Far Cry: New Dawn Is The ‘Beginning Of A New World’ For The Franchise


The last moments of Far Cry 5 had been fairly intense for anybody who made all of it the best way to the sport’s finish. Making a selected alternative triggered an ending during which The Father, the cult chief villain of that recreation, pressured the participant character right into a bunker simply as nuclear bombs began falling all around the world. The Father’s prophecy concerning the finish instances turned out to be proper, and the apocalypse got here for Hope County–and the remainder of the world.

That’s not the tip of the story, although. Ubisoft Montreal is selecting up the thread with Far Cry: New Dawn, which is each a sequel to and a spin-off recreation from Far Cry 5. Ubisoft Montreal formally revealed New Dawn at The Game Awards however gave GameSpot an early take a look at the title at its studio. It takes place in Far Cry 5’s Hope County 17 years after the bombs fell,, lengthy after a devastating nuclear winter almost worn out all life within the place. But life discovered a method, together with some human life, and after six years of nuclear winter, that too subsided. The atmosphere has stabilized in Hope County, and with it, vegetation and animals have returned. The survivors are restarting civilization on a reworked model of Far Cry 5’s map, and it is going fairly nicely.

Or it was, anyway. Before the beginning of the sport, a tough-as-nails group of scavengers referred to as the Highwaymen confirmed up within the county and took over. That’s the place you come in–as a survivor from elsewhere (and a contemporary character, fairly than a holdover from Far Cry 5), you’re taking it upon your self to carry down the Highwaymen and rebuild the settlements of Hope County.

“Bringing Far Cry to a post-apocalypse setting is something we really wanted to do for a long time,” artwork director Isaac Papismado instructed GameSpot. “It’s something that really excites us. And this is an opportunity for us to really do the Far Cry take. We really want to have something that’s unique and refreshing for the player. Everybody has their own opinions and ideas of what a post-apocalyptic setting should look like, but we really wanted to bring the player somewhere that’s really refreshing for him.”

Just as a result of the world has seen nuclear struggle does not imply every little thing’s been destroyed, although. As Papismado put it, Ubisoft Montreal wasn’t interested by constructing the tip of the world, however one thing else.

“We really want to focus on building the beginning of this new world,” he stated. “And so from the beginning we knew we wanted something super colorful and inviting.”

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That’s what led to the concept of the Super Bloom, one thing that occurs in deserts. The group talked to specialists and did analysis on how nuclear struggle may really have an effect on the atmosphere, and one doable impact is desertification, the altering of sure biomes into deserts. While Far Cry: New Dawn’s concepts aren’t strictly scientific–the builders took liberties with a few of the concepts, they stated, reminiscent of animals who’ve been modified by the nuclear war–the panorama gamers will encounter is rooted in actuality.

New Dawn is linked to Far Cry 5 in that each video games happen in the identical location, however the world has been vastly reworked between the 2 experiences. The spin-off title additionally focuses on a number of totally different concepts, like scavenging and surviving within the Wasteland, and providing higher fight challenges, each taking part in alone and cooperatively with a second participant like in Far Cry 5. New Dawn is its personal story and its personal bundle, however hyperlinks between the 2 video games nonetheless exist. You’ll encounter a number of characters from Far Cry 5, director Jean-Sebastien Decant explained–and the teaser for the sport at The Game Awards revealed that The Father has managed to outlive the tip of the world, as nicely, though we do not understand how he’ll issue into the proceedings.

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Apex Predators

Far Cry video games are nearly all the time outlined by their villains, and in New Dawn, there are two: Mickey and Joe, murderous twin sisters who management the Highwaymen. The younger ladies dominate a tradition that is based mostly on taking issues from others, in order that they’re fairly tough–and Ubisoft revealed that their backstory included taking on the Highwaymen from their father, who they murdered after he “became a problem” and apparently killed one in all his personal.

All of the characters have been essentially formed by what they skilled after the bombs fell, scriptwriter Olivia Alexander defined, and within the case of the twins, it is given them a view of the world that is essentially against the survivors of Hope County.

