Team Sonic Racing And Crash Team Racing Signal A New Age Of Kart Racers, But Can They Keep Up With Mario Kart?


Kart racing video games are again, child. By the time Team Sonic Racing launches on May 21, it should have been nearly seven years for the reason that final recreation within the collection, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, graced our consoles. In that point, just one kart racing franchise of word has caught round: Mario Kart.

Compare that with the glory days of the early 2000s and you may see the distinction: Looney Toons Racing, Toy Story Racer, Digimon Racing… I may go on, however you get the purpose. Around this time, each main franchise had a kart racing spinoff, and whereas these makes an attempt persevered half-heartedly into the early 2010s–ModNation Racers and LittleBigPlanet Karting, we hardly knew ye–the style has all however died off save for Nintendo’s frontrunner, which continues to dominate. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the best-selling recreation on Nintendo Switch with almost 17 million copies shifted. Mario Kart Eight was additionally the best-selling recreation on Wii U with 8.5 million items bought.

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That’s all effectively and good, but it surely’s a five-year-old recreation, and there is solely so many occasions I can go spherical Mario Kart Stadium (and solely so many occasions I can bear getting hit by a blue shell). I would like some new challengers.

Luckily, Sumo Digital and Beenox are coming into the fray with their very own respective kart racers: Team Sonic Racing and Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled. They’re every their very own experiences, in fact, but it surely’s encouraging seeing extra builders and publishers greenlight these sorts of initiatives. As Mario Kart’s success reveals, there’s an enormous viewers for kart racing video games on the market.

Derek Littlewood, studio design director at Sumo, agrees. “I don’t think the market for great karting games has ever gone away,” he tells me. “I think part of the success we had with a game like [Sonic & All Stars Racing] Transformed was … because it was a cracking game, but it was also because those people were there, and they wanted that game. And they didn’t have Nintendo systems and they weren’t playing Mario Kart. [Transformed] did really well on Nintendo systems as well, which just says even those people who are playing Mario Kart are still saying, ‘I want more of this.'”

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Still, it is strange–though pleasing–to see two large names within the style returning so shut to 1 one other: Crash Team Racing’s remaster will launch simply precisely a month after Sonic’s new car-focused journey. That’s earlier than you get to Mario Kart Tour, Nintendo’s first cell kart racer, which can be scheduled to launch this summer season.

Of course, every recreation affords totally different flavours, and Team Sonic Racing’s distinguishing options provide a stunning quantity of depth. The recreation is centered round workforce play–even for those who play alone, you are put right into a workforce with two different Sonic heroes. Each workforce member contributes to a shared final meter, which when crammed may be activated to speed up your workforce and sharpen up their dealing with. You fill the ult meter by performing team-oriented actions, equivalent to serving to them up once they spin out–passing near them will get them again within the race extra quickly–or slipstreaming behind teammates to realize a small increase.

This focus, Sumo says, was determined by Sonic Team head Takashi IIzuka, who wished a recreation he may play together with his children the place they may all contribute to a shared success. Littlewood, nevertheless, says Team Sonic Racing is not simply family-friendly fodder: “I think the unique thing that the team play allows us to do is make the game more accessible for less skilled players, because you can play with someone who is better than you at the game, and they can help you be better at it, rather than you always competing with each other. But at the same time, we’ve added a lot of depth to the different team actions and team play in general that allow high-level players to get more out of it.”

Sumo clearly believes this is sufficient to set Team Sonic Racing aside from its competitors. The inclusion of such iconic characters additionally helps, in fact, however there is no doubting TSR’s workforce play and kart customization, which lets you tweak the stats of every character to make them faster or simpler to deal with, for instance, present an honest quantity of depth. The totally different classes–speed, approach, power–and their respective strengths of pace, dealing with, and offroading, do the identical.


Tracks are a pleasure to race round, too, with some fantastically various kinds and totally different optimum routes relying on which class you go for. Sonic, for instance, is greatest staying on smoother roads and racing in straight strains wherever attainable. Tails, as a method character, can slalom round obstacles, however Knuckles is greatest outfitted to energy straight by means of them.

However, on the preview stage no less than, Sonic Team Racing lacks the shine of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Power-ups do not feel fairly as enjoyable to play with, and dealing with is at present much less satisfying because of a considerably loose-feeling drift. There is a narrative mode–which is the justification for excluding non-Sonic characters after Transformed–but is a text-based narrative a lot of an attraction for gamers, or would they moderately skip it and get again to the racing?

I’m skeptical the sport can unseat Mario Kart because the reigning champion of the kart racing style, however maybe overtaking Nintendo is not the purpose. “For people who are fans of that kind of game, they each offer something different,” says Littlewood. “The moment-to-moment gameplay of our game is different enough from Crash or Mario Kart that we don’t really think about it in terms of competition. In my mind they have completely different pace and feel. We’re happy there’s more for fans to play.”

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