Deadpool Creator Debuts New Marvel Character


Marvel has introduced a brand new bi-monthly sequence from the creator of Deadpool, set to debut this spring. The new sequence Major X will happen inside the X-Men continuity, and he’ll conflict with common characters like Wolverine, Storm, and Cable.

Comic Book studies that Rob Liefeld will deal with the writing and artwork for the primary concern of Major X in April. After that it will likely be written by Image co-founder Whilce Portacio with artwork from Teen Titans’ Brent Peeples.

Major X comes from a special actuality, known as the “X-istence,” which is barely populated by mutants. This was a paradise for mutants, however the X-istence was destroyed by some means, and Major X is looking for to convey his dwelling again. Liefeld teases that the e-book will slowly reply questions on how the X-istence got here to be within the first place, and the way a portal opened that put Major X into battle with the remainder of the Marvel continuity.

Liefeld additionally stated he had the origins of the concept for Major X in 1992, however he held off on the undertaking out of fatigue from different X-Men books and eager to create more room for brand spanking new creators to have a voice. He says the mysteriousness of Major X and the sluggish revelations of his nature is a callback to his favourite character.

“I still get asked all the time, ‘Who’s your favorite character?’ It’s Wolverine,” Liefeld stated. “It’s always been Wolverine. He made me love comics and made me love the X-Men. And the thing about Wolverine also is the mystery. The mystery that they layered him with over multiple years. So with Cable, Deadpool, Domino, X-Force, I felt like I’ve subscribed to that notion of mystery and reviewing different layers.”`

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