Final Fantasy 7 Remake Walkthrough Chapter 8: Budding Bodyguard (Spoiler-Free)


Like Chapter three of your journey via Midgar in Final Fantasy 7 Remake , Chapter Eight slows down the tempo and allows you to spend a while in one other set of slums, finishing side-quests. There’s lots of floor to cowl in Chapter Eight as you are launched to Sector 5, in addition to a bunch of recent characters. And with so many quests flying at you, it is simple to overlook stuff.

Below, we have got the whole lot it’s essential to know to search out the whole lot in Sector 5. Check out the remainder of our Final Fantasy 7 Remake guides so you do not miss a single secret or collectible. You may read our FF7 Remake review.

Chapter 8: Budding Bodyguard Walkthrough

Boss Fight: Reno

As quickly because the combat begins, deal with the 2 waves of Security Officers; the Triple Slash skill ought to turn out to be useful right here. Once they’re all handled, focus your consideration on Reno. You need to keep a gradual stability between velocity and measured protection. Similar to Roche, this can be a duel, and you will want to dam Reno’s assaults to open him as much as your personal blows. He likes to zip at you with a touch to get behind you, then assault you from the again, so you will need to be prepared to protect when he closes the hole.

Beat Reno by guarding towards his melee strikes to throw him off-balance and open him as much as assault.

Reno will be simply harm with some well-timed Punisher Mode counter-attacks, however any block of his electro baton will open him up so that you can strike again. You need to you should definitely block him, as a result of the baton will not simply harm you, it’s going to stun you, too. If you have obtained sufficient ATB stocked, observe up your Punish Mode assaults with a Focus Thrust to drive up Reno’s stagger much more. Just be aware of Reno’s named-attacks the place he fees at you, as they can’t be countered.

Eventually, Reno will begin to throw EM Mines at you, which can float round, arcing electrical energy between them to stun you and open you as much as assault. Run away from the mines and both nail them with magic spells or minimize in shut and slice them out of the air, however ensure you do not assault them after they’re charged with electrical energy otherwise you’ll get zapped. The EM Mines are significantly harmful towards the top of the combat, when Reno will come after you for close-range assaults when you’re coping with the mines, so hold your distance and even up the chances as rapidly as you possibly can. Keep the strain on, and you will ultimately come out of this encounter victorious.

Escaping The Church

After preventing Reno, observe Aerith via the church. Go up the steps and cross to the opposite facet of the second ground, then take the steps right down to get to a chest containing a Talisman accent.

Once you are into the attic, examine the alcove up on the north finish of the world to seize smelling salts out of the treasure chest. Head out onto the rooftops and stroll till you see a inexperienced metallic plate forward, the place the trail turns south; flip round and you’ll slip across the nook of the roof behind to discover a chest with a Moogle Medal.

Eventually, the trail will take you onto an previous set of practice tracks. Turn proper to discover a chest with an ether inside.

When you hit the practice station, head to the far finish and use the merchandising machine to purchase the Cait Sith’s Theme Music Disc.

Up forward, you will observe Aerith onto the backstreets, then ultimately come to a gate you possibly can’t open. Cloud can push a close-by cargo container out of the best way, permitting you to take one other path. When you clear the best way and climb up a ladder, take the trail to the correct and cross over the walkway beneath with monkeybars. On the far facet is a treasure chest with a Caliginous Bracelet armor inside.

Go hand-over-hand over the entrance of this area to reach the chest on the far side.
Go hand-over-hand over the doorway of this space to achieve the chest on the far facet.

After gathering flowers with Aerith and leaving her on the Leaf House, head to the Materia Vendor within the Sector 5 Center District to purchase the Costa del Sol Music Disc. You’ll additionally discover Oates right here; speaking to him will transfer the story alongside so you possibly can return to the Leaf House once you’re prepared to maneuver on.

Near the Materia vendor, you could find Chadley to get some new Battle Intel assignments, new materia, and unlock Chadley’s Combat Simulator to earn the Shiva summon materia–more on the way to combat this non-obligatory boss beneath.

