Destiny 2’s Riven: Here’s How To Deliver Dawning Cookies To The Raid Boss


Destiny 2‘s vacation occasion, The Dawning, sends you across the photo voltaic system to bake and deliver treats as a way to full bounties and repair up a particular vacation sparrow. The Dawning this yr provides extra characters to your deal with supply rotation, together with a number of villainous characters–like Riven of a Thousand Voices, the ultimate boss of the Last Wish raid. If you are still determining how you can create all of the confections, take a look at our full Destiny 2 Dawning recipe guide.

At first, the prospect of delivering one thing to Riven may sound daunting. In most instances, the one strategy to attain a raid boss is to really full a raid, which requires six gamers and an entire lot of coordination and talent. With the Last Wish raid, nevertheless, issues are a bit simpler. You needn’t battle by way of the opposite encounters of the raid as a way to attain Riven due to the Wishing Wall.

To get to Riven, spawn into the Last Wish raid on the Director map for the Dreaming City. After you enter the primary room and take heed to Riven’s monologue, head by way of the opening within the left wall till you attain the Kalli encounter. Instead of dropping all the way down to the place Kalli waits, bounce throughout the pool to the left to discover a path of ledges you possibly can climb as much as a hidden room that homes the Wishing Wall. You need to shoot the emblems on the wall to create a selected sample: the Seventh Wish. Here’s what it appears like.

The Wishing Wall requires you to shoot every of the spherical emblems as a way to change the picture that seems on it. Bring slow-firing weapons with numerous ammo.

Once you enter the precise mixture, step onto the round plate on the bottom to get teleported to the encounter with Riven. When you arrive, head over to the circle plate to the precise and stand on it to get despatched downward to the precise battle with Riven. When you arrive, you may see a small blue snowflake-like projection on the ground close to Riven’s ft. Activate it and you may ship the cookie–and you are free to go again to orbit earlier than issues get intense.

Once you get to the room with Riven, look for a snowflake projection that'll let you pass the boss its gift.
Once you get to the room with Riven, search for a snowflake projection that’ll allow you to go the boss its present.

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