Pokemon Go Adds More Gen 4 Pokemon And Makes Big Battle Changes


Following on the heels of Palkia‘s arrival, a couple of new Pokemon have begun showing in Pokemon Go. Niantic has launched one other handful of monsters initially from the collection’ fourth-generation titles, Diamond and Pearl, to the cellular recreation, together with a few new developed types and child Pokemon.

If you will have a Sinnoh Stone, you are now capable of evolve Lickitung, Tangela, Aipom, and Yanma into their respective evolutions: Lickilicky, Tangrowth, Ambipom, and Yanmega. Additionally, male Kirlia may be developed into the Psychic/Fighting Pokemon Gallade, whereas feminine Snorunt may be developed into Froslass.

A handful of recent monsters may also be discovered within the wild. You’ll now have an opportunity of encountering Combee, Glameow, and the fossil Pokemon Shieldon and Cranidos out within the discipline. Happiny, Mime Jr., and Bonsly–the child types of Chansey, Mr. Mime, and Sudowoodo, respectively–also now have an opportunity of hatching from sure Eggs.

Along with the brand new Pokemon, Niantic has made some notable adjustments to Raid Battles. As the developer detailed on the official Pokemon Go web site, Raid bosses will now have extra HP “to offset some of the damage increases made to the attacks of other Pok√©mon in the last year.” Niantic has additionally made stability adjustments for numerous strikes in Trainer Battles, and sure Pokemon are actually able to studying new assaults.

The aforementioned Legendary Pokemon Palkia will seem in Raid Battles till February 28. Meanwhile, the next Pokemon Go Community Day is scheduled to happen on Saturday, February 16. The featured Pokemon this month might be Swinub.

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