HBO’s Watchmen Finale Ending Explained


Nothing ever ends, besides in fact, seasons of TV. With Watchman Episode 9 formally out and on this planet, we have arrived at a conclusive finale for one of many yr’s finest and most densely packed reveals. HBO’s Watchmen is over–for now at least–and we’re left to return and take a look at to determine what all of it meant. Let’s break down the ending piece by piece.

Naturally, main spoilers from right here on out so, if on the off probability you have not completed episode 9 but, come again later.

Trieu, Veidt, and the Millenium Clock

In “See How They Fly,” we’re first caught on top of things on simply what the connection between Adrian Veidt and Lady Trieu truly is. She’s his daughter, however not by any conventional means. It seems her mom, a cleansing lady at Veidt’s secret Antarctic fortress Karnak, stole a vial of Veidt’s saved semen and inseminated herself earlier than quitting her job and escaping the compound with out discover. Veidt himself did not study of Trieu’s existence till she arrived at this hideout 23 years later to inform him to his face. She’s “sample #2346,” she says, and she or he wants his help–or, extra precisely, his cash.

She additionally takes this second to clarify simply how she knew the place Doctor Manhattan is, one thing that we had been clued into again in episode Eight when Adrian instructed Jon that “a little elephant” informedhim Jon wasn’t truly on Mars. It seems Trieu used a deep-space satellite tv for pc antenna that might sweep the galaxy searching for Doctor Manhattan’s particular radiological signature, which she was capable of finding on Europa. It’s this useful undeniable fact that evokes Veidt’s eventual escape plan since he is aware of precisely when the satellite tv for pc shall be crossing over Europa to see his message.

Trieu additionally explains precisely what the Millenium Clock is and what it does–and it seems her plan is not all that totally different from the seventh Kavalry’s. She calls it a “quantum centrifuge” that can permit her to soak up the power of Doctor Manhattan as soon as she destroys him.

Veidt would not comply with giving her his cash, however as we properly know now, it would not truly matter. A yr later, Veidt disappears (because of Jon and a one-way ticket to Europa) which permits Trieu to purchase his firm and start her plan in earnest. Once she obtained his misery sign on her satellite tv for pc (the final phrase of the phrase he spelled out was “daughter,” to get her consideration) she despatched a probe to choose him up and, functionally, freeze him in carbonite for the return journey. Of course, when he landed (on the Clarks’ farm), she did not instantly unfreeze him–he was trapped as a bronze statue in her atrium this entire time. She solely wakes him up in time to observe her activate the Clock and enact her plan.

The seventh Kavalry

Unsurprisingly, the seventh Kavalry’s grand scheme did not truly go in accordance with plan. In truth, it was designed to fail by Trieu herself. That’s the place they had been getting their tech–they weren’t “stealing” it from her like they thought they’d been, she was letting them take it. The gambit labored like this: If Trieu had labored out a plan to kill Jon on her personal, he might have seen her and stopped it. But if she allowed the seventh Kavalry to work on their plan as an alternative, she might use it as a smokescreen and swoop in on the final second to commandeer the entire thing in a approach that might catch Jon off guard.

It’s all similar to the best way Veidt himself used the media, tachyon particles, and faux most cancers scares again within the authentic comedian to maintain Jon’s foresight from getting in the best way of his squid plan–like father like daughter, as they are saying.

The main reveal for the seventh Kavalry right here was that Senator Keene Sr, the person answerable for the Keene act that banned vigilantism within the first place again within the comics, is definitely nonetheless alive and an energetic member of the group. It seems the anti-hero sentiments sowed within the authorities have at all times had their roots in white supremacy.

But in fact, with Trieu’s lure sprung, the seventh Kavalry did not final very lengthy. Keene Jr. solely succeeded in liquifying himself right into a bloody mess whereas Trieu obliterated the remainder of the members who had convened to observe their victory earlier than activating her machine.

This was Will’s a part of the plan and the origin of he and Trieu’s partnership. He needed Trieu’s assist to wipe out the seventh Okay for good, and was prepared to sacrifice Angela’s husband to take action.

Stopping Trieu

Despite Trieu handily defeating the seventh Kavalry in a single masterstroke, there was nonetheless the difficulty of her megalomaniacal plan–but fortunately, the mixed forces of Veidt, Looking Glass, and Laurie had been in a position to see that her goals had been by no means realized.

Using the spilled puddle of liquified Senator Keene, which seeped underneath the boundary of the cage Jon was trapped in, Jon was in a position to immediately teleport Veidt, LG, and Laurie to his Antarctic compound. He didn’t transport Angela, nevertheless, as a result of he did not wish to be alone when he died.

And that is, sadly, precisely what he did. Die, that is–not even the neatest man on this planet was in a position to save Jon as soon as Trieu activated her machine. He was vaporized within the cage whereas Angela helplessly appeared on. But earlier than the machine might correctly imbue Trieu with the harvested power, Veidt was in a position to weaponize the squid rain (which we discovered final week had been despatched randomly all through portals in Antarctica) by setting the squid temperature low sufficient to freeze the squids earlier than they hit the bottom. He aimed the rain over Tulsa and fired, making a form of “Gatling gun” impact that destroyed Trieu’s machine and killed her (together with anybody who occurred to be outdoors and underneath inadequate shelter inside a 5-mile radius.)

Angela was in a position to escape into the theater, the place she discovered Will alongside together with her sleeping kids. The two had been lastly in a position to have the heart-to-heart they so desperately wanted, and Angela welcomed Will into her life and her residence to formally turn out to be a part of the household. Meanwhile, again in Antarctica, Laurie confronted Veidt, not as a buddy, however as an agent of the FBI, putting him underneath arrest for the homicide of three million individuals again in 1985.

Loose Ends

With Jon “dead” (or a minimum of, briefly destroyed–death is a wierd factor for somebody together with his powers) we’re left with Angela to choose up the items. After inviting Will again to remain in her residence, he offers her a cryptic message from Jon about “breaking a few eggs,” which Angela would not instantly perceive.

That would not happen till she’s again in her personal kitchen, cleansing up the mess she made to interrupt Jon’s impromptu waffle-making again in Episode 8. She notices that one of many eggs within the carton she broke remains to be intact, after which remembers the dialog she had with Jon again in Vietnam about his theoretical skill to switch his powers to another person. She eats the egg after which takes a step, testing to see whether or not or not she’d have the ability to stroll on water–but the scene cuts to credit earlier than we are able to truly see the outcomes of her experiment. It’s fully inconclusive, however the heavy implication is that she could have absorbed some, if not all, of Jon’s god-like skills and truly turn out to be the “new” Doctor Manhattan shifting forward–ironic for an individual who confirmed little to little interest in acquiring superpowers and simply successfully helped cease two totally different individuals from doing simply that.

But perhaps, as Veidt defined in so many phrases, that is the actual secret of Manhattan’s powers. People who truly need them should not be trusted with them. It’s solely individuals like Jon himself, who had been gifted with them by full accident, who can actually be trusted to not destroy the world or use them for private acquire.

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