Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 11 Walkthrough: Haunted (Spoiler-Free)


We’re right here to proceed guiding you thru Midgar in Final Fantasy 7 Remake with one other installment of our spoiler-free walkthrough. We’re venturing into the Sector 7 Train Graveyard in Chapter 11, a bit of the sport that features some particularly helpful weapons to seek out, however that are a number of the best within the recreation to overlook. Keep studying under for all the main points.

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Chapter 11 Walkthrough: Haunted

Enter the practice graveyard and go by means of the primary practice automotive. You’ll exit out into a big space with just a few enemies to kill. Go straight throughout to the east and go by means of one other practice automotive, then head south behind a cargo container to discover a chest with a Mythril Rod weapon for Aerith.

You’ll work your method by means of a number of further trains and yards up forward. When you attain the north finish of the world, earlier than crossing a bridge made out of scrap, slip between two practice vehicles down a path to the west, the place you may discover an HP Up Materia.

Ahead is the Maintenance Facility. Once you may transfer by means of the practice automotive on the west aspect, take the steps up, however ignore the signal that directs you thru the door. Instead, cross to the east and take the steps down. You’ll discover a treasure chest that accommodates a Gothic Bangle armor.

Keep transferring till you get into the constructing on the west aspect of the world on the second flooring. Head south and switch again east to seek out one other door you may open, which ends up in a chest with two mega-potions. At the north finish of this aspect, take the steps down, then flip again north for one more chest with an ether.

Cross to the far aspect of the world and take the steps again up. Check the blocked bridge simply south of the staircase for a chest with 1,00Zero gil inside. Heading by means of the constructing south of you results in one other chest, which accommodates a Moogle Medal. Head up the steps towards the central constructing while you’re carried out to purchase the Let the Battles Begin Music Disc from the merchandising machine.

Ghoul Boss Fight

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Beating the Ghoul requires you to regulate it, as a result of solely sure assaults will work at sure instances towards the massive ghost. When it is stable, you may hit it with melee strikes, however magic shall be fairly ineffective. When the Ghoul turns into ghostly and lit in crimson, melee assaults lose their efficiency, so change to magic–landing any huge spells will significantly drive up the Ghoul’s stagger bar, with Fire being the simplest. You’ll need to outfit Aerith with some robust spells, however scatter just a few good materia to Tifa and Cloud as nicely, to allow them to additionally assist out when the Ghoul shifts kinds.

The Ghoul primarily likes to make use of its Telekinesis assault to suck up objects from across the room and chuck them at you. When that occurs, duck behind another particles you may for canopy. You’ll additionally need to be careful for the Ghoul’s slash assaults. When the Ghoul is corporeal, its slashes depart a blue line on the bottom that’ll explode to deal huge harm to your staff, so you should definitely dodge clear. When the Ghoul is ghostly, it might probably flip invisible to ambush your staff with slash assaults, so look ahead to the crimson gentle that signifies the place the ghost is.

The Ghoul likes to make use of a giant scream assault that may stun your teammates when you’re too shut, and it has further assaults that may afflict characters with silence. Switch rapidly to assault the ghost if it stuns one among your group to interrupt its follow-ups, and maintain Echo Mist readily available in case you get silenced.

Do harm when you may together with your melee staff, however the time to capitalize is when the Ghoul is in ghost kind and you’ll have a giant impact on its stagger gauge. Hit the Ghoul with a few huge spells and it ought to get pressured; shut the space with Cloud and Tifa and use strikes like Focused Strike and Focused Thrust to attempt to stagger it.

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Once you damage the Ghoul sufficient, you may get into the second section of the combat, through which the ghost will add further assaults, with blue flames crossing by means of the room and extra space assaults round itself that you’re going to have to dodge away from, like Balefire. You also needs to be careful for the Ghoul to choose up all of the objects within the room and swirl them round within the air; when that occurs, cease attacking and get nicely clear.

The Ghoul will decide up a celebration member and maintain them up within the air. However, this Ghoul is a lie! When this occurs, take away your lock-on and look to the opposite aspect of the room to assault the actual Ghoul. Wail on him sufficient, and he’ll be compelled to free your occasion member.

