Avengers Endgame: Why Having No End Credits Scene Was The Right Call


In 2008, Marvel set a precedent with its launch of Iron Man. After the credit completed rolling, there was an extra scene that includes Nick Fury telling Tony Stark that there are extra superheroes on this planet, and the viewers is launched to the Avengers Initiative.

In the 20 films happening within the Marvel Cinematic Universe thereafter, there was a mid or post-credits sequence–and typically both–revealing an inkling of knowledge as to the place the following large film is headed (though some are simply well-crafted jokes). However, Avengers: Endgame is the primary film within the historical past of the shared universe to not have a visible aspect on the finish. There is an audio stinger, nevertheless it’s not one thing resulting in Phase 4 of the MCU.

Warning: Endgame spoilers beneath. If you have not seen it but, take a look at our review as an alternative.

Was the choice to not embody a post-credit sequence in Avengers: Endgame an excellent name? Without a doubt, sure. Aside from the truth that this all brings a pure conclusion to the Infinity Saga, although Spider-Man: Far From Home ends Phase 3 now, we need not see what comes subsequent as a result of we get nice resolutions in the course of the closing moments of the film. We do not have to be puffed up for the following film as a result of the main target on the finish of Endgame needs to be on the place our favourite heroes find yourself earlier than the credit roll. And there’s a lot taking place.

Thor decides to affix the Guardians of the Galaxy, whereas passing the torch to Valkyrie to guide the Asgardians in New Asgard. The son of Odin has performed all he can for his individuals, and he sees a brand new journey with new mates forward. Also, a Guardians of the Galaxy film with Thor and Peter Quill on the identical group appears like a delight. This additionally opens the door for Valkyrie to play that Thor function on a brand new Avengers group.

Steve Rogers additionally has a passing of the torch second with Sam Wilson, who will most likely tackle the mantle of Captain America in future films. Rogers returning to the previous and spending his life with Peggy Carter is the closure we’d like for his story, after years of selflessness (although not everyone thinks so). In current day, we have already got the makings of a strong Avengers group arising with Sam Wilson, Valkyrie, Hawkeye, Winter Soldier, Scarlet Witch, War Machine, Hulk, Dr. Strange, Wong, and possibly Carol Danvers. There are extra I do know I’ve missed, however even with Tony Stark and Rogers not obtainable to be on the group sooner or later, issues are trying up for The Avengers.

We all know Spider-Man: Far From Home is just a few months away, and the MCU will proceed afterward, so not having a post-credit sequence is a clear break from what’s subsequent for the shared universe. Avengers: Endgame leaves you with decision, not a cliffhanger. We know change is coming, and we see it occur because the film wraps up. It’s good to depart the film when the credit begin and never have to attend round in anticipation of one thing greater. The viewers would not want a bit of further as a result of there is a full plate of motion, emotion, and most significantly, closure.

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