Apex Legends Caustic Guide: How To Gas Your Enemies Into Oblivion


Apex Legends is much like different battle royale video games, but it surely the place it differs is its emphasis on teamwork. The sport has eight completely different character to select from, every with their very own distinctive skills. Deciding which character to play as and realizing how their skills can greatest contribute to your crew’s survival is important.

For a personality like Caustic, defensive techniques is the secret. His lethal fuel traps can simply overwhelm and hinder mobility of enemy squads, providing your fellow teammates fertile alternative for a straightforward ambush. At a look, Caustic’s skills usually appear extra contextual than universally practical, however with slightly follow, you should utilize that to your benefit.

Keep studying for all the knowledge you want on Caustic’s skills, together with his strengths and weaknesses, in addition to tips about the best way to use him successfully and assist your crew to victory. We’ve additionally acquired plenty more guides, together with things that Apex Legends doesn’t tell you, a list of myths we’ve tested about how the sport works, and a full rundown of the game’s best guns. You may also wish to take a look at our Apex Legends review.

General Overview

As acknowledged above, Caustic’s methods are a bit contextual. His Gas Traps are deadly, but it surely takes a agency understanding of their capabilities to make use of them successfully. And with such a big map the place quite a few battle situations are attainable, discovering the best time to leverage Caustic’s strengths proves tougher than you’d count on. That mentioned, getting a really feel for that takes time, so stay affected person and do not hesitate to regulate his skills to the wants of your crew.

In battle, Caustic is greatest in shut quarters conditions. His fuel skills allow you to management a struggle by blanketing areas to power enemies out of or away from them, and may give your crew a critical benefit as your opponents are broken, slowed, and blinded. He’s additionally good for countering tracker or scout characters comparable to Bloodhound or Wraith–gas traps positioned fastidiously can gradual individuals following you, block pathways, and power gamers to maneuver by way of pathways that assist your teammates.

Use Caustic to attempt to management the battlefield and provides your crew strategic benefits, and stitch chaos amongst enemy groups at any time when attainable by gassing them out. Just bear in mind that your fuel can negatively have an effect on your teammates. It will not kill them, however it may possibly blind and gradual them.


Tactical: Nox Gas Trap

Caustic can drop Nox Gas Trap canisters that launch lethal fuel when shot or triggered by enemies. Gas successfully blinds enemies, whereas damaging them over time, making it nice for close-range encounters.

Passive: Nox Vision

Nox Vision lets you see enemies by way of Gas. It’s fairly handy, as enemies troubled by your poisonous fuel are highlighted in inexperienced for each you and your squadmates.

Ultimate: Nox Gas Grenade

Caustic’s Ultimate Ability Nox Gas Grenade blankets a big space in Nox Gas. This capacity can be utilized defensively or offensively, placing enemy squads right into a state of panic in confined house or sending them working within the different course.

Tips To Play

While you are more likely to be inclined to shock enemies with Caustic’s traps, it is an incredible concept to set some down as you are combating to tip the stability in your favor. It’s additionally attainable to dam doorways and hallways together with your traps, which may bodily impede individuals from getting previous them. You can throw as much as six Nox Gas Traps at a time. You have three on cooldown, however as soon as that ends, you possibly can drop three extra, or drop one as you get them again off a cooldown. Another good way to make use of the Nox Gas Traps is laying them down behind your crew as you progress up. This will provide you with a warning if anybody’s triggered them or are attempting to sneak up on you. In addition, you possibly can drop traps close to downed enemies in hopes of luring their teammates close to them. Any traps you do not use, you can even choose again up, so maintain that in thoughts.

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The enemy outlining supplied by Caustic’s Nox Vision is a pleasant perk that ought to encourage you to make use of your traps extra liberally. The fuel will not harm your teammates however bear in mind that their visibility in fuel remains to be much like smoke grenades, so strive to not go overboard–lest you wish to frustrate your squad.

Caustic’s Nox Gas Grenades are helpful in main enemies into an ambush. It’s additionally significantly helpful in pushing enemies away, so that you may give your squad time to revive downed teammates. You may even throw them within the reverse situation, stopping enemy squads from bringing again their buddies.

Another helpful technique is comboing Caustic’s fuel lure and fuel grenade in a confined house. If you are in a position to block an enemy right into a room with a lure, throw a grenade inside. Assuming they don’t seem to be good sufficient to grenade the door, this lethal mixture ought to make for a assured kill.

All this discuss lethal fuel is nice, however do not suppose the enemy is totally powerless. Beware of incoming Grenades or Arc Stars whereas your fuel is lively on the sphere.

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