Mortal Kombat 11: Catch Up On The Entire Story Of The Series So Far


Though the video games are principally about beating up different gamers and taking them out with gory, brutal fatalities, the Mortal Kombat sequence is steeped in lore. Ten video games in, its story is fairly convoluted–there are the assorted realms, the totally different gods, a bunch of character backstories, and plots crammed with sorcerers, spells, zombies, and even time journey.

With Mortal Kombat 11 shortly approaching, we have dug again via the tales of the Mortal Kombat video games to carry you on top of things on every thing it is advisable to know–and, actually, most likely some issues you do not. It’s all about Raiden making an attempt to save lots of Earth and stop the tip of all actuality, and long-time baddie Shao Kahn mainly mucking that up. But there are an enormous variety of evil gamers, and so they’re all prone to be related as soon as once more in Mortal Kombat 11, which guarantees extra time-bending weirdness.

Here’s your entire story of the Mortal Kombat sequence thanks largely to the Mortal Kombat Fandom wiki and a few handy YouTube videos, from the primary launch in 1992, throughout the next 27 years.

Before The Games

First and foremost, it is vital to know how the world of Mortal Kombat is laid out. There are particular, {powerful} Elder Gods, who preside over a number of distinct dimensions often called the realms, and a bunch of lesser gods who dangle round these numerous realms, with their very own agendas–usually to guard locations and other people from the scarier of us of different realms.

The main realms are Earthrealm (Earth as we all know it, kind of), Outworld (a conquest-happy barbarian wasteland), Edenia (an exquisite magical paradise), and the Netherrealm (Hell). There are extra however they range in measurement and significance, but when they exist, Outworld needs to dominate them. In Mortal Kombat, that does not simply imply sending occupiers to a different dimension to take over; when a realm is conquered by one other, they actually merge collectively, mixing their landscapes.

The Elder Gods figured they need to regulate all this realm-merging nonsense someway. They created the Mortal Kombat event, during which, as soon as a era, champions from competing realms would face off. If one realm beats one other realm 10 occasions in a row, the victor wins the precise to take over the loser.

Outworld wasn’t simply warring with different realms; it was creating an empire. For centuries, Outworld was dominated by Onaga, who was obsessive about taking on as many different realms as he may. Onaga was notably scary as a result of he may increase the useless, making his military successfully invincible. He and his followers have been additionally noodling on a technique to make him invincible.

Onaga finally was betrayed by his lieutenant, Shao Kahn, with the backing of the Elder Gods. Shao Kahn took over the function of ruler and protector of Outworld, however like Onaga, his lust for energy received the higher of him. Shao Kahn took on his personal marketing campaign of conquest, with the assistance of Shang Tsung, his sorcerer minion. His main goal: Edenia.

Meanwhile, On Earth

Separate of all of the scary Outworld stuff have been the occasions happening on Earth. One of the Elder Gods, Shinnok, determined he wished to take over Earthrealm and make everybody worship him and be omnipotent. Shinnok was greater than an everyday god because of his particular amulet, which was linked to his powers and allowed him to journey between the realms with out the Elder Gods with the ability to cease him.

Luckily, Earth had Raiden, the god of thunder, who wasn’t an Elder God however {powerful} nonetheless. He battled Shinnok in an intense warfare that lasted millennia, induced the extinction of the dinosaurs and toppled civilizations, and even tore holes between realities. A race of dinosaur-descended of us (e.g. Reptile) got here via these tears, and whereas most have been worn out with the extinction, some made it to the realm of Zaterra.

Raiden finally defeated Shinnok, snagged his magic amulet, and imprisoned him into the Netherrealm for all eternity. For untold centuries, Shinnok was tortured and caught in Hell, which was a reasonably good end result for Raiden.

Shao Kahn Comes For Earth

When Shao Kahn took Edenia, he subsequent turned his consideration to Earthrealm, which apparently is, like, one of the best one. In Edenia, he killed the realm’s king and took its queen, Sindel, for his personal. At Sindel’s urging, Kahn spared the princess, Kitana; as a substitute of killing her, he raised her to be a talented murderer and member of his guard.

Sindel may need been conquered, however she wasn’t executed combating. She commited suicide with a view to create a magic ward on Earth, which prevented Shao Kahn from stepping foot within the realm, which made it lots more durable for him to beat.

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Shao Kahn despatched Shang Tsung to kick off the Mortal Kombat event on Earth. Raiden had ready for this, although, and created an order of Shaolin monks devoted to searching for out one of the best fighters on Earth each era to battle within the event. The Great Kung Lao gained the event, and Earthrealm was protected.

