Vikings: WWE’s Adam “Edge” Copeland Talks “Scary” Turn For Season 5


With the return of the fifth season of Vikings comes an fascinating new flip for the group that adopted Floki (Gustaf Skarsgård) in creating a brand new Viking settlement in Iceland. As beforehand seen, the settlers have been fast to find that constructing a brand new society on a volcanic island was no simple job.

Now that they’re settling in, although, issues solely going to worsen. GameSpot spoke with WWE Hall of Famer Adam “Edge” Copeland, who performs Kjetill, in regards to the present’s return and precisely what is going on to occur when life for this group solely turns into harsher by the day. While Floki believes he was destined to guide a thriving settlement after being chosen by the gods, Kjetill–among others– is starting to understand it was by no means going to be fairly that straightforward.

“I think [Kjetill] was a realist in the respect that he knew there was going to be some work involved,” Copeland mentioned. “It wouldn’t just be easy. I think he was enough of a realist to understand, ‘I want to believe Floki. I want to help him see this vision come to fruition but I think there’s going to be more to it than what Floki assumes.'”

And whereas Kjetill could think about himself Floki’s most trusted ally on this new surroundings, there’s seemingly a breaking level looming. “I think that’s where the character, in a way, is let down and is trying to fight these other emotions underneath,” the actor teases. “You know, the trying to be the pillar of a community, trying to be kind of the right-hand man for Floki, trying to be very dependable and be a husband and be a father and be caring. But underneath all of that he’s still a warrior, he’s still a Viking in his blood and at some point, can he keep that buried down or should he keep it buried down?”

Without spoiling, Copeland teased that protecting it buried down will not be very simple. “You’re going to see some of those things come to the forefront and I think it’s only a matter of time with this character… You know, there’s some stuff bubbling and you know, eventually… the volcano has to burst,” he mentioned. “And I don’t want to give too much away, but you get a sense by the end of this season, you get a sense of what he can actually do if put in that position and it’s a scary thing.”

Interestingly, although, it is not the physicality and motion that excited Copeland most about taking part in Kjetill. While he assumed one of many causes he was employed was to utilize his sports activities leisure background for battle scenes and struggle choreography, he was happy to see Kjetill be another person completely.

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“This was more of an exploration of character and that was so much fun,” he mentioned. And it is exploring that character that has helped Copeland get a way of what issues most to Kjetill. As he defined, “This guy is doing all of these things because he’s trying to protect his family… bad things happened and there’s revenge that comes with that and all of those base emotions that he’s always trying to keep in check.”

So could the gods be with whoever comes between Kjetill and his household. With that Viking warrior blood in his veins, he could develop into unstoppable when Vikings returns on November 28 on History.

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