While you are ready, you possibly can go to the retailers. When you are carried out, head for the southwestern nook of the map, south of the Leaf House. You’ll discover a chest there with echo mist. Keep following the highway to search out the Sector 5 Community Center, which comprises a jukebox. Open the chest close to the sweeping man for a celeris, then use the jukebox to get the Tango of Tears Music Disc. When you come to the Leaf House, go inside to search out a chest with an ether in it.

In the Kids’ Hideout, open the chest behind the gang to get a Moogle Medal. Venturing behind the out into the Toad Marsh, observe the trail and hold preventing via enemies towards the youngsters.

In the final space, you will combat three waves of enemies, together with Wererats and Hedgehog Pies. You’ve been coping with these enemies for a bit now, however they’re harmful right here due to their numbers. Be cautious to not get overwhelmed, particularly by the Hedgehog Pies’ magic assaults, which might simply interrupt your strikes. Get in shut with Cloud and pummel them to skinny out their numbers, and use Triple Strike to knock out a number of without delay.

You’ll lastly face two Smogger robots. Keep your distance and hit them with ranged assaults as greatest you can–use Lightning particularly for giant harm. If they use their Haywire assault, hit them with magic to interrupt it and stagger them. Be cautious once you’ve killed them, although, as a result of their ultimate Self-Destruct may cause you critical ache.

You’ll combat yet one more Smogger and a handful of different enemies in your manner out of the world, so watch out. Check up the trail to the left of the ladder as you permit to discover a chest with a mega potion inside.

Back within the Kids’ Hideout, speak to Oates to activate a collection of side-quests. You can do the primary earlier than you permit the hideout by speaking to Moggie, the child dressed as a Moogle, earlier than you permit. You’ll now have someplace to spend all these Moogle Medals you have been discovering all through the sport. You may buy the Gold Saucer Music Disc from Moggie.

This can be a superb alternative to make the run all the best way again to the church, the place you could find a Chakra materia within the small room within the again, on the north facet.

And southeast of the practice station on Station Way, speak to the service provider within the west nook of the small gathering space to get the Descendant of Shinobi Music Disc.

Chadley – Shiva Boss Fight

Hit Shiva with lots of Fire spells, and guard against her powerful ice crystals.
Hit Shiva with plenty of Fire spells, and guard towards her highly effective ice crystals.

If you speak to Chadley, he ought to offer you a brand new Battle Intel state of affairs that has you preventing the summon creature Shiva as a way to earn a brand new materia. You’ll have whoever’s in your occasion once you tackle this combat, so in the event you strive it with simply Cloud, it’s going to be harder than in the event you go after it when Aerith is again in your squad. It’s undoubtedly really helpful that you just convey Aerith alongside.

Shiva is an Ice summon, and thus weak to Fire. Give Aerith your greatest Fire materia and be sure to have the Ifrit summon outfitted, then head into the battle. Cloud can just about deal with himself, so that you’re higher off controlling Aerith to run up her ATB bars as rapidly as attainable; the extra Fire or Fira spells you possibly can forged on Shiva, the extra rapidly you will handle to stagger her. Make use of Aerith’s Arcane Ward skill, which robotically makes you forged two spells for each ATB bar you spend, to maximise your harm. A superb Fire spell will knock Shiva to the bottom, providing cloud an opportunity to put down some melee assaults. Make certain you are not too shut when Shiva will get again up, although, as a result of she’ll use the Icicle Impact space assault spell round her when she’s again on her ft.

You’ll need to hold laying down spells on Shiva whereas working to maintain Aerith alive. You’ll must be on prime of dodging to maintain her away from incoming hazard, together with Blizzara spells that Shiva will shoot your manner. She’ll additionally summon a bunch of ice crystals to shoot at you. Dodging that assault is a shedding battle, so guard towards it and energy via.