Shang Tsung had a trick this time, although. He introduced the four-armed Goro to function Outworld’s champion, and the monstrous fighter promptly kicked the Great Kung Lao’s ass and killed him. The plan labored fantastically, and regardless of Raiden and Earthrealm’s finest efforts, Outworld gained the subsequent eight tournaments. One extra, and so they’d have the ability to invade and merge Earthrealm with Outworld.

Shinnok’s Not Done

But wait! Shinnok continues to be a factor. After being tortured within the Netherrealm for 1 / 4 of without end, Shinnok met Quan Chi, a sorcerer wandering across the realm. The pair made a deal: Quan Chi would assist Shinnok in alternate for being his right-hand man and gaining the facility to rule with him. They teamed up and finally took over the Netherrealm. But even being King of Hell form of sucks, on account of it is nonetheless Hell, so Shinnok and Quan Chi began engaged on getting out and again to Earth.

On Earth, Quan Chi employed the Lin Kuei to discover a map that might finally result in the place Raiden had hidden Shinnok’s amulet, which is what’s depicted in Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero. Quan Chi additionally employed the Lin Kuei’s rivals, the Shirai Ryu, for a similar job to extend its possibilities of success. Sub-Zero, the ninja despatched by the Lin Kuei, was profitable find the map, and within the course of killed Scorpion, from the Shirai Ryu. Quan Chi repaid the Lin Kuei by wiping out the Shirai Ryu, and when Sub-Zero tracked down the amulet, Quan Chi stole it and took it again to the Netherrealm. That was when Raiden determined to clue Sub-Zero in on what was occurring, and the ninja went to the Netherrealm to undo the mess he’d created.

Sub-Zero defeated Quan Chi and received the amulet again earlier than Shinnok may use it to flee the Netherrealm. He returned the amulet to Raiden, after which allowed Shang Tsung to rent him to battle within the subsequent Mortal Kombat tournament–although he had secret orders from the Lin Kuei to assassinate the sorcerer.

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Finally, The Original Mortal Kombat Games

That brings us (oh my god, lastly) to the unique Mortal Kombat. Shang Tsung had orchestrated the event but once more, Outworld was one victory away from taking on Earth, and Goro was able to wallop all challengers. But Shang Tsung did not financial institution on Raiden and his new flock of champs, together with Sonya Blade, Johnny Cage, and Liu Kang (or on Sub-Zero, despatched to kill Shang Tsung, or Scorpion, resurrected by Quan Chi and pushed by revenge towards Sub-Zero). Liu Kang went on to defeat Goro and Shang Tsung to win the event. Meanwhile, Scorpion killed Sub-Zero, whose soul went to the Netherrealm and have become Noob Saibot.

In Mortal Kombat II, Shang Tsung tried doubling down in repentance for his failure. He and Shao Kahn despatched forces led by Baraka to assault the Shaolin monks, baiting Earth’s fighters to Outworld for one more event to get across the regular guidelines of Mortal Kombat. The thought was that if Earth gained the Outworld event, Outworld would cease bothering them altogether–but if Outworld gained, it could rely because the tenth victory and permit Outworld to take over Earthrealm. It was a dumb gamble, however the Earth fighters have been all upset, so that they determined to go for it.

Luckily, Liu Kang defeated Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn to win the event, once more. He and Kung Lao headed off to restart the Shaolin monk order that might stand able to defend Earthrealm. Meanwhile, Sub-Zero’s brother (now bearing the identify Sub-Zero) confirmed up within the event together with his bud Smoke in an try to seek out out what occurred to the unique Sub-Zero. They have been additionally fleeing the Lin Kuei, who had began turning their clansmen into cyborg ninjas–namely, Sektor and Cyrax. Sub-Zero and Smoke have been apparently in line for the conversion and bailed on the clan as a substitute, an act equal to treason, which was why the 2 cyborgs started searching them. Sub-Zero received away, however Smoke was captured and received the robotic remedy.

Oh, and Kitana switched sides, realizing that Shao Kahn was a jerkbag and that her sister, Mileena, was not her sister in any respect, however some monster clone particular person created by Shang Tsung.

In Mortal Kombat III, Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn’s different shadow monks managed to resurrect Sindel and brainwashed her into being evil and constant to Shao Kahn. That broke the ward over Earthrealm, and it additionally gave Shao Kahn the flexibility to cross into the realm to go after Sindel for some purpose. Apparently, this can be a important loophole that allowed him to skip doing a bunch of silly tournaments and simply invade Earthrealm outright.

