Sony 2019 Report Card: Year In Review For PlayStation 4


PlayStation 4 began 2019 in a dominant market place because the console chief, however it turned clear all through these final 12 months that Sony has its sights set on 2020 and past. This was a transitional 12 months for PlayStation, as the corporate laid the groundwork for its subsequent technology with {hardware} plans, govt shake-ups, and by extra totally embracing rising know-how like cloud streaming.

PlayStation 5 Starts To Take Shape

The largest PlayStation story this 12 months was a couple of system that nobody has performed, and even seen. The PlayStation 5 is coming subsequent 12 months, and for Sony, that meant beginning to seed revelations concerning the recreation in slight glimpses. We’ve solely grazed the floor of the upcoming console, however we all know sufficient to begin understanding its tough contours.

Mostly by way of a collection of Wired interviews with system architect Mark Cerny and new SIE president Jim Ryan, we realized the PS5 will likely be suitable with PS4 video games, use a solid-state drive, and sport a disc drive that helps 100 GB Blu-ray (BDXL) discs. It’s additionally aiming to help ray-tracing and PSVR, and to be extra power environment friendly. In phrases of software program, the UI will allow you to see extra particulars about mates’ video games and even leap into particular parts of a recreation itself, proper from the menu. The subsequent technology controller trades the same old rumble characteristic for haptic suggestions, and guarantees adaptive triggers that can let builders regulate rigidity. We received a possible peek at the way it might look by the use of a patent submitting, which seems similar to a DualShock 4.

Sony performed coy for some time with the identify and date however ultimately did affirm a vacation launch window, in addition to the ultimate identify: PlayStation 5.

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PlayStation Skips E3

One of Sony’s largest choices in 2019 really started in 2018. Near the top of final 12 months, the corporate introduced it might be skipping E3 2019. We knew the choice would have a significant influence on this 12 months’s present, however we did not know simply how main till we noticed the primary PlayStation-less E3 for ourselves.

The present was considerably much less crowded with out Sony’s presence, and even the corporate’s competitors missed its presence–Microsoft’s Phil Spencer stated he needs Sony had been there. The present can also have been a quieter one as a result of the place we’re within the console cycle. Both Microsoft and Sony are getting ready for his or her subsequent launches, and so main releases and bulletins have been slowing. But 2020 is quick approaching, and Sony has made no touch upon whether or not it’s going to come again to E3 subsequent 12 months.

This is much from the one issue that is altering the face of E3, however it’s one of many extra vital ones, and when the mud settles the present could also be very totally different. Given that Sony has additionally appeared to desert its annual PlayStation Experience exhibits, the corporate is making fewer dwell occasion appearances on the whole.

Sony Launches “State of Play” Streams

Likely not coincidentally, simply as Sony pulled out of E3, the corporate began its personal streaming program. The “State of Play” streams observe the mannequin of the favored Nintendo Direct presentations–albeit with a extra simple presentation and fewer dad humor. Reception to the primary State of Play was blended, however Sony has come into its personal with these streaming shows as a part of its advertising efforts.

Among different revelations, this 12 months’s State of Play shows confirmed off a few of the first footage of the FF7 Remake, debuted Iron Man VR, and gave a launch date for The Last of Us Part 2–until it was delayed once more, a couple of month later.

That hiccup apart, Sony appears set on its present strategy. If something retains Sony away from E3 2020, it is going to be that it already has a longtime outreach effort with out it. Meanwhile, Microsoft and Nintendo proceed to make use of each streams and stage shows.

The Last of Us 2 Set For February May

The Last of Us Part 2 is among the largest exclusives in Sony’s portfolio, and lots of followers thought it was destined for this 12 months. As the months went on, although, it turned clear that it wasn’t to be. A trailer supplied a February launch date, lastly giving followers of Joel and Ellie a date to mark on their calendars. But not lengthy after, Naughty Dog got here out with the sheepish admission that, sure, it might be delayed yet another time. The present date stands at May 29, 2020.

