Dying Too Fast In Battlefield 5? EA Is Planning Some Changes


The first main replace is coming to Battlefield V subsequent week alongside the the launch of the World War II sport’s Tides of War occasion. While the complete patch notes haven’t been launched but, developer DICE has began to supply some perception into what you may count on for this replace and ones to return on a further-out timeline.

Writing on Reddit, the studio mentioned one of many extra notable modifications has to do with the Time to Kill (TTK) and TTD (Time to Death) parts. DICE is observing that gamers are dying too usually/too rapidly, and are getting annoyed because of this. In the wake of this, DICE is “looking at how we can improve the experience for new players and veterans and alike.”

Next week’s Battlefield V replace will not embrace any modifications to TTK particularly, however DICE is wanting into modifications which may result in a “perceived” slower TTK by means of issues like netcode, injury suggestions, and different parts.

“We want to achieve gunplay balance where the experience is healthy, where latency is in a good place in order to improve consistency experience across all platforms including PC and console,” DICE mentioned. “We want to propose any TTK model changes to you, the community, and involve you in testing experimental changes with the goal of improving experience and create deeper gameplay potential.”

Core gameplay designer Le Bihan mentioned enhancing the TTK/TTD expertise is “one of our high priorities right now,” including that getting issues to a greater place includes “complex pieces that are being investigated…”

DICE is engaged on some new TTK measures, and it could roll the modifications out on a small pool of servers first, to match with the unique TTK formulation.

“It may be proposed to players in-game by rolling out the new TTK changes globally to all players connecting to any server, while adding a new playlist accessible through the server browser where players can play the old (or as it is, current) TTK to compare the two experiences,” Bihan mentioned.

As for modifications which might be coming to to Battlefield V subsequent week within the new replace, gamers can count on the revive mechanic to enhance for each the reviver and the revivee. “We identified a few delays that prevented players to get full control after the animation was completed–this is now resolved and will virtually make the reviving experience ‘faster.’ We want to see if what we are addressing improves the quality of the experience enough. Increasing the revive speed is something we still keep in mind but aren’t implementing just yet,” DICE mentioned

As for the weapon stability modifications, DICE is making a collection of modifications, which you’ll be able to see on the backside of this publish. Outside of these modifications, DICE confirmed that the flexibility to pull a downed teammate–a characteristic proven in trailers earlier than launch–won’t be included within the replace. “We are still investigating feasibility around this mechanic,” DICE wrote.

GameSpot’s Battlefield V review scored the World War II shooter an 8/10. DICE is planning quite a few and important updates to the sport over time, together with the Tides of War occasion, in addition to a battle royale mode called Firestorm that’s coming in March.

Weapon Balancing/Changes

  • Damage

    • Decreased M1928A1 most injury to 25.1 (beforehand 30)

    • Increased the three hit kill vary of the Gewehr 1-5 to 30 meters (beforehand 25 meters)

    • Increased most injury for the Sturmgewehr 1-5 and StG 44 to 25.1 (beforehand 24)

    • Reduced the vary at which the Turner SMLE can kill with one headshot and one physique shot to 30 meters (beforehand 35 meters)

    • Increased the Four hit kill vary of all assault rifles, LMGs, MMGs and SMGs to 10 meters (beforehand 9 meters) to make shut quarter injury extra dependable

    • Increased all SMG 5 hit kill vary to 30 meters (beforehand 25 meters)

    • Slightly prolonged pistol injury drop-off distances

    • Bolt actions now not deal barely decreased injury when hitting the decrease physique or higher arms, this implies the minimal injury won’t ever go under 55 injury.

  • Recoil

    • Increased horizontal recoil of the KE7 to 0.45 (beforehand 0.36)

    • Increased horizontal recoil of the M1907 SF to 0.41 (beforehand 0.39)

    • Decreased horizontal recoil of the STEN to 0.38 (beforehand 0.4) and elevated the efficacy of the Ported Barrel specialization

  • Specializations

    • Increased the impact of the Slings and Swivels specialization. Switching to your major weapon is now an extra 50 ms quicker for all weapons and firing after sprinting is allowed an extra 16 ms earlier for bolt actions, assault rifles, semi auto rifles and SLRs

    • Changed the specialization for the KE7. Recoil Buffer has been eliminated. Quick Aim has been added. Specialization tree has been reordered

  • Reload

    • Increased the reload pace of the KE7. Base reload time is now 3.55 s (beforehand 3.75 s)

    • Increased the reload pace of the MG34 with the double drum journal. Tactical reload is now 3.7 s (beforehand Four s) and empty reload is 5.083 s (beforehand 5.5 s)

    • Increased the reload pace of the M1907 SF. Tactical reload is now 2.7 s (beforehand 2.9 s) and empty reload is 3.Three s (beforehand 3.5 s)

  • Miscellaneous

    • Improved sustained fireplace accuracy of SMGs whereas aimed and stationary

    • Decreased sustained fireplace accuracy of assault rifles whereas aimed and shifting

    • Increased muzzle velocity of all SMGs as follows:

    • MP34: 495 m/s (beforehand 450 m/s)

    • MP34 (High Velocity Bullets): 560 m/s (beforehand 520 m/s)

    • STEN: 495 m/s (beforehand 430 m/s)

    • MP40: 455 m/s (beforehand 400 m/s)

    • EMP: 420 m/s (beforehand 380 m/s)

    • MP28: 345 m/s (beforehand 320 m/s)

    • Suomi KP/-31: 330 m/s (beforehand 300 m/s)

    • M1928A1: 330 m/s (beforehand 280 m/s)

    • Decreased drag of SMG bullets from to 0.005 (beforehand 0.007) for normal bullets and 0.0035 (beforehand 0.005) for High Velocity Bullets

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