Raiden gathered a bunch of Earth heroes to battle Shao Kahn, once more, and once more, Liu Kang beat him, this time liberating Edenia within the means of saving Earthrealm. Kitana managed to save lots of Sindel, Johnny Cage was killed by Motaro, Kung Lao virtually killed Baraka however did not, then was supposedly killed by Shao Kahn. Anyway, Earth was saved.

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Another Invasion Though

On to Mortal Kombat 4. With Shao Kahn defeated, Quan Chi and Shinnok have been able to execute their plan and assault Earthrealm and the heavens, the place the Elder Gods reside. With the assistance of Noob Saibot and the Edenia traitor Tanya, Shinnok escaped to Edenia to wage his warfare, kidnapping Sindel and Kitana within the course of. Mostly, Shinnok was very mad everybody let him rot in Hell for like 1,000,000 years, and was out for vengeance on everybody, however particularly Raiden. His final plan was to deprave the Jinsei, the type of life drive of Earthrealm, to realize much more energy.

As regular, although, no person deliberate for Liu Kang, who beat Shinnok and despatched him again into the Netherrealm. Meanwhile, Quan Chi revealed himself because the man who orchestrated all of the occasions of Mortal Kombat Mythologies and who killed Scorpion’s clan and household, simply as he was making an attempt to banish Scorpion again to the Netherrealm. Enraged, Scorpion grabbed Quan Chi and dragged him again to Hell together with him, wrapping issues up fairly properly for everybody who was not Scorpion.

Crucially, although, we realized that when Quan Chi took Shinnok’s amulet from Sub-Zero manner again in Mortal Kombat Mythologies, he switched it out for a faux. That meant the one Raiden took again to Earthrealm was, actually, the copy. Quan Chi nonetheless had the true one.

Quan Chi And Shang Tsung Team Up

The lethal alliance of Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance is one between Quan Chi and Shang Tsung. Quan Chi used Shinnok’s amulet to flee the Netherrealm, and sooner or later, he discovered about Onaga’s unbeatable mummified military. He approached Shang Tsung about filling these troopers with souls–which Shang Tsung routinely steals from folks, it is form of his complete deal–so they might use them to take over all of the realms. They began enacting their plan by taking out key opposition. They headed to Outworld and took down Shao Kahn, then went to Earthrealm and killed Liu Kang. (It turned out that Shao Kahn, actually, faked his personal demise, hoping to see how issues shook out as he labored to regain the Outworld throne.)

Despite his finest efforts in rallying a bunch of heroes to his trigger, this time, Raiden wasn’t in a position to flip again the unhealthy guys. In Mortal Kombat: Deception, we discovered that Raiden and a band of high fighters, together with Kung Lao, Sub-Zero, Sonya, Jax, and Kitana, challenged Quan Chi and Shang Tsung at Shang Tsung’s palace, however have been in the end defeated, with all of the mortals getting killed (apart from Sub-Zero, who wound up elsewhere). Raiden tried to cease the lethal alliance on his personal however could not deal with it. In the ultimate moments, Quan Chi and Shang Tsung turned on one another for management of Shinnok’s amulet, with Quan Chi rising victorious. But maintain that thought for a second…

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The Deception In Mortal Kombat: Deception

The Konquest mode of Mortal Kombat: Deception units up the occasions of that recreation, ranging again 41 years earlier than the battle between Raiden, Shang Tsung, and Quan Chi. A warrior named Shujinko was visited by Damashi, who claimed to be an emissary of the Elder Gods. Damashi put Shujinko on a quest to gather particular artifacts, the Kamidogu, from every of the realms and collect them collectively. Shujinko was deceived, however–decades later when he accomplished the duty, he found Damashi was really Onaga, with the Kamidogu permitting him to be reborn into the world as soon as once more.

Onaga’s plan: get Shinnok’s amulet; management every thing. So Onaga confirmed up at Shang Tsung’s palace to get the amulet and his invincible military at first of Mortal Kombat: Deception’s most important story. Quan Chi briefly teamed with Shang Tsung and Raiden towards their frequent foe, however they have been crushed. Raiden tried to sacrifice himself utilizing all his god powers to explode the entire place, however Onaga emerged just about unharmed. Onaga claimed the amulet, and Raiden finally reconstituted, however got here again as a red-eyed, corrupted, villainous model of the god.