What we have seen from the sport hasn’t been a lot trigger for alarm, and this is able to look like only one extra slight delay. The proximity to the PlayStation 5 launch has raised questions over whether or not it’s going to seem on each platforms, much like The Last of Us on PS3 and PS4. The similar questions linger concerning the platform-exclusive Ghosts of Tsushima, which has gone lacking since its debut final 12 months.

Zombies and Timefall

Sony wasn’t with out system exclusives this 12 months, however its output was extra divisive than normal. Rather than a critically acclaimed masterpiece like God of War or a broad crowd-pleaser like Spider-Man, this 12 months PlayStation 4 had declare to Days Gone and Death Stranding. Both video games sported excessive manufacturing values and gained an viewers, however the vital reception was notably blended in every case.

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Days Gone was a great-looking and solidly constructed open-world recreation, however critics felt it lacked a powerful id for itself or its biker protagonist, Deacon St. John. Death Stranding was just about the other. The recreation was extensively anticipated as Hideo Kojima’s first unbiased undertaking after leaving Konami, and it was praised for its ambition and modern programs, however some critics felt it did not click on collectively right into a cohesive entire.

Crossing the Streams

One of probably the most stunning tales this 12 months additionally stays some of the mysterious. In May, Sony and Microsoft introduced a strategic partnership. Specifically, the 2 signed a memorandum of understanding to develop future cloud options inside the Microsoft Azure framework. Sony can also be slated to make use of Microsoft Azure for its personal content material streaming providers. The settlement additionally mentions a partnership on semiconductors and synthetic intelligence.

The partnership was removed from PlayStation and Xbox becoming a member of forces, nevertheless. In reality, it appears many of the PlayStation group was omitted of the loop entirely–to the purpose that managers reportedly needed to reassure employees that this did not influence their present plans or the event of the PlayStation 5. At this level, we nonetheless do not know precisely what the partnership means. It may stay purely primarily based on background infrastructure, which might stay primarily invisible to most gamers.

And “Now” For Something Completely Different

That large step with Microsoft might have been hinting at Sony getting ready itself for the longer term in one other manner. Google Stadia and Microsoft’s personal xCloud streaming providers had been approaching, signaling that cloud gaming seems to be to be at the very least a part of the gaming panorama for the longer term. Sony has had its video games streaming service PlayStation Now for years, however it’s largely been omitted of the dialog that pits Google versus Microsoft in a battle royale.

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If streaming is the longer term, Sony would not wish to be omitted of the loop. In October, the corporate made some aggressive strikes for its PlayStation Now service, together with dropping the value to extra intently align with Microsoft’s Game Pass subscription service, and including a rotating choice of more moderen first-party video games like God of War. It’s not fairly a match for the worth of Xbox’s Game Pass, which has gotten large this 12 months and will get even larger in 2020 with the addition of xCloud, however these strikes make Sony extra nimble and in a position to answer the approaching competitors from streaming providers.


2019 has been a 12 months of transition for Sony. Though it stays the market chief in console gross sales worldwide, aggressive strikes from Microsoft have put it a half-step behind in adopting new initiatives like Game Pass. As each corporations gear up for the following technology, Sony appears to know that it might’t relaxation on its laurels and has began to place itself properly for the following 12 months, and the following technology.

All this implies PlayStation is primed for a powerful 2020. Sony is opening with one of many largest exclusives in its portfolio. It has made PlayStation Now a viable contender to compete with each Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud by itself phrases. It has discovered a profitable system for messaging on to followers with its State of Play streams. And the corporate is saying all the precise issues for the right way to make the PlayStation 5 a profitable launch.

The Good The Bad
PlayStation 5 is well-positioned to begin the following technology robust Skipping E3 gave PlayStation much less presence in gamer consciousness

After a rocky begin, State of Play streams have discovered its voice

TLOU2 delay and blended Days Gone and Death Stranding receptions meant a much less robust first-party displaying
PlayStation Now has made sensible modifications to cope with the approaching cloud gaming wars

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