New Spider-Man: Far From Home Clip Explains The MCU’s Multiverse


Yesterday’s Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer raised some fascinating questions in regards to the nature of reality within the MCU. Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio is seemingly from an alternate Earth, which implied the existence of a multiverse throughout the shared universe–but contemplating Mysterio’s comic book history, some followers have been skeptical in regards to the legitimacy of his declare.

However, an prolonged have a look at a scene from the trailer aired immediately on the Ellen present, making the idea appear much more believable. In the scene, Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is formally launched to Quentin Beck for the primary time–though he already is aware of him as Mysterio–and Beck is aware of Peter’s heroics, so that they’ve undoubtedly already encountered each other earlier than. Nick Fury explains that Beck is from one other dimension, which Beck then clarifies. Peter’s earth is “Dimension 616” whereas Beck himself is from Earth-833.

These numbers are fairly vital. Over in Marvel comics, Earth-616 is the favored shorthand used to explain the “main” Marvel universe the place the first shared continuity exists. The time period acquired its begin within the late 1980s as a really literal signifier of an Earth within the multiverse, however has since misplaced a few of that concrete that means after a number of crossover occasions have formed and reshaped the multiverse. Now, quite than explicitly that means the literal Earth-616, comics followers will use “616” to outline any predominant continuity story in nearly any context. Most of the time it is literal, however different instances it is not.

For the comics, all you’ll want to keep in mind is that seeing the numbers “616” means you are studying or watching a narrative that’s thought of a part of the first continuity. Don’t stress the main points an excessive amount of.

In the MCU, issues get rather less muddy–this is the primary time we have actually encountered any potential alternate dimensions, so the 616 signifier is each literal and completely particular. If Mysterio is to be believed, each film within the MCU to date has taken place on the cinematic Earth-616 from the get go.

Mysterio himself, nevertheless, is from Earth-833. In the comics, that exact Earth is the house of a personality generally known as “Spider-UK,” a, effectively, British model of Spider-Man who served with the Captain Britain Corps, led by the, uh, British equal of Captain America.

Why would British Spider-Man drop the “Man” in favor of “UK?” Your guess is pretty much as good as ours. Sometimes the variations between completely different Earths within the multiverse are actually, actually goofy–like on Earth-999, the place Spider-Man is definitely a cat (“Spider-Cat”) who fights a pigeon named Venom, or Earth-71912, the place all of Marvel’s heroes are Rugrats-style speaking infants.

Earth-833 does not have a really lengthy or storied historical past within the supply material–in reality, it was lately destroyed by the machinations of a villain generally known as Karn, or the Master Weaver, whose purpose was to scour the multiverse searching for extra Spider-based powers to gather. All of which is to say the MCU could possibly be inventing a wholly new tackle the dimension with a wholly new Mysterio. It’s necessary to maintain that in thoughts. If something, that is extra probably given the way in which Mysterio tells Peter they might “use someone like him” again on his residence world, implying there sadly will not be a cinematic Spider-UK cameo.

It’s additionally necessary to recollect: This is all assuming that your complete multiverse is not just a few extremely particular grift Mysterio is pulling. Only time will inform.

Spider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters on July 2 and stars Tom Holland, Jake Gyllenhaal, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Zendaya, and Jacob Batalon.

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