Onaga resurrected the opposite Earthrealm warriors to battle for him. Mileena disguised herself as Kitana (deception once more!) to guide the Edenia forces towards Onaga, and the Elder Gods saved Scorpion, who Shang Tsung and Quan Chi had seemingly destroyed of their “Soulnado” (sure, it is a twister of souls), to be their champion. The ghost of Liu Kang and the telekinetic ninja Ermac additionally managed to unbrainwash all of the resurrected Earthrealm warriors, and so they stood towards Onaga, too.

In the tip, it was Shujinko who stopped Onaga. He did a factor the place he summoned all the facility of the opposite warriors, and used it to destroy Onaga’s Kamidogu. That weakened Onaga, which allowed Nightwolf to do a magic factor to chuck him into the Netherrealm.

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Mortal Kombat Causes The End Of The Worlds

Now it is Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. The rise of Onaga introduced out all of the unhealthy guys all over the place and banded them collectively below one banner. All the soldiers on the nice aspect have been converging to defeat them.

This is definitely all a part of a prophecy made centuries earlier by Delia, the spouse of Edenia’s protector-god, Argus, in line with the Mortal Kombat Fandom wiki. She foresaw a battle during which all of the super-strong Mortal Kombat warriors fought one another till they destroyed all of the realms with their energy. To cease it, she and Argus enacted a plan: zap the soldiers’ powers. They created Blaze, a hearth elemental that might draw all the soldiers to the precise place, as a result of whoever beat it could get insane energy. Then they put their two sons, Daegon and Tavin into stasis, with the concept that when the armageddon battle got here, they’d get woken up and go on a quest to defeat Blaze, get its energy, and both kill all the soldiers or magically take away their powers. Shinnok messed that up, waking up their son Daegon centuries too quickly. He turned tremendous evil, and spent the years getting ready to kill his brother, Taven, so he may get Blaze’s energy, which might flip one of many two brothers right into a god.

Taven awoke and accomplished his quest, then managed to defeat Daegon. But Taven didn’t cease the soldiers and defeat Blaze, like he was alleged to with a view to thrust back armageddon. Instead, it was the worst potential one who wound up on high with Blaze’s energy: Shao Kahn. All the opposite warriors have been killed within the course of and by Shao Kahn. The apocalypse had not been canceled, actually, and now the realms can be dominated by an unstoppable Shao Kahn.

Except, that’s, for one last item. Raiden, defeated and dying, used some form of magic amulet to ship a message via time to his youthful self to attempt to stop the apocalypse. The younger Raiden realized he needed to stop the longer term, however he solely had one clue to work with. Those have been outdated Raiden’s remaining phrases: “He must win!”

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Mortal Kombat: Groundhog Day

So now we’re again to the start (type of), but it surely’s the 2011 Mortal Kombat (or Mortal Kombat 9), which used time journey to reboot the sequence timeline and covers a brand new model of the occasions of Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat II, and Mortal Kombat III. Raiden knew one thing unhealthy is coming, however did not have a lot info. Not figuring out what the message meant, Raiden assumed it referred to Liu Kang defeating Shang Tsung within the first event.

The occasions of Mortal Kombat principally performed out the way in which they did within the first timeline, however with Raiden making an attempt to make some adjustments for the higher. He satisfied Scorpion to not kill Sub-Zero, for example, however Quan Chi confirmed up throughout their battle and manipulated Scorpion into murdering Sub-Zero anyway, creating Noob Saibot. Raiden stopped issues from going too fallacious, like when he talked Cyrax out of killing Johnny Cage, and finally Liu Kang gained the Mortal Kombat event like the primary time. But Raiden’s magic amulet, the one he used to ship the message again in time, cracked a little–telling him that Raiden hadn’t stopped the unhealthy future from occurring.

Next up are the occasions of Mortal Kombat II, which noticed the heroes heading to Outland for Shao Kahn’s event. Raiden tried to alter some issues once more, guessing that “He must win” meant Kung Lao within the second event, fairly than the always-winning Liu Kang. But Shao Kahn wound up killing Kung Lao, and Liu Kang gained anyway. When Raiden tried to save lots of Smoke from getting changed into a cyborg ninja, the Lin Kuei captured and transformed the youthful Sub-Zero as a substitute. More cracks within the amulet.

