Tolkien Movie Review Roundup: Here’s What The Critics Are Saying


The new J.R.R. Tolkien biopic, Tolkien, involves theatres this week. The movie stars Nicholas Hoult as Tolkien and Lily Collins as Edith Bratt in a narrative that covers the occasions of Tolkien’s early life, together with his time at college and the fellowship of mates he discovered there, in addition to his serving in World War I and his private and romantic relationship with Bratt.

The film covers Tolkien’s main life occasions that impressed his acclaimed fantasy novels together with The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. The film additionally teaches us the right method to pronounce Tolkien. Hint: it’s “Tol-keen.”

If you are on the lookout for an action-oriented, grand spectacle movie like The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit, this isn’t it. Tolkien is a dramatic retelling of a number of the key moments in Tolkien’s youth as an writer, good friend, and associate to Bratt.

To enable you to get an concept about if the movie is price your money and time, we have collected evaluation excerpts from across the web. You can see a rundown of Tolkien evaluation excerpts beneath, whereas extra info on the movie’s vital reception may be discovered on GameSpot sister web site Metacritic.

It can also be price mentioning that the Tolkien Estate has distanced itself from the Tolkien movie, although it reportedly issued its assertion earlier than viewing it. This was no shock, because the Estate has for many years declined to endorse dramatizations of Tolkien’s life and works.


  • Directed By: Dome Karukoski
  • Written By: David Gleeson, Stephen Beresford
  • Starring: Nicholas Hoult, Lily Collins, Colm Meaney, Craig Roberts, Patrick Gibson, Pam Ferris, Anthony Boyle, Tom Glynn-Carney
  • Release Date: May 10 (United States)
  • Runtime: 111 minutes

Entertainment Weekly

“Hoult brings a quiet, romantic depth to the younger Tolkien (pronounced ‘Tolkeen,’ who knew?), Lily Collins does so much with somewhat as his old flame Edith, and the Hobbit horde will gobble up the entire easter-egg references peppered all through the film. But Karukoski often tries too exhausting to juice up his fustier Dead Poets Society-esque stretches with fevered battlefield visions of German flamethrowers remodeling into fire-breathing dragons. Tolkien was by no means what anybody would name a delicate author, however even he’d in all probability discover these CGI thrives a bit an excessive amount of.” — Chris Nashawaty [Full review]

The Wrap

“… a biopic that hits so many familiar notes that it’s practically a cover song. It’s the ceaseless parade of foreshadowing, suggesting that every microscopic part of J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy novels was based on a specific, real-life event. It reduces everyone Tolkien knew to supporting players in someone else’s shameless ‘great man’ narrative. If you were trying to produce a parody of what a Tolkien biopic would look like, you’d get the exact same film.” — William Bibbiani [Full review]

The Hollywood Reporter

“Handsomely made in the customarily fastidious style of most period biographical dramas, Tolkien is strongly served by Hoult, who, after four X-Men outings (and a supporting role in last year’s The Favourite), demonstrates that it’s high time he moved on from that sort of thing to more interesting and challenging dramatic characterizations.” — Todd McCarthy [Full review]

Hoult as Tolkien


“The film–stately, well-acted, and ultimately insubstantial–dilutes its considerable charms with hoary literary biopic conventions, and then risks strangling them entirely with its reductively literal takes on the vagaries of artistic inspiration.” — Andrew Barker [Full review]

The Washington Post

“The movie is a capable and attractive enough biopic, if also less than riveting cinema.” — Michael O’Sullivan [Full review]

The Guardian

“This refreshing origins story, starring Nicholas Hoult, traces the early life of JRR Tolkien as he makes friends at Oxford, finds love and faces the horror of war.” — Peter Bradshaw [Full review]

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