Trailer For Wrinkles The Clown Documentary Will Have You Looking Over Your Shoulder


Remember a couple of years in the past when individuals have been dressing up as creepy clowns and simply hanging out in public, which, in flip, scared everybody? What a weird epidemic. Well, there’s now a documentary popping out about one particular person who does this for a dwelling referred to as Wrinkles The Clown, and you’ll see the primary trailer for the film under.

The movie follows a 65-year previous Florida man who clothes up in a creepy clown masks and will get employed by people–many occasions parents–to scare children. He’ll seem in individuals’s backyards, exterior their home windows, and usually being horrifying in random locations. The movie appears to be like to seek out out who this man is, why he is doing this, and the viral impact his actions had throughout the web.

While the film trailer appears to blur the road between fiction and actuality, Wrinkles the Clown is an actual individual, and you’ll name him you probably have some children you need to freak out. This all initially came about in 2014, and the person behind the mask–a Naples, Florida retiree who did not need to spend his days enjoying golf. And his antics as Wrinkles the Clown drew nationwide consideration and spawned quite a few copycats all through the United States.

If you need to see the complete story for your self, try Wrinkles The Clown in the case of theaters on October 4.

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