Watch True Fiction Episode 7: The Real Inspiration Behind The Jedi


This is it, the ultimate episode of True Fiction … for now, a minimum of. To ship off the season we’re delving into probably the most beloved sci-fi franchises of all time: Star Wars. The universe that George Lucas created is deeply beloved by many the world over and has change into a cultural touchstone for those who love any type of leisure. But the inspirations that led to its creation are maybe much less recognized.

In this episode of True Fiction we’re having a look at a few of these inspirations, significantly the work of Akira Kurosawa. Additionally, we’re additionally taking a look at how Japanese historical past and tradition knowledgeable the creation of the Jedi. In extra methods than one, the Jedi are based on ideas that the Samurai lived by years in the past, and the parallels between the very actual warriors of historic Japan and the space-faring warriors of Star Wars are quite a few.

You can try True Fiction on the GameSpot Universe YouTube channel, the place each episode within the season to date may also be discovered. You’ll additionally discover a bit extra concerning the course of of constructing the episode from host and author Kurt Indovina.

Kurt: Star Wars. Yes, Star Wars. The grandiose saga that is spawned too many books for me to care to rely (I misplaced observe round 70), dozens upon dozens of video games (together with an Angry Bird reskin), and, after all, lest we always remember: a prestigious Christmas particular. Oh, proper, and a bunch of flicks.

The affect Star Wars has had on this planet is so overwhelmingly huge that it feels virtually arbitrary to restate. Yet, regardless of how ingrained it’s in our society, the main points of its origins aren’t as broadly recognized.

Admittedly, I’m an off-the-cuff Star Wars fan at finest. I like Star Wars; I’ve seen the films; I’ve performed a handful of video games (shout out to Dark Forces); And with a half-hearted ounce of confidence, I can inform you that Han shot first.

But Star Wars wasn’t the primary selection for True Fiction’s season finale. In truth, it was one other George Lucas related franchise: Indiana Jones. Initially, we wished to discover Raiders of the Lost Ark, and look at the thriller of the ark’s supposed real-life hiding place. But upon rewatching the movie, increasingly did I start to uncover that little or no fact was used within the movies premise in any respect.

Due to the ark being misplaced for 3,000 years, there’s little documentation to show it truly existed within the first place; within the movie it is believed to be in Tanis, “the lost city of Egypt,” stated to have been buried in a sandstorm, nonetheless, in actuality, it is not misplaced, and that sandstorm by no means occurred; and lastly, the workers of Ra–an historic artifact that reveals the situation of the ark when shined in daylight at a sure time in a sure place–was made up for the film. I used to be greedy onto myths.

But what about Star Wars? How a lot fact will be present in an intergalactic house opera with monastic energy wielding warriors, bickering robots, and an alien jazz saloon band, it’s possible you’ll ask? Well, because it so occurs, probably not that a lot both. On the floor, George Lucas’s inspiration for Star Wars stemmed from two very particular pursuits of his personal: Flash Gordon, and the samurai movie The Hidden Fortress. When the 2 are mixed, the muse for which the boundless behemoth house epic was constructed upon abruptly appears small and kinda underwhelming.

However, it was the Jedi that pulled probably the most fact from actuality. The Jedis affect will be traced past fiction, and again to 17th century Japan. Most particularly, the samurai.

While researching, I received the possibility to study historic Japanese beliefs like Shinto, and its similarities to the Force. I additionally received to be taught concerning the historical past of the samurai, and the way they got here into being among the most distinguished figures within the nation’s historical past. But probably the most shocking half to me was studying how 17th century impacted not simply Japan, however in style tradition as we all know it. Give the episode a watch to really grasp how far the ripples of that period reached.

All that stated, this episode brings us to the conclusion of the primary season of True Fiction. If you’ve got been following together with this collection, thank you–your time and a spotlight has been invaluable to me, and I hope you’ve discovered a factor or two alongside the way in which. Until subsequent time, so lengthy.

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