Resident Evil 2 Guide: How To Clear The 4th Survivor Bonus Game


While Resident Evil 2 has quite a lot of challenges to face within the multi-scenario marketing campaign, a few of the recreation’s hardest encounters come proper after finishing the primary story. After ending each Leon and Claire’s situations for the primary time, you will unlock a brand new bonus mode titled The 4th Survivor–a reimagining of the unique recreation’s additional mission. Taking management of fan-favorite U.S.S. operative Hunk, you will have to struggle by a gauntlet of the sport’s hardest battles to make a clear getaway with the G-Virus pattern.

Though the primary story helped you get accustomed to the completely different threats in RE2, The 4th Survivor ups the problem significantly, and also you greater than probably will not make it on the primary few makes an attempt. Considering how troublesome of a problem this may be, we have determined to supply up some suggestions that will help you evade the mutants and the undead on this bonus recreation. Though Hunk is armed with a number of weapons, there are higher methods to clear The 4th Survivor. And in case you comply with these four suggestions, you will seldom have to fireside a shot.

Learn To Read The Room

The greatest methods to make it by The 4th Survivor is to not solely assume forward, but in addition to know what you are coping with. Despite the quicker tempo and wealth weapons, it is nonetheless a recreation about survival. As dying is greater than probably on this mode, you will step by step be taught extra concerning the enemy patterns and layouts with every try. These by no means change, and with this information in thoughts, you’ll higher chart out a path by the various teams of zombies and mutated monsters–including anticipating when Mr. X exhibits up throughout your first entrance into the first ground of the Police Station.

Save Your Bullets

As a standalone mission, Hunk has all that he must make it previous the various threats within the Sewers and into the Police Station. Though he is armed with a pistol, submachine gun, a magnum, and a shotgun–along with tons of ammo and help items–you’re significantly better off saving them. It might sound inviting to unload into the undead, however you will truly cowl much more floor and save your self some headache in case you simply stick to avoiding most fights. With that mentioned, there might come a time to make use of your weapons–particularly the magnum–against the extra high-risk enemies, such because the Plant Mutants that may immediately kill you with a seize. Use your greatest judgement to determine the place and when it is best to fireside off some fast pictures.

Make Your Support Items Count

In addition to a set of weapons, Hunk can be armed with a collection of herbs, gunpowder, and sub-weapons. He’s simply extra well-armed than both Leon or Claire, nonetheless, it is also very straightforward to run by these gadgets fast. Though the sub-weapons are helpful to counterattack towards grabs, which might occur so much in case you’re not cautious, they’re much more helpful as a tactical instrument. One explicit occasion, the Underground Stairway section–shortly after leaving the Sewers–has eight zombies in shut proximity. Running straight in will end in quite a lot of grabs, costing you extra time and sources. Situations like this are a good time to toss a flash grenade, beautiful all close by enemies and permitting you the possibility to flee through the confusion.

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Keep Pushing Forward

Throughout The 4th Survivor, you will not solely encounter each widespread enemy that appeared within the recreation, they’re going to additionally are available higher frequency. Some areas have 10 completely different monsters in a single house, which might reduce your run brief pretty fast. Though most of the monsters you face are extraordinarily harmful, particularly when in packs, they’re additionally very predictable. As acknowledged beforehand, the encounters won’t ever change, making it simpler to be taught explicit patterns. It’s much more preferable to bait widespread enemies into assaults and run round their blindspot to press ahead. For occasion, through the first stretch by the tunnel, the smarter factor so that you can do is to push by and evade zombies by operating behind them. They will not be capable to react quick sufficient to seize, permitting you to make a break for it.

If you are capable of stick to these key suggestions, it is best to be capable to full The 4th Survivor earlier than you understand it. After that is finished, now you possibly can try the sport’s hardest mission with The Tofu Survivor. Instead of Hunk, you will play as Tofu, a large sentient block of soy who’s armed with solely a knife. Good luck!

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