New Captain Marvel Trailer Clears Up That Whole Old-Lady-Punching Thing


Marvel has launched the new trailer for Captain Marvel, and it does fairly a number of issues, organising Carol Danvers’ backstory and establishing the fundamental premise of the film. It additionally straightens out one thing that some viewers had been little question confused about throughout the first trailer earlier this 12 months.

That debut trailer for Captain Marvel featured a hanging second for individuals who do not know a lot of the Kree/Skrull backstory that serves as a significant basis for the upcoming film: Captain Marvel punches an old lady within the face. That might need appeared inexplicable to some, although we felt protected in our assumption that the previous lady was merely a Skrull in disguise.

The new trailer goes heavy on the exposition. Aside from some dialogue the place Samuel L. Jackson explicitly lays out absolutely the fundamentals of the connection between the Skrull and Kree, the trailer additionally wastes no time in finding out that punching incident. Rather than reduce away after the punch, we see the previous lady is–surprise!–not an previous lady in any respect. She’s unfazed by the punch, and the 2 start to struggle.

This scene will presumably be extra of a comedic beat within the last movie than something notably significant. Elsewhere within the trailer, we do see some extra vital features of the film, together with the truth that Marvel appears to be introducing a brand new origin story for Danvers. Based on what we see, she’s unaware of the truth that she’s truly human, and piecing that collectively will apparently be a part of her arc throughout the film.

Captain Marvel–which is about within the ’90s–will additionally presumably arrange why the character has gone unseen in all the Marvel Cinematic Universe motion pictures thus far. We know primarily based on the post-credits Infinity War stinger that Nick Fury alerts Captain Marvel after Thanos snaps his fingers, however we’re unsure the place she’s been for the previous few a long time.

Captain Marvel’s launch date is about for March 8, with Avengers 4 set to observe on May 3.

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