E3 2019: Phantasy Star Online 2 Not An Xbox One Exclusive


Microsoft unveiled a shock announcement throughout its E3 2019 press conference–after practically eight years, beloved MMO Phantasy Star Online 2 will lastly launch within the West. The information landed on the Xbox stage at this year’s E3, however Xbox head Phil Spencer confirmed the sport will arrive on different platforms.

Spencer sat down with Giant Bomb co-founder Jeff Gerstmann to speak in regards to the firm’s presence at E3 2019. The nearly 50-minute interview noticed the 2 chat in regards to the pleasure surrounding the MMO’s Western reveal. “I’m not trying to say this is because of me but I said [to Sega], ‘You know, so many of the constructs in today’s online console games were born in Phantasy Star and 90 percent of the gamers today don’t know what a Phantasy Star Online is,'” Spencer informed Gerstmann.

The Western Localization trailer revealed throughout E3 2019, above, publicizes that Phantasy Star Online 2 will lastly make its method to North America. And whereas Spencer could not verify whether or not the sport will seem in different areas like Europe and the Middle East as a result of “Sega’s ultimately responsible for it,” he did say the sport is not console unique. “Yes, it will end up on all platforms.”

There’s no specification on what “all platforms” means, and Gerstmann did not press for clarification on this assertion, however Spencer is definite the MMO won’t simply be unique to the Xbox household. Spencer “happens to have a soft spot” for Phantasy Star Online, believes “it can be a meaningful franchise,” and is simply excited to work with Sega once more.

Phantasy Star Online 2 will arrive someday in Spring 2020.

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