Once you do sufficient harm, Shiva will get extra aggressive, with spells that come sooner and new Frost Familiars that defend her and improve the variety of spells she sends. Keep firing away with spells to knock out the minions, however watch out for the White Out assault, which can ship ice crystals via the bottom at you. If they hit you, you will go to sleep, opening you as much as an enormous however gradual magic assault from Shiva referred to as Heavenly Strike. You’ll see a large ice crystal type overtop the sleeping character; rapidly change to your different character and use Smelling Salts to get up the sleeper, then dodge away to keep away from the massive crystal.

As quickly as you will get Ifrit within the battle, summon him and begin utilizing his skills to do huge harm and hold Shiva off-balance. The Fire assaults ought to find yourself staggering her rapidly, permitting you to do a bunch extra harm.

At about one-quarter well being, Shiva will do her huge summon assault, damaging your total occasion. Makes certain you are healed up earlier than that occurs, or she will be able to take you out in a single blow. After that, hold hitting her with Fire spells till she’s carried out.

Side-Quest: Kids On Patrol

Go to the Leaf House and communicate with Ms. Folia out entrance of the constructing. She’ll dispatch you to discover a bunch of children who ought to actually be at school. Talk to her once more for some ideas as to the place the youngsters hang around.

Make your first cease close to the Item Shop within the Central District to discover a patroller hanging out in the course of the road. From there, flip north and head up the road towards the practice station to search out your second child. Another is standing proper in entrance of the Weapon Shop. The “concrete pipes” Ms. Folia mentions are within the southwestern nook of the map, simply south of the neighborhood middle, the place you will discover one other patroller. From there, proceed to the neighborhood middle to search out the final patrol child standing out entrance.

The kids have a job for you once you've talked to everyone while they're on patrol. Your reward for completing it is Cloud's Nail Bat weapon.
The children have a job for you as soon as you have talked to everybody whereas they’re on patrol. Your reward for finishing it’s Cloud’s Nail Bat weapon.

Return to the Leaf House and the youngsters will ship you to their hideout to take care of a monster they name “the Toad King.” This is definitely a troublesome, particular model of the Hedgehog Pie enemies you have been dealing with all via this part, and preventing it’s sort of a ache. Battle your manner via the world behind the youngsters’ hideout to achieve the Hedgehog Pie King, which will likely be backed up by two common Hedgehog Pies.

The battle with the Hedgehog Pie King is that it is always buffing the opposite two Hedgehog Pies, which makes it robust to kill them as a way to focus in your actual goal. With the King’s buffs, they will fling robust magic assaults at you want Fira, whereas additionally executing an annoying assault referred to as Bounce that may hold one among your characters from shifting. Your plan right here ought to be to run from the common Pies to keep away from their bounce assaults, whereas charging up ATB to hit the King with Ice spells, which it is weak towards. Ice and bodily assaults will strain the King, which can knock him off his buff sport, providing you with time to then refocus and kill one or each of the Hedgehog Pies with Ice spells and melee assaults. The King has lots of well being, so you will need to do away with his minions, that are the actual threats within the combat; do not overcommit to making an attempt to convey down the king whereas getting blasted by his buddies.

Don’t be afraid to change to Aerith and let Cloud deal with himself. Her therapeutic capabilities are very useful right here in protecting the staff in preventing form, and your major focus right here will likely be magic to maintain the King off-balance. Once the 2 Pies are lifeless, mopping up the King will not be an issue.

When you are carried out, you will unlock a brand new quest within the hideout, referred to as “A Verified Hero.” You’ll additionally obtain a brand new weapon for Cloud, the Nail Bat.

Side-Quest: Weapons On A Rampage

Head north of the hideout to discover a man speaking about some Shinra “floating eyeballs” which might be rampaging round city. You’ll must search out 5 of them within the Nuts ‘n Bolts HIlls space that you just got here via after saving Aerith on the church. Equip some Wind materia and head out.

