Destiny 2 Bastion Gravesite Guide: How To Find Reysk’s Grave


After every week of community-wide puzzle-solving, the maze-like Corridors of Time have lastly been traversed in Destiny 2. Finding your method by way of the maze unlocks the Exotic quest for Bastion, a brand new Kinetic fusion rifle, totally two weeks early. You can wait till Tuesday to get the search with out the additional step of fixing the Corridors of Time, however even for those who skip the maze portion of the search, you may nonetheless must seek out one other secret.

That secret is a selected location on the Tangled Shore: a Fallen gravesite. It’s a bit out of the way in which and straightforward to overlook. Here’s the place that you must go to search out the grave, which unlocks a brand new model of the Tangled Shore Strike referred to as The Hallowed Lair. If you want extra information, check out our Bastion guide for an entire rundown on the Exotic quest.

Where To Find The Fallen Gravesite

Head to the Tangled Shore and make your technique to Four-Horned Gulch. Once there, you are on the lookout for the Trapper’s Cave Lost Sector, situated in the midst of the world in a trench close to its western aspect. Yo You will not want to totally full Trapper’s Cave to search out what you are on the lookout for, however you may must preserve your eyes open to find the gravesite.

Head Into Trapper’s Cave

Descend into Trapper’s Cave and make your method ahead. You’ll first hit a bunch of sleeping Cabal War Beasts. Clear them out and preserve transferring into the following huge room. You ought to end up on the prime of a waterfall, with a bunch of Cabal Legionaries and Psions hanging out within the space beneath you.

Clear the enemies and drop all the way down to the bottom of the waterfall. With the waterfall at your again, look to your left. You ought to see the smoky blue path of Corrupted Ether swirling across the space, making a path to the left wall of the room. Approach the spot, which is hidden a bit in shadow, and you will be prompted the examine the gravesite.

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Interacting with the grave will provide you with a brand new step within the Bastion quest, awarding you the Altered Chief quest merchandise. You’ll additionally set off a Scorn ambush, so watch out to not get your self blown up when you’re investigating the grave. Once you could have what you want, you are clear to go away Trapper’s Cave with out transferring on to finish the Lost Sector for those who so select.

Return To Saint-14

Once you’ve got discovered the gravesite, the next move is to move again to Saint-14 and present him what you’ve got discovered. That’ll unlock a brand new model of The Hallowed Lair in your Director, titled “The Hallowed Lair, Memento.” Head into the Strike and full it to complete the Bastion quest. Check out our full Bastion guide and our Corridors of Time guide to ensure you full all of the steps, gather all the rewards, and unlock all of the story for the Bastion quest.