“They’re incredibly shaped by the world that they had to grow up in,” Alexander stated. “It was a world of scarcity and lawlessness, and any good villain always think that they’re doing the right thing and that’s exactly the case with twins. They’re here for a good time, not a long time. The Survivor philosophy is to plan for tomorrow. These guys live for today. They are very much the product of a world of, like, nihilism. They’re very much rather than oh, you know, God is dead, let’s be sad, it’s hey, nothing matters–let’s have a party and enjoy yourselves. Even if having a party hurts people around.”

The thought of two villains fairly than one implies that Ubisoft Montreal is attempting to flesh out each characters, and Alexander stated having twin antagonists creates an attention-grabbing dynamic. It’s one which gamers ought to be capable to see first-hand, at the very least within the case of how the twins’ management filters down by the ranks of the Highwaymen. Ubisoft Montreal confirmed the beginnings of 1 mission throughout its briefing, during which the participant character infiltrates the Highwaymen as a fighter in its gladiator-style struggle pits.

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The plan is to climb the ranks of the Highwaymen and disrupt the group from inside, however that additionally offers a glance into their tradition. The Highwaymen are essentially rougher and meaner than the Survivors, however one of many extra shocking facets of an early stroll to the struggle pits is that they’ve kids round, as well–just just like the Survivors. The Highwaymen are a civilization unto themselves, and whereas they’re predatory, they nonetheless have sure values. They work for one another, even when they’re type of terrible about it. Like the twins, the Highwaymen are a response to the circumstances as individuals battle to outlive a brand new world.

Alexander stated an enormous theme working by Far Cry: New Dawn is the concept of individuals taking care of one another. The Survivors and the Highwaymen are essentially opposed, however every takes care of its personal, in its method.

You’ll nonetheless have to take out a complete bunch of Highwaymen, although, as is typical for a Far Cry recreation. This time round, although, you may discover the ranks of the enemy comprising totally different tiers of enemies, every with their very own problem stage and fight capabilities. They’re finest recognized by their armor, which is generally scavenged from motocross gear, with the bones of animals combined in to present the Highwaymen an apex predator look.

Enemies have various ranges of armor and toughness, and the worst baddies to cope with are the Enforcers: closely armed and armored Highwaymen who’ll be dispatched to chase you and take you out. You will not simply be randomly encountering enemies on the earth or battling them as you attempt to take down their outposts–some Highwaymen can be in your path, too.

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Rebuilding Civilization

Ubisoft Montreal’s post-apocalypse is a colourful one, nevertheless it’s additionally one which acknowledges a lifestyle that depends on scavenging the stays of the outdated world. Much of the sport carries a makeshift, ramshackle aesthetic–which will apply to your gear all through the sport. Attachments for weapons reminiscent of scopes or bayonets are created from gadgets like pipes or kitchen knives, for example.

The signature weapon of New Dawn, and an ideal reflection of the makeshift type, is the Saw Launcher. At its easiest, it is a motorized crossbow that flings radial noticed blades at enemies, nevertheless it’s straightforward to see the way it’s constructed from scavenged bike components and different junk. In conserving with Ubisoft Montreal’s makes an attempt to make its post-apocalypse really feel plausible even when it isn’t sensible, Decant stated the builders are attempting to construct a real-world model of the Saw Launcher to see if they will get it working. In the digital world, the gun at the very least seems like one thing you may construct out of stuff you discovered scattered within the ruins, with shifting bike chains and chunks of handlebars serving as important parts.

The makeshift look isn’t just an aesthetic alternative, although. Decant stated the group has put a higher emphasis on scavenging and crafting in New Dawn, to mirror a post-apocalyptic way of life. And the post-apocalyptic way of life is an enormous a part of the sport, as one may count on. Survivors in Hope County are rebuilding their neighborhood, and as you’re employed to take again the world from the Highwaymen, you may even be contributing to their settlement, Prosperity. It’s not precisely clear but what that may contain, though it does sound such as you’ll be bringing any survivors you encounter in Hope County again to the secure haven of Prosperity. The effort you place in can be mirrored aesthetically because the neighborhood expands, morale improves, and increasingly individuals begin displaying up.

Fixing up Prosperity will even afford you some tangible advantages. The increasing place and the brand new individuals will imply specialists who will help you create and restore gear, for example.

Eventually, enhancements to the settlement will give you new alternatives, reminiscent of one of many new additions to the franchise in New Dawn: Expeditions.