The first group of three enemies–Monodrive Mark IIs, they’re called–are within the north finish of the world, within the Scrapyard Back Alley part. Head towards the practice station and take the trail north simply earlier than you hit it to discover a deadend space with the primary group.

The first group of Shinra floating eyes is way up at the north end of the Sector 5 map.
The first group of Shinra floating eyes is manner up on the north finish of the Sector 5 map.

Monodrive Mark IIs are weak towards Wind magic, however there is a caveat to coping with them: they use obstacles that make them resistant to particular sorts of assaults, which might make them fairly formidable. If their barrier is a white shell, change to Aerith and lay into them together with her common magic assaults, or hit them with Wind spells. If they fireplace up a inexperienced barrier that appears extra like electrons flying round an atom, change over to Cloud and hit them with bodily melee strikes.

Watch out for the assaults that ship the Moondrives burrowing underneath the bottom or capturing via the air like flying drills; hold your guard up and give attention to one enemy first to knock it out. With a number of rounds of magic spells and a few of Cloud’s melee assaults, you need to be capable of stagger and kill it, then repeat the method for the opposite two. The smartest thing you are able to do is strive to not over-commit on melee assaults, although, because the Monodrives will hit you fairly laborious and might interrupt your spells in the event you’re not paying shut consideration. When you are carried out, sneak out into the practice station and use the blue bench there to heal your self up.

The final two Monodrive Mark IIs are again on the trail you took to bypass the locked gate once you first got here via right here. Head north on the trail from the locked gate into the Twilight Valley space; you will discover the final two enemies fairly rapidly alongside the trail.

Look for the second group along the path you used to bypass the locked gate when you first made your way to the Sector 5 undercity.
Look for the second group alongside the trail you used to bypass the locked gate once you first made your solution to the Sector 5 undercity.

Side-Quest: Verified Hero

Drop again by the hideout after the “Kids on Patrol” quest to strive the youngsters’ sport, Whack-a-Box. Play one spherical of Whack-a-Box to complete the hunt.

Whack-a-Box is fairly easy–you simply melee via a bunch of packing containers with totally different scores marked on every. The catch is that the packing containers’ sturdiness is equal to the rating you get for destroying them, so you will want to think twice about what strikes you employ to take the massive packing containers out and maximize your effectivity. You’ll have entry to Braver, which is okay for hitting the massive 1,500-point packing containers, plus the transfer related to no matter weapon you are utilizing. We discovered lots of success with Triple Slash, and so suggest the Iron Blade. Use Triple Slash on the 1,500 packing containers to clear them in two assaults; this transfer is particularly good once you’ve obtained two 1,500s collectively, as you possibly can destroy each on the identical time.

Playing Whack-A-Box will get you some first rate prizes, together with a Spectral Cogwheel accent. You additionally get a Moogle Medal each time you play a spherical, which you’ll be able to simply farm to purchase out the whole lot Moggie has on supply.

Side-Quest: The Angel of the Slums

Speak to Damon, the reporter, close to the neighborhood middle to kick issues off, then meet Mireille contained in the neighborhood middle for more information.

Return to Nuts ‘n’ Bolts Hill and head manner as much as the northeast nook to search out Lookout Point. Bring Lightning materia; once you get there, you will combat an enormous model of the Smogger enemy referred to as the Chromogger. This factor is harmful if it will get in shut, because it’ll hit you for giant harm with its large wrecking ball arm, whereas additionally spraying you down with gasses that harm and trigger standing results resembling Silence. But it is simply averted, too, particularly in the event you hold your characters on reverse sides of the sector from each other.

Lookout Point is in the northeast corner of Sector 5.
Lookout Point is within the northeast nook of Sector 5.

Switch to Aerith and go nuts with spells; Lightning does elevated harm and can drive up the strain meter, particularly once you unleash some on its wrecking ball arm, whereas Cloud can use his bodily assaults. The AI will do a fairly good job of protecting Cloud out of an excessive amount of hassle, leaving you free to run up Aerith’s ATB bars for extra spells and therapeutic skills. It’ll take a bit, however simply hold enjoying keep-away with the Chromogger whereas hitting it with spells till it in the end goes down.

