Double Fine Boss Tim Schafer Talks About Getting Bought By Microsoft


One of Microsoft’s shock bulletins at E3 this 12 months was the acquisition of longtime independent studio Double Fine, which made Brutal Legend and the Psychonauts collection. Now, Double Fine boss Tim Schafer has spoken concerning the buyout and why Double Fine agreed to it.

Speaking to Game Informer, Schafer mentioned he was initially “very concerned” regarding the influence an acquisition may need on Double Fine’s “culture and identity.” However, after talking with Microsoft, he decided Double Fine would have the ability to retain its identification.

“I was very concerned about our culture and identity,” Schafer mentioned. “They explained the new way they’re doing these acquisitions with unplugged studios that are not integrated into Microsoft. They’re left alone, they do their own thing and stay independent, but are well funded. It sounds like a good deal.”

In the top, Schafer mentioned it is a “perfect” deal for Double Fine. The studio will get to maintain making its “inspired weird games” however now it will not have to fret about securing funds for its subsequent mission, Schafer mentioned. Independent studios like Double Fine earlier than the buyout are identified to have a number of plates spinning between creating video games and always in search of funds for what’s subsequent.

Also within the interview, Schafer mentioned it is going to determine on a “case by case” foundation if different groups inside Microsoft might doubtlessly work on Double Fine IPs sooner or later.

Double Fine had operated as an impartial studio since its founding in 2000. Some of its widespread early video games included Psychonauts, Brutal Legend, Costume Quest, and Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster, all of which have been revealed by totally different corporations. In 2012, Double Fine kicked off a “Kickstarter revolution” of types with an journey recreation that may go on to be often called Broken Age. The studio’s subsequent recreation is the post-apocalyptic rogue-like Rad, which is revealed by Bandai Namco and due for launch in 2019. Psychonauts 2 will comply with in 2020.

It stays to be seen what Double Fine will develop underneath its new possession by Microsoft. Terms of the Microsoft acquisition weren’t disclosed.

With the acquisition of Double Fine, Microsoft now has 15 game studios. The huge variety of improvement groups gives Microsoft a new level of freedom to not rush games out for release.

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