New WoW Shadowlands Expansion Trailer Released At BlizzCon 2019


During BlizzCon 2019, a brand new trailer for the following growth for World of Warcraft, Shadowlands, was launched. The trailer focuses on Sylvanas as she takes on Highlord Bolvar Fordragon, the Lich King. You can watch the trailer beneath.

In the trailer, Sylvanas journies to the Ice Crown Citadel and approaches the Frozen Throne, the place Bolvar sits. As she approaches him, Bolvar’s orange flames start to glow with an icy blue and he rises to fulfill Sylvanas’ problem. The struggle is fairly epic, but additionally pretty one-sided. As sturdy as Bolvar is, Sylvanas is simply stronger. She in the end takes him down, removes his crown, and chooses to destroy it. The act rips the sky open, raining hellfire on the ice-covered panorama.

“This world is a prison,” Sylvanas says with a grimace. “And I will set us all free.”

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