The Ghoul is not too powerful, so keep spell stress when it goes ghostly to place him again within the grave the place he belongs.

The Trainyard

When you lastly decrease the practice automotive with the crane, head by means of the primary automotive and switch left to exit. You can combat by means of some Lesser Drakes right here to succeed in a chest with three echo mists inside.

Continue outdoors and activate the turntable. Smash the crates for a moogle medal, then cross the turntable and head to the fitting to discover a chest with a hi-potion inside.

Further up, you may use practice engines to push different vehicles out of the best way. The second time you do, examine to the fitting of the engine to discover a chest with 2 mega-potions.

Boss Fight: Eligor

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First and foremost: Bring Steal Materia to this combat. Eligor carries the Bladed Staff weapon for Aerith, and you’ll solely get it when you steal it off him. Steal makes an attempt appear only when the boss is staggered, however sustain the makes an attempt all through the combat till you get your prize.

Eligor is a ghostly chariot who is especially weak towards Ice magic, however Fire and Lightning are additionally fairly efficient at pressuring the boss and pushing its stagger meter, and you may need to inventory Wind spells for later as nicely. Physical assaults, alternatively, are powerful to land towards Eligor. The boss is very cellular, which will be troublesome for Ice spells, since they take a second to detonate, however Thunder spells could make up the distinction in a pinch with their assured hits. Watch Eligor’s actions so you may hit him with spells when he is stationary. Aerith is the plain selection for spell-slinging, however further Ice Materia on Cloud and Tifa will help unfold out that burden.

You’ll nonetheless need to carry melee assaults towards the boss, they’re simply harder to land than regular. The wheels of Eligor’s chariot will bounce Cloud’s blade, so that you typically need to circle across the again of the boss and hit it from there–since most of Eligor’s assaults go straight out in entrance of it, its again can also be the most secure place to be. You’ll be only when you can hit Eligor with magic, however barring that, your melee fighters ought to work to remain behind Eligor and hit him as continually as they’ll handle. Boost Tifa with Unbridled Strength and pummel him with Cloud’s Deadly Dodge and Punisher Mode assaults.

In the primary section of the combat, Eligor is generally an issue as a result of he’ll attempt to run you over with Trample. It’s a transfer that may ship you flying and do a variety of harm, however you may guard your method by means of it. That’s the advisable course, since it’s totally powerful to successfully dodge the massive chariot because it comes barreling towards you. The Sweeping Gaze assault can also be an issue, however simply averted: while you see Eligor on the point of use it, disengage and transfer nicely again to maintain out of its vary.

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Magic is nice for staggering Eligor, permitting you to pummel it and transfer on to the second stage of the combat, which sees Eligor taking to the air a complete lot extra, which frequently will put him out of vary of bodily melee assaults. Aerith’s common assaults will help keep harm when this occurs, however you may in all probability need to use Pray and Healing Wind to prime off your occasion’s HP whilst you’re not in direct hazard. This can also be while you need to use Wind magic, as a result of when you can hit Eligor with Wind whereas it is flying, you may give it a ton of stagger. And whereas melee assaults are powerful, if you will get a leaping assault off and hit the boss, you may knock it out of the air, as nicely.

While Eligor is up there, he’ll use a Piercing Gaze laser assault that may stun your characters, then begin throwing electrical javelins at you. Dodge away and conceal behind the cargo container within the room till it is destroyed. If you will get across the aspect of or behind Eligor whereas it is doing the javelin assault, hit it with Wind or melee strikes to get it out of the air.

The remaining section of the combat highlights Eligor’s remaining weak point: his chariot’s wheels. Unfortunately, he’ll be transferring very quick the entire time whereas swinging a blade, so you may need to attempt to keep within the middle of the sector to keep away from getting reduce aside. Use magic on the wheels and watch out of the javelins that’ll sometimes fall out of the sky simply above you. You’ll additionally need to be cautious of the Wind of Gehenna attack–heal whoever will get pulled into it, or threat them getting knocked out in a single huge hit.

Go to city on the wheels whereas protecting your staff wholesome, and it’s best to finally stagger Eligor and end it off. This occasion ain’t afraid of no ghosts!