Overwatch 2: New Modes, New Hero, And Everything Else We Know So Far


Overwatch 2 was introduced throughout BlizzCon 2019’s opening ceremony. It’s a sequel to Blizzard’s widespread team-based first-person hero shooter from 2016, however as evidenced by its announcement cinematic and gameplay reveal trailer, the upcoming Overwatch 2 will have fresh things to offer players previous and new.

After its official reveal and presentation, sport director Jeff Kaplan and assistant sport director Aaron Keller took the Mythic Stage at BlizzCon 2019 throughout the way forward for Overwatch panel to speak Overwatch 2 sport modes, maps, and heroes.

For a selected subject, use the desk of contents above, in any other case simply scroll by way of for all the information, rumors, and different particulars we learn about Overwatch 2 up to now.

Overwatch 2 Specs

Overwatch 2 continues to be actively in improvement, so the workforce doesn’t have a launch date and even launch window in thoughts, however it was confirmed at BlizzCon 2019 that it’s going to come to all platforms that at present assist the primary Overwatch, including the Nintendo Switch.

  • Release date: N/A
  • Platforms: PC (Battle.internet), Switch, PS4, Xbox One
  • Genre: First-person shooter

Game Modes

At BlizzCon 2019, Kaplan confirmed off a brand-new sport mode referred to as Push, described as a “core game mode” playable in each fast and aggressive play, and which will even be featured within the Overwatch League. Early gameplay footage of Push mode on the brand new Toronto, Canada map confirmed two groups preventing to escort a robotic into enemy territory. The workforce that pushes the robotic furthest into the opposite workforce’s territory earlier than time is up will win the match. As the robotic strikes down the linear path in the direction of enemy strains, it’ll often come up in opposition to limitations that have to be pushed to unlock checkpoints. This momentarily slows the robotic down, however the checkpoints they unlock additionally unlock new spawn factors.

Currently confirmed sport modes new to Overwatch 2 embrace:

New Maps

Overwatch 2 will have all-new PvP maps for Push mode, but additionally for each present “core” sport mode. The workforce desires to make sure gamers have a “totally new experience” because of the brand new maps, that are additionally coming to the unique Overwatch as nicely.

Currently confirmed maps new to Overwatch 2 embrace:

  • Gothenburg
  • Toronto
  • Monte Carlo
  • Rio de Janeiro

Story Missions

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Story Missions are a brand new function in Overwatch 2. They can be closely curated PvE missions the place gamers will solely be capable of choose from a restricted, contextually-relevant roster of characters. Every single story mission can have its personal cinematic intro and outro video.

Hero Missions

Hero Missions are one other new PvE function, designed to be “deeply replayable” thanks to a few components outlined by Overwatch 2’s administrators: different places, which can take gamers throughout new maps and previous; consistently altering aims, which can hold the gameplay recent and different; and completely different enemy teams, resembling Null Sector, Talon, and “other threats.” Certain aims or enemy sorts might demand sure kinds of heroes to counter, permitting extra hands-on time for gamers caught taking part in their major in PVP, Kaplan defined at BlizzCon 2019.

Item System

The newly-introduced merchandise system is unique to Story Missions. Rather than a loot system like Diablo, Overwatch 2’s merchandise system will supposedly work in a lot the identical manner gadgets do in video games like Apex Legends and PUBG, in keeping with Kaplan: non permanent merchandise pickups that you should use at some stage in the mission. These embrace issues like a corrosive grenade, a therapeutic station, or a barrier fence. Items additionally are available in tiers, like Legendary.

Talent System

Overwatch 2 will introduce a brand new development system designed completely for Hero Missions. It will enable heroes to degree up and unlock Talents that give them extra perks in fight and is supposed as a strictly PvE, non-competitive mode function. A collection of Talents for Tracer had been proven off at BlizzCon 2019, however Kaplan warned that the development system continues to be very early in improvement and will change quite a bit.

Unlockable Talents for Tracer, a part of Overwatch 2’s new PvE-exclusive development system.

The instance talents proven off for Tracer embrace:

New Heroes

Sojourn, Overwatch's first Canadian hero.
Sojourn, Overwatch’s first Canadian hero.

Overwatch 2 will introduce new playable heroes, together with each characters which might be model new and “characters you’ve been waiting for.” It will even carry over each hero from the primary Overwatch.

Currently confirmed heroes new to Overwatch 2 embrace:

So far, Sojourn is the only new character announced for Overwatch 2. She is the primary Canadian hero and has a job “right at the center of the story of Overwatch 2,” in keeping with Kaplan. According to the BlizzCon 2019 panel, some heroes will even be launched all of sudden, much like how Mei, D.Va, and Genji all rolled out on the similar time through the Overwatch beta.

Echo was additionally proven within the Overwatch 2 cinematic and gameplay trailers, however Kaplan didn’t verify if she can be playable.

Skins And Progress

Kaplan confirmed that every one progress and cosmetics earned within the first Overwatch will carry over to Overwatch 2. According to Kaplan, “We wish to be sure that all Overwatch cosmetics come forward with you into Overwatch 2. So all your progress issues. Nothing is getting left behind, nobody is getting left behind.”

What Overwatch 2 Means For Current Players

In an effort to keep the Overwatch community united, Overwatch and Overwatch 2 gamers will be capable of play the normal PvP mode collectively. The authentic Overwatch will even obtain new maps, new heroes, and the brand new aggressive mode, Push.

Hero Visuals

Overwatch 2 is just not being designed in a brand new engine, however it’s a “greatly updated” model of the Overwatch engine. Overwatch 2 can have new HUDs for all heroes, and maybe most significantly, brand-new looks for all existing heroes. The workforce desires Overwatch 2 to “have a new look and feel fresh and awesome,” in keeping with its BlizzCon 2019 panel.

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