Return to Damon on your reward of two,000 gil.

Side-Quest: Paying Respects

After finishing the “Weapons on a Rampage” quest, cease by the Weapons Shop and speak to the previous man out entrance. He’ll ship you to the graveyard to kill some monsters, however you will must buy the Graveyard Key from the Moogle Emporium within the Kids’ Hideout to get via the gate.

Head north out of city towards the Nuts ‘n’ Bolts Hills. When the trail forks, head to the correct to search out the cemetery on a small path off to the east. Here, you will combat three Venomantises, which could offer you a run on your cash in the event you’re not diligent. Make certain you might have sturdy Ice materia outfitted for this one.

You'll need the Graveyard Key from the Moogle Emporium to open this gate.
You’ll want the Graveyard Key from the Moogle Emporium to open this gate.

Venomantises like to make use of ranged strikes to place you to sleep, then huge melee strikes for devastating harm. Watch out for his or her Torpid Strike assaults, which shoot a gasoline bomb at your characters that instantly put them to sleep, leaving them open to assault for a very long time. You’ll need to use Cloud’s Punisher mode and guards for fast counter-attacks, however be careful for Leaping Strike–you actually need to dodge away from that one.

Pick a Venomantis and have Aerith use Blizzard or Blizzara as a lot as she will be able to, whereas additionally therapeutic herself and Cloud. Ice magic kicks up the Venomantises’ strain meter rapidly, which might help gradual them up and hold them from attacking you. While Aerith concentrates on Ice, use Cloud to get in shut with Punisher assaults and counter-attacks, however you should definitely carry on the transfer so you aren’t getting overwhelmed. If you possibly can stagger a Venomantis, you will probably be capable of take it out, or no less than harm it considerably and end it in a second spherical.

Repeat this course of for the opposite two, however once more, attempt to hold your situational consciousness as much as keep away from getting put to sleep, and dodge clear once you see Torpid Strikes coming your manner. If you possibly can hold from getting overwhelmed, the Ice magic ought to do the trick till you possibly can kill all three enemies.

You’ll get a Studded Bracer armor on your efforts once you end the mission.

With the whole lot else carried out, head again to Aerith’s home.

Boss Fight: Rude

Rude is the exact opposite of Reno, forcing you to keep your distance and dodge to beat him.
Rude is the precise reverse of Reno, forcing you to maintain your distance and dodge to beat him.

Rude is mainly the other of Reno, in that his assaults are huge, highly effective, and hard to block–instead, you need to be prepared with a dodge to keep away from taking the brunt of it. Focus additionally on making an attempt to dodge sideways quite than backward, as Rude will journey ahead with lots of his assaults to maintain hitting you even in the event you again off. Keep away from his Haymaker assault, which does a complete lot of harm, and do what you possibly can when he comes at you with the Running Tackle, which can depart Cloud certain and uncovered to the suplex that follows.

Before the combat begins, equip Wind materia on Aerith. She’ll be nearly fully ignored by Rude, providing you with an opportunity to make use of her to dump spells on the boss. Wind magic will massively push up Rude’s stagger meter. So attempt to hold Cloud protected within the melee combat whereas specializing in Wind magic to do the actual harm.

After you get Rude’s well being down some, you will set off a second section, the place he begins utilizing assaults referred to as Shockwave and Spirit Geyser. Shockwave travels via the bottom and can monitor you some, whereas Spirit Geyser will trigger explosions beneath you–in each circumstances, hold shifting to keep away from the harm. Keep firing away with Wind spells and you will make fairly fast work of Rude.

Head again to Aerith’s home, and you should definitely snag the MP Up materia from the flower backyard after the cutscene. Be certain you are carried out with the whole lot else on the town earlier than you enter the home, as you will not be capable of return.