Game Of Thrones: What Did Arya Ask Gendry To Make For Her?


We received a whole lot of long-awaited reunions within the Season 8 premiere of Game of Thrones. Characters who have not seen one another in years, or not less than a couple of seasons, met back up again. Sometimes these reunions have been joyful ones, whereas others have been decidedly much less so (Jaime locking eyes with Bran was a bit chilling). Arya and Gendry seeing one another within the premiere for the primary time since Season 2 fell into the primary class.

The assembly between the 2 pals finds each having modified considerably. Arya is now a consummate fighter and murderer with the facility of the Faceless Men, whereas Gendry can also be fairly first rate with that huge hammer of his. When they meet once more, although, what Arya is all for his Gendry’s capabilities as a blacksmith–which we have seen are fairly important.

When Arya finds Gendry at Winterfell, she slips him a chunk of paper, requesting he make one thing for her. The diagram is tough to parse, since it isn’t particularly detailed, however we will inform that Arya is asking Gendry to forge her a particular dragonglass weapon, separate from the various swords and arrowheads he is been making in preparation for the battle with the White Walkers. It seems like one thing particular, and will trace at the truth that Arya shall be an enormous a part of the battle for Winterfell we all know is coming this season.

The diagram itself does not appear like any particular weapon we have seen earlier than, neither is it seemingly a callback to another main weapon from the present’s historical past. But it seems particular to Arya’s abilities, and her remark to Jon Snow about his sword Longclaw possible suggests why she’d need it–a full-size sword (or battle axe, just like the Hound requested) is simply too heavy for Arya. Her ability comes from her velocity with weapons like her sword Needle, and for preventing White Walkers, she’ll want one thing equally acceptable.

The weapon itself appears to resemble a spear that comes aside within the center, with not less than one dragonglass blade on the finish. It’s robust to see what the opposite finish of the weapon really is, whether or not one other spear tip, a grip, or one thing else. But if we go into Arya’s historical past, we will make some educated guesses about how she’ll be utilizing it.

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Arya’s first fight coaching, aside from what she may need discovered from Jon Snow and Robb Stark at Winterfell, was from Syrio Forel in King’s Landing. The First Sword of Braavos emphasised quick, one-handed sword combat–Water Dancing, as he referred to as it. We noticed Arya use that fashion most not too long ago when she sparred with Brienne of Tarth at Winterfell in Season 7, and she or he was in a position to stand as much as probably the greatest broadsword fighters in Westeros throughout that combat.

The different fight expertise Arya has is what she discovered in Braavos on the House of Black and White. There she educated with the Waif, who repeatedly walloped Arya with a wood workers. Even blind, Arya ultimately discovered sufficient to face in opposition to the Waif, as properly.

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So a dragonglass-tipped workers that may additionally operate as a pair of one-handed swords sounds proper up Arya’s alley, permitting her to shift kinds relying on the state of affairs.

It’s doable Arya’s weapon is one thing else–the tease for Episode 2 confirmed Arya firing a bow, one thing we all know she was additionally expert at whilst a toddler. It’s doable she’s requested particular arrows (or perhaps a spear) that might detach its head, however the thought of taking a spear aside and fastening on a brand new spearhead appears pointless. Every time we have seen White Walkers or wights killed with dragonglass or Valyrian metal, their dying has been instantaneous. The White Walker Jon killed with Longclaw actually shattered. So it does not appear {that a} spearhead goes to get caught in an enemy, requiring Arya to detach and change it.

Thomas Dunne, the present’s weapons grasp, hinted to Vanity Fair that Arya’s new weapon is “a showstopper.” It appears we’ll be ready to see Arya carry that weapon to bear in opposition to the military of the useless earlier than we all know precisely what it’s, although.

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