Avengers: Endgame: The Endings Explained


The time has lastly come. Avengers: Endgame is now in theaters and introduced with it the top of not solely this period of the MCU, however grand finales for a bunch of our favourite superheroes and superhero teams–which means we have now plenty of floor to cowl right here.

Watch your self: From right here on out, we’re in spoiler nation.

The End (Of Phase 3)

Shockingly, Marvel broke their decades-long custom of getting a number of post-credits sequences for this one–the finish of this film actually is the end, with no stingers or gags to cap it off. It goes like this: Some artistic maneuvering from 2014 Nebula (not current day Nebula, who is an efficient man) brings the struggle with 2014 Thanos (not current day Thanos, who’s lifeless) to Earth after the Avengers scavenge by way of the time stream for the Infinity Stones previously.

Luckily, earlier than the struggle really begins up, Bruce is ready to use their time-heisted Stones to convey again everybody who was dusted, so the group has some severe reinforcements when Thanos and the Chitauri arrive. The ensuing struggle is past epic, with legions of Wakandan troopers, Asgardian refugees, sorcerers in training–really you identify it, in the event that they’ve proven up within the MCU earlier than, they’re in all probability right here and duking it out with Thanos’s alien hordes.

But in fact, even with all of the backup on this planet, Thanos is not going to go down simple. The struggle really permits Steve Rogers to lastly show his price and wield Mjolnir (keep in mind that second in Age of Ultron when he could not decide it up?). The struggle quantities to some really stunning highlight moments, together with each Carol and Wanda getting their very own shot at Thanos himself, all whereas the Avengers play cosmic scorching potato with the brand new Infinity Gauntlet they’ve made. That’s the secret for many of the struggle: preserve the Stones away from Thanos whereas beating again the Chitauri and the Black Order.

Thank god this struggle occurs in an in any other case completely deserted crater, proper? For as big because the battle is, there actually is not any collateral harm outdoors of the Avengers compound, which is fairly totally demolished. RIP.

Anyway, the struggle finally concludes with a slender miss–Thanos manages to get the Gauntlet again, however Tony is quick sufficient to drag the Stones out earlier than he has an opportunity to make use of them. That’s when Tony will get to have his huge second. Thanos, undeterred, says “I am inevitable” to which Tony will get to make the final word Iron Man 1 callback by responding, “I am Iron Man.” He integrates the Stones into his armor and snaps his fingers, which ends up in a mirror of Infinity War’s closing moments, besides this time it is Thanos and the Chitauri who flip to mud.

Unfortunately, that form of energy comes with a value.

The End (For Tony Stark)

Tony’s use of the Gauntlet takes an enormous toll and, tragically (if expectedly), prices him his life. He stays alive lengthy sufficient to get to say some poignant goodbyes to the folks he cares about most, like Pepper and Peter and Rhodey–so get your tissues prepared.

The funeral is the place it will get actually robust. It’s not probably the most traditional–Pepper makes a memorial along with her “Proof That Tony Stark Has A Heart” trophy from again within the first Iron Man film and units it to sail on the peaceable lake behind their property. It’s well-attended by all of Tony’s pals and family–even Nick Fury, who has in any other case been MIA for the entire film, reveals up. The child from Iron Man Three is there, too–though it’d take you a second to acknowledge him.

Tony leaves behind each Pepper and their daughter, Morgan, who will get a really cute second with Happy. He asks if she’s hungry, she replies sure, and that she’d like a cheeseburger. Happy laughs and tells her that her dad preferred cheeseburgers too–another Iron Man 1 callback. Tony’s first request after setting foot again stateside was for a cheeseburger. Apparently the Stark household has a really particular methodology of dealing with trauma.

Joking apart, Tony’s arc culminates in a significant repay for a second again in Avengers 1 when Steve and Tony have considered one of their first fights. Steve known as out Tony’s selfishness, saying he solely fights for himself; that he is “not the guy to make the sacrifice play.” It could have taken six complete motion pictures, however Tony lastly has an opportunity to show himself a hero as soon as and for all.

The End (For Steve Rogers)

Despite all of the proof and predictions on the contrary, Steve Rogers didn’t die within the closing struggle with Thanos–but he did get a fairly definitive ending.

After all of the time-heisting went down, somebody needed to take the stolen Infinity Stones again to their respective spots in historical past to stop a bunch of branching timelines from splitting off and inflicting temporal chaos. Steve does this alone, utilizing a rapidly rebuilt quantum portal–but it would not precisely go as deliberate. Rather than simply dropping every Stone again the place it got here from and returning to the current, Steve decides to peel off and–you guessed it–go reside a full life with Peggy Carter again previously.

Instead of teleporting again to the present time, an aged Steve reveals up on the rendezvous level. The logic right here will get just a little fuzzy from a time journey perspective, however apparently going again and marrying Peggy did not trigger a branched timeline and so they lastly received their dance. In his personal phrases, he took Tony’s recommendation to strive simply dwelling a standard life.

As an previous man, Steve clearly will not be doing any extra superheroics–but don’t fret, the world will not be and not using a Captain America for too lengthy. He passes the defend over to Sam, who will formally take up the mantle when subsequent there’s a want.

The End (For Thor)

During the five-year post-Thanos time soar, Thor and the Asgardian refugees on Earth fashioned New Asgard, just a little oceanside city the place Thor, uh, type of let himself go. However, by the top of the film, he is decidedly gotten his groove again and is able to get again within the proverbial saddle. He accomplishes this by first leaving New Asgard to a brand new ruler, Valkyrie, after which becoming a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy–er, the Asgardians of the Galaxy, sorry–to go journey by way of house.

There’s some battle straight away, nevertheless, when Quill and Thor cannot fairly agree about who’s in cost.

It’s undoubtedly Quill, proper?

We’ll see how that goes come Guardians 3, in all probability.

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