Star Trek: Picard — Short Trek Episode Reveals A Clue About Picard’s Past


Details surrounding the story of Star Trek: Picard are nonetheless fairly hazy. We comprehend it issues the storied Starfleet captain, Jean-Luc Picard, 15 years after his retirement from Starfleet. But we all know little or no about why Picard retired from the rank of admiral.

Ahead of the Star Trek: Picard launch date on January 23, CBS All Access has crammed within the gaps–at the very least barely. The streaming service launched an episode of its Star Trek brief movie collection, Short Treks, that works as one thing of a setup for the occasions of Picard. In “Children of Mars,” we see among the occasions that finally spur Picard to depart Starfleet and tackle a extra reclusive life.

The episode follows two ladies in a Martian faculty who’ve a tumultuous relationship. Their animosity grows all through the episode, till they’re collectively throughout a tragic assault on Mars by a bunch of highly effective ships. While it isn’t clear that the 2 characters will play a job in Picard, we do know a number of issues concerning the scenario during which they discover themselves.

“Children of Mars” takes place some 15 years earlier than the beginning of Picard, and it is this assault on Mars and the trauma surrounding it that is had such a profound impact on the legendary captain. From a information forged that performs through the assault, we now know that it is executed by “rogue synthetics.” You may additionally spot a shot of Picard on these screens as properly–as an admiral in Starfleet through the assault, he is a serious determine in responding to the assault.

So we all know {that a} tragedy perpetrated by these “rogue synths” is a giant a part of the setup for Picard, though it is nonetheless not clear what synths are or how they relate to the larger image of what is going on on within the collection. It’s price noting, nonetheless, {that a} large a part of Picard’s story is his relationship with Data, the android who served on the Enterprise in The Next Generation and spent his life endeavoring to be extra human. Data sacrificed himself to avoid wasting Picard and the Enterprise on the finish of the final of the Star Trek: The Next Generation movies, Star Trek: Nemesis, and the trailers for Star Trek: Picard recommend that occasion nonetheless haunts Picard as properly.

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