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Cooperative Challenge

Expeditions are particular missions that allow you to tackle the Highwaymen in completely new places exterior of Hope County, supplying you with an opportunity to discover extra of the nation within the wake of nuclear struggle. Decant referred to as them “smash-and-grab” missions, they usually’re considerably just like the outposts that gamers clear and take over in a lot of the Far Cry collection. They’re additionally challenges that may encourage you to group up with a buddy, because of New Dawn’s cooperative multiplayer help.

On an Expedition mission, you may be seeking to declare a bag of invaluable provides from a Highwaymen base, which can be bigger and better-defended than lots of the outposts you may encounter in Hope County. Those provides can be utilized to improve the Survivors’ base, which makes them fairly invaluable.

Your choices, as all the time in Far Cry, are to shoot your method in, or take a sneakier strategy. With a second individual, coordination might be key to survival and to remaining undetected. Once you get to the bag’s location and seize it, nevertheless, the Highwaymen grow to be alerted to your presence regardless because of a GPS tracker of their items. From there, the operation turns into a working firefight as you attempt to maintain off reinforcements till your extraction, the Survivors’ helicopter, can swoop in and prevent.

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While Expeditions appear constructed for 2, you do not want a buddy in an effort to get pleasure from these missions. Back from Far Cry 5 is the Guns For Hire system that permits you to carry alongside allies you meet within the recreation world. Those embrace two animal pals: Timber, a faithful dog that may scare away different, bigger animals. He may soar by automobile home windows to extra simply trip together with you, Decant stated, because of neighborhood suggestions from Far Cry 5. There’s additionally Horatio, an enormous boar who can tackle 5 Highwaymen at a time and smash automobiles.

You can concern these characters orders as you play, like sending them to a location or asking them to snipe an adversary, making them fairly helpful for the mission.

The Expedition proven to journalists at Ubisoft Montreal befell in a ruined amusement park, full with Highwaymen utilizing rollercoaster tracks for his or her lookout posts. The fast mission began stealthy, with the AI-controlled Gun for Hire Nana, a barely grizzled aged sharpshooter, becoming a member of the participant character. That did not final, although, as regardless of her finest efforts, Nana’s silenced sniping could not preserve the Highwaymen from discovering the participant.

Grabbing the bag, the pair labored their method by the park towards its edges, preventing off enemies carrying RPGs, sniping from towers, and driving in on four-wheelers. Before lengthy, the helicopter set down, permitting the participant and Nana to flee the onslaught with the products they recreation for–but solely simply barely.

Decant famous that every of the Expeditions feels a bit totally different. One takes gamers to the West Coast and onto a beached plane provider, for example, which makes for a extra vertical expertise. Another, set on a canyon-spanning bridge in Arizona, could have the added layer of attempting to not fall to your demise as you struggle your method by it.

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Something For Everybody

Generally, Far Cry: New Dawn seems like a standard Far Cry recreation married with one thing of a extra arcade strategy. Decant defined throughout the briefing that the franchise’s outposts, a mainstay gamers filter out and take over all through the sport, have been tweaked to supply extra problem. You’ll nonetheless take over outposts and switch them to your faction, however now you may abandon captured outposts when you so select. When you do, the Highwaymen will transfer again in and retake them–and then fortify them, to make them harder. The hope is that the elevated problem can be an ideal excuse for gamers to tackle outposts with a buddy.

Outposts go up three ranges for added problem, however solely if you’d like them to. The identical is true of Expeditions, which are supposed to be harder missions, nevertheless it appears you solely must partake in them in the event that they’re your factor. In reality, Decant stated the hope is New Dawn will present a bit of one thing for all types of Far Cry fans–a story-driven conventional expertise if that is what you are into, alternatives for harder fight challenges and cooperative play if that is what you like, and an enormous world to discover with a lot of treasures and secrets and techniques to find if that is extra your pace.

“The offer is slightly smaller than what you get in Far Cry 5, but it’s still pretty huge,” Decant stated. “Our take on it was, it’s the year after Far Cry 5, we wanted something that’s going to be perceived as generous.”

Far Cry: New Dawn launches for $40 on February 15 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Editor’s observe: GameSpot’s journey and lodging throughout the preview occasion was offered by Ubisoft.

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