Ronin In Avengers Endgame: What’s Going On With Hawkeye?


All six of MCU Clint Barton’s followers can relaxation straightforward at the moment, having seen their favourite archer lastly return to the massive display within the Avengers: Endgame trailer–but it looks like his time away from the highlight has left him a modified man. Gone are the times of the bow and arrow and the purple(-ish) costume. Hawkeye is gone. Meet Ronin.

We’ve identified Clint was going to get a codename change up for some time now, due to some leaked set images that includes Jeremy Renner in a brand new costume, however the trailer offered all of the affirmation we might hope for: a dramatic scene within the rain on the streets of Tokyo, Clint wielding a katana, not an arrow to be discovered. It’s all fairly on the nostril, and one thing the MCU is lifting immediately from the supply materials.

Clint’s transition from Hawkeye to Ronin over within the comics really occurred following Clint’s dying and resurrection across the House of M and Civil War occasions within the early 2000s. It’s all just a little messy (and includes Scarlet Witch actually deleting Clint from existence greater than once–don’t fear an excessive amount of about it) however the finish results of his brushes with morality and non existence have been, unsurprisingly, a little bit of an existential disaster. Rather than leaping again into the fray as if nothing had modified, Clint took on a brand new identification and went off on his personal for some time, adopting the identify and costume Ronin from the unique Ronin, a lady named Maya Lopez, who had since began going by Echo.

Clint operated as Ronin with the New Avengers, conserving his identification secret from most everybody for a not insignificant period of time, earlier than he ultimately got here clear, unmasked himself, and allowed Kate Bishop to take over as the brand new Hawkeye officially–think of it as a kind of codename musical chairs recreation, if that helps. He caught with the Ronin identification by way of the Dark Reign and Siege occasions, earlier than lastly returning to his previous archery-themed self throughout The Heroic Age, circa 2010.

So what does that imply for the MCU? Well, probably a pair main issues.

Clint’s Ronin-shift within the comics is fairly contingent on points involving dying, rebirth, and reminiscence. Having no actual concept what, precisely, Clint’s been as much as since Captain America: Civil War, it is exhausting to say how these large ideas might come into play, however given Clint’s history–and connection to the Infinity Stones (bear in mind Loki used the Mind Stone to regulate him again in The Avengers) it is not completely out of line to say that Thanos’s snap might have affected him in another way than the opposite heroes within the combine. He could not have actually died and got here again, and he could not actually be affected by amnesia, however there’s the potential for some issues there, any of which might have lead him to query his personal position and identification.

Of course, it is most likely price noting that there’s a pointed little bit of voice over within the trailer about dropping “parts of ourselves” when Clint is revealed so there’s additionally the possibility that Clint actually is simply struggling some kind of Stone-related psychological breakdown and would not really acknowledge Nat after she tracks him down. That would definitely clarify why he is off preventing thugs on the streets of Tokyo on his personal quite than working with the survivors.

Though, with Captain Marvel about to introduce the form shifting alien Skrulls into the combo, it is most likely price mentioning that we may very well be properly on our method to an much more surprising reveal. After all, who can actually say that the actual Clint Barton hasn’t been Ronin this whole time? The particular person we have often known as Hawkeye since 2012 might, truthfully, have been an imposter all alongside.

It’s undoubtedly finest to not rely something out simply yet–and to maintain your eyes peeled for extra Ronin/Hawkeye clues sooner or later. There’s undoubtedly extra to this story, however the puzzle items have but to be completely revealed. For extra, take a look at our Avengers: Endgame trailer breakdown.

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