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Mortal Kombat III got here subsequent with Shao Kahn launching his invasion of Earthrealm. Again, Raiden tried to make some adjustments to change the longer term, however continued to suck at it. He saved Johnny Cage’s life and Sub-Zero was reprogrammed by the Earthrealm fighters to provide him again his free will. But Shao Kahn killed Shang Tsung and used his energy to strengthen the brainwashed Sindel–and she, in flip, killed a bunch of humanity’s finest fighters.

Desperate for the reply, Raiden went to the Netherrealm to ask for Quan Chi’s help–but received turned down. But his dialog with Quan Chi did lastly assist Raiden work out what “He must win” meant, which has most likely been apparent all alongside. “He” on this case is Shao Kahn. Liu Kang continually defeated Shao Kahn within the unique timeline however was by no means in a position to kill him, which allowed Shao Kahn to maintain hanging round till he lastly led to armageddon. If Earthrealm misplaced and Outworld merged with it, the Elder Gods can be compelled to step in.

And step in they did. Shao Kahn gained his invasion however broke the principles of Mortal Kombat. The Elder Gods powered up Raiden and he fought Shao Kahn, defeating him and blowing him aside as soon as and for all. Everyone was saved, besides Liu Kang–Raiden by chance killed him when he disagreed with the plan to let Shao Kahn win.

As it turned out, although, this was all a part of Quan Chi and Shinnok’s plan, someway. That may not, uh, make sense, however this was all about bringing Shinnok again to take over. Thanks to Raiden being horrible at time journey, a lot of the finest fighters on the nice aspect have been now useless, and Shinnok would have the ability to take over an entire lot simpler.

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Shinnok Comes Back

Finally, we’re coming to Mortal Kombat X. Shinnok and Quan Chi made their play, backed by undead variations of the soldiers that had died in Mortal Kombat 9. It turned out, although, that Johnny Cage, who changed Liu Kang as Earth’s finest fighter, was a member of a protracted line of warriors created by the gods. His particular powers kicked in to permit him to defeat Shinnok and imprison him in his amulet. Quan Chi tried to kill Johnny and resurrect him as a member of his undead forces, however Raiden used all his godly powers to battle the move–and the interplay of their powers not solely saved Johnny, it restored the opposite undead of us within the room to their human varieties.

Quan Chi received away, however Shinnok was defeated and everyone received to relax out. Sub-Zero and Scorpion remade their clans and eventually buried their hatchet, whereas Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade had a daughter collectively, and Jax had a daughter of his personal. Twenty-five years later, Kano managed to pay money for Shinnok’s amulet and promote it to Mileena, inflicting the subsequent era of fighters to go trying to find it.

The Earthrealm fighters had an uneasy alliance with Kotal Kahn, the brand new chief of Outworld, who despatched is lieutenant D’Vorah to assist them discover Mileena. When they did, Kotal Kahn saved the amulet–but did not know that D’Vorah was really working with Quan Chi to get it. The Earthrealmers labored collectively to seek out and seize Quan Chi, however Scorpion and his clan confirmed as much as get his vengeance on the person who induced the deaths of his household. Scorpion killed Quan Chi, however not earlier than D’Vorah delivered the amulet and he used it to launch Shinnok.

Back as soon as extra, Shinnok was in a position to corrupt the Jinsei, the Earthrealm’s mystical life drive, together with his evil magic, identical to he deliberate the primary time. That gave him intense powers and turned him right into a demon–but Johnny and Sonya’s daughter Cassie Cage fought Shinnok and defeated him, because of Johnny’s particular warrior bloodline. Raiden sacrificed himself to purify the Jinsei and save the world. Unfortunately, Raiden got here out corrupted once more. Now he is again to being type of evil Raiden, with Shinnok’s amulet and Shinnok’s severed head–still dwelling, because of him being a god.

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More Time Travel In Mortal Kombat 11

We do not know an excessive amount of in regards to the story of Mortal Kombat 11, however comments from Ed Boon counsel that point journey is coming again in a giant manner. It appears we’ll be seeing one other time rewind by the hands of Kronika, the Keeper of Time. The new villain was apparently fairly proud of the way in which historical past had turned out, and did not respect Raiden’s meddling with the plan and rewriting historical past, as is clear from the game’s story trailer.

This will not simply be one other return to the start of the story, although. Apparently, Kronika is inflicting the assorted timelines are going to “fold” collectively, with previous occasions merging with current ones, and characters will run into themselves from the previous and future. Perhaps most notably, which means Shao Kahn is again, and numerous forces of Earthrealm and Outworld are going to wish to band collectively to defeat him and cease Kronika and her time-bending plans.

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