Balancing Scares And Laughs In Ghostbusters At Universal Studios’ Horror Nights


It’s been 35 years since Ghostbusters first hit theaters in 1984, giving the world among the finest horror-comedy motion pictures of all time. Since then, the franchise has spawned a sequel, cartoon diversifications, video video games, a reboot, and an upcoming continuation of the unique movie. What it hasn’t led to, nonetheless, is a haunted maze at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights. At least, not till this 12 months.

Ghostbusters is a featured Horror Nights 2019 attraction at each Universal Studios Orlando and Hollywood, giving followers an opportunity to step into the film and expertise a few of its greatest scares–and funniest jokes. Because that is the road it’s a must to fastidiously stroll whenever you’re adapting a movie like Ghostbusters right into a haunted maze. Thankfully, the inventive groups at each parks–who created two completely different mazes–were as much as the problem.

“That is a question we asked ourselves for a couple weeks. How do we tackle comedy and horror?” Charles Gray, present director at Universal Orlando, admitted when GameSpot requested about discovering the proper stability between horror and comedy. “All the punch lines and everything is delivered a very specific way.” He’s not unsuitable. Chances are whenever you consider Ghostbusters, Bill Murray delivering a basic Venkman line floats via your head simply as usually because the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man getting roasted.

Instead of attempting to work round these iconic strains and moments, although, Gray and his crew as an alternative built-in them into the horror. “What at first was a challenge of all these things you want to see [and] things you want to hear that are not scary, [we then] started to develop a way to use us to our advantage,” he continued. “So as you go through and you are enthralled by the decor and the scenery of the scene, all of a sudden, boom, a terror dog is right next to you, because you’re so engrossed in what’s around you. We also found ways to include lines of dialogue that you wanted to hear at the end of other triggers. So randomly as you go through the house, you will hear those lines that you want to hear.”

The result’s a maze that does not skimp on the silliness or the screams. While you may see a number of the greatest scenes play out from the movie–and certainly encounter a Venkman proclaiming, “We came, we saw, and we kicked its ass”–you’ll additionally get slimed by Slimer, enterprise via the long-lasting firehouse headquarters of the crew and face-off with the aforementioned big marshmallow monster.

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It’s in contrast to absolutely anything the Horror Nights groups on each coasts have tackled earlier than. And whereas it won’t be essentially the most disturbing maze you may see at Horror Nights on both coast–good luck surviving House of 1,000 Corpses–it’s positively one of the vital enjoyable you may expertise.

Halloween Horror Nights is open now at each Universal Studios parks. It runs via November 2 at Universal Studios Orlando and November three at Universal Studios Hollywood.

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