take a look at our guide on how one can discover these hidden weapons.

Where To Sell Stolen Items: Every Fence Location In Red Dead Redemption 2

Fences–merchants, not boundary markers–in Red Dead Redemption 2 are the one companies that may purchase items you have discovered whereas looting strangers and rifling by non-public property, and by gum, they positive are laborious to search out. Considering the dimensions of RDR2’s map, and that there are solely 4 fences in all of the land, odds are chances are you’ll be questioning the place they’re hiding. We’ve acquired a handy reference guide to assist find the black-market merchants that peddle in illicit items.

How To Start All The Challenges

As you play Red Dead 2, you will begin to see notifications informing you that you’ve got accomplished a problem. Now this all sounds high-quality and dandy, however you are doubtless asking your self: “What does completing challenges do? Heck, why should I even bother completing them?” That’s a good query, and we’re right here to reply it. Here’s our challenge guide containing particulars our every, in addition to specifics on what you earn.

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