Destiny 2 Iron Banner: Scour The Rust Quest Steps For New Armor


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The first Iron Banner of Destiny 2‘s Shadowkeep era–and of Season 8, Season of the Undying–is underway. The fundamentals are nonetheless the identical: This is a Crucible mode the place, in contrast to standard, degree benefits are enabled, that means you may wish to come along with your highest Power degree gear. But the method for acquiring Iron Banner weapons and the brand new armor is totally different than it was, as you may first have to make your approach by means of a seasonal pursuit referred to as Scour the Rust. Here’s what it includes.

You initially decide up the Scour the Rust quest from Lord Saladin on the Tower, who must also have a set of 4 bounties (providing Pinnacle rewards, which can allow you to degree from 950 to 960). But till you full Scour the Rust, you will not be capable to flip in Iron Banner tokens to buy rewards packages from Saladin. As a outcome, any rewards you get from Iron Banner till the search is completed will come from finishing bounties and matches. Scour the Rust must be accomplished on every of your characters, however it would reward you with the brand new Iron Will armor in your class. The present occasion of Iron Banner will finish at 10 AM PT on October 22, however you’ve got the total season to finish this quest.

Upon choosing up the search, you may see your first set of three targets. Completing all of those will unlock the subsequent portion of the six-part quest. You can see every thing this entails under, courtesy of datamined information from, however bear in mind that one of many closing steps is bugged–as described under and on Bungie’s Twitter account, the step it’s essential to full is kind of totally different from what you are informed to do in-game.


  • Opponents defeated (30)
  • Zones captures (10)
  • Super closing blows (3)

Reward: Unknown


  • Matches accomplished (6)
  • Zones captured (20)
  • Pulse rifle closing blows (25)

Reward: Unknown


  • Fusion rifle closing blows (20)
  • Zones captured (30)
  • Opponents defeated (100)

Reward: Unknown


  • Submachine gun closing blows (15)
  • Super closing blows (15)
  • Zones captured (40)

Reward: Unknown


  • Zones captured (50)
  • Matches accomplished (15)
  • Super closing blows (10)
    • Note that this step is bugged. It’s labeled Super closing blows however reveals a grenade launcher icon. In reality, neither of those is right; it is advisable rack up 10 submachine gun closing blows.

Reward: Unknown


Reward: Unknown

Season 8 Iron Banner “Iron Will” armor

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