Pokemon Go Cobalion Raid Guide: Weaknesses And Best Counters


Cobalion is again in Pokemon Go for a restricted time. The Legendary Iron Will Pokemon has returned to the sport as a part of a particular Raid occasion, which has been extended to run from March 17-23.

This marks Cobalion’s second look in Pokemon Go, however even if you happen to’ve beforehand caught one, there is a good incentive to get one other this week. Not solely does the Legendary Pokemon now know a particular event-exclusive move–Sacred Sword–but you may even have an opportunity to come across its Shiny kind.

Like different Legendaries, Cobalion is a formidable Pokemon to battle, so you may want crew and a few assist from different gamers to take it down. To enable you to out, we have rounded up some recommendations on how one can battle and catch Cobalion beneath.

How To Find Cobalion

Cobalion will seem in five-star Raids till 1 PM PT / four PM ET on March 23, making this the simplest method to encounter it. Raids can happen at any time, however you may obtain an in-game notification when one is about to start close by, so that you should not have a lot bother monitoring the Legendary Pokemon down.

Once you discover a Gym that is internet hosting a Cobalion Raid, you may have to redeem a Raid Pass to take part within the battle. You can get one in every of these without cost once you spin the Photo Disc at a Gym, however you’ll be able to solely maintain one free move at a time. You may buy them by means of Pokemon Go’s in-game retailer for 100 cash.

There’s a second means you’ll be able to encounter Cobalion in Pokemon Go. Like Thundurus, Cobalion is featured as a reward within the Go Battle League PvP mode. Defeat sufficient gamers in on-line battles and you will earn an opportunity to seize Cobalion outdoors of Raids. However, the Iron Will Pokemon will solely be out there as a Go Battle League reward till March 23–the identical time it leaves Raids.

Cobalion Weaknesses And Counters

Cobalion is a twin Steel/Fighting Pokemon. Thanks to this distinctive typing, Psychic, Flying, and Fairy Pokemon (which usually have a bonus over Fighting varieties) solely deal impartial harm to Cobalion. However, its half Steel typing makes Cobalion susceptible to Ground, Fire, and different Fighting Pokemon, so you may wish to stack your crew with these once you face it.

Other Legendary Pokemon like Groundon shall be particularly useful, but when you do not have a type of, Garchomp, Hippowdon and Mamoswine are good alternate options; the latter, nonetheless, additionally takes super-effective harm from Cobalion, so preserve that in thoughts. Entei is one in every of your greatest bets in terms of Fire Pokemon, though Chandelure and Moltres are additionally good selections, and you may spherical out your crew with Fighting varieties like Machamp, Hariyama, and Heracross.

As beforehand talked about, you may wish to keep away from utilizing Fairy varieties, as they take super-effective harm from Steel strikes. Ice, Rock, and Normal Pokemon are additionally poor selections, as all these varieties are inclined to Cobalion’s Sacred Sword.

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