One Borderlands 3 Legendary Gun Lets You Become Mario (Sort Of)


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The Borderlands collection has all the time loved making references or poking enjoyable at different recreation franchises. Borderlands 3 isn’t any exception, starting from insulting Destiny’s engrams to praising Doom’s weapons. There’s even a reference to one of the more notable missions from its predecessor, Borderlands 2. Some of those references are even tied to weapons, just like the Mario-themed Compressing Superball.

A legendary Maliwan pistol, the Compressing Superball can’t change parts like many of the weapons made by the company–it solely fires incendiary bullets. Instead of the laserbeam, tri-shot, or rapid-fire bullets seen on different Maliwan weapons, the Compressing Superball shoots an enormous fireball that explodes on impression and offers splash injury.

The description for the gun reads “Flower power,” which is most certainly in reference to the Super Mario Bros. collection, the place important protagonist Mario can achieve the superpower to shoot fireballs out of his arms after consuming a hearth flower. This is not the primary Super Mario Bros. reference seen within the Borderlands franchise. The very first recreation included an Achievement/Trophy known as “My Brother is an Italian Plumber” that you just earn by killing an enemy by inflicting injury on them by leaping on their head.

Though the impact the Compressing Superball creates is cool-looking, the gun is not truly all that good. After the preliminary space of Pandora, you start encountering much more enemies that put on shields or armor–increasing the worth of shock and corrosive weapons whereas reducing the utility of incendiary. Also, as a Maliwan gun, the Compressing Superball’s shot is not all that robust, which does not pair very effectively with its sluggish fireplace price.

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