Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord Is Patching Daily To Fix Crash Issues


Since releasing into Early Access on March 30, Steam-favorite Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord has had numerous patches. These have largely been geared toward fixing game-crashing bugs, but in addition updating with small quality-of-life fixes.

Since the April 1 patch, Bannerlord has acquired three new patches and a hotfix. Patch 1.0.three was small, with only one repair: “Fixed a critical issue that corrupted save files after a certain number of saves.”

April 3’s patch was extra intensive, with 17 totally different causes of sport crashes being recognized and patched. Patch 1.0.Four additionally launched tweaks for elevated stability and efficiency, eliminated sure debuffs that may hinder the participant at night time and balanced components of the marketing campaign.

Patch 1.0.Four additionally reintroduced over 200 objects to the sport and overhauled armor values and costs.

The April 4 update fastened but extra crash points, in addition to tweaking AI selections to be extra sensible. This contains making NPC lords “more selective when targeting distant settlements for hostile actions,” and making clans much less prone to wish to defect to kingdoms which have been aggressive in the direction of them.

The newest replace on April 5 is a hotfix, focusing on a crash associated to “archer weapon behavior in battles and sieges”.

Full notes for Patch 1.0.4, essentially the most intensive of the most recent updates, may be discovered under.

Multiplayer Crashes

  • Fixed a uncommon bug that brought about shoppers to crash in multiplayer when a selected fight community message is acquired within the flawed order.

Singleplayer Crashes

  • Rare exception throughout siege fastened.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred whereas touring on the marketing campaign map.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred after closing the banner editor.
  • Fixed a crash associated to a villager opening a dialog proper after an enemy lord encounters the participant throughout a raid village motion.
  • Fixed a crash whereas shifting troops within the get together display.
  • Fixed a crash whereas exiting the marketing campaign map.
  • Fixed a crash whereas dragging Zero merchandise rely tuples in stock.
  • Fixed a bug which brought about a crash when breaking into an allied settlement underneath a siege.
  • Fixed a crash regarding battle log entries when speaking to a profitable faction’s non-hero character if the participant was on the defeated aspect
  • Fixed a crash that occurred simply earlier than the combat with the hideout boss after the hideout has been cleaned up.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when a participant vs NPC board sport is over.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when attacking a settlement after being interrupted by a celebration within the siege preparation stage.
  • Fixed a crash associated to focusing on routing mounted brokers.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when loading the sport after efficiently accumulating weapons because the gang chief requested within the Gang Leader Needs Weapon quest.
  • Fixed a uncommon crash that occurs in character creation when selecting an possibility.
  • Fixed a uncommon crash that occurs when caravan funds are processed.


  • Fixed an optimisation problem with NPC pathfinding which led to an enormous efficiency loss, particularly in siege scenes.
  • Fixed a reminiscence leak problem.

Save & Load

  • Further stability tweaks for save and cargo.

Battles and Sieges

  • Fixed a bug that opened a siege battle as an alternative of discipline battle when attacking a besieger get together.

Combat AI

  • Night debuffs, visibility limitation and additional purpose error of ranged items have been eliminated.

Clan and Party

  • Fixed the open arms problem within the banner editor.
  • After a while throughout a marketing campaign, some lords had been remaining with out troops of their get together due to monetary issues and always being harassed by bandits. Lords now handle their funds extra successfully and take troops from garrisons if they’re liable to going bankrupt. This was one cause for the snowball impact within the marketing campaign, with kingdoms being eradicated too simply.
  • Minor fixes have been made concerning pregnancies.
  • Fixed a difficulty that brought about participant clan members to get caught in a settlement.

Kingdoms and Diplomacy

  • Fixed a difficulty with defensive battles after a protected passage barter had been made.


  • Fixed a difficulty that prevented axes from being craftable on the smithy.

Issues & Quests

  • Fixed a bug with the AI making an attempt to assault on the finish of Army of Poachers quest.


  • More than 200 objects reintroduced to the sport.
  • Armor values and costs overhauled.
  • Production of weapons and armors in cities tweaked.
  • Aserai’s fundamental troop was Aserai Tribesman, nevertheless, it ought to be Aserai Recruit. This is fastened.
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