Final Fantasy 7 Remake Enemy Skill Guide: Where To Get Each Enemy Ability


Working your approach via Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you will typically get your finest, most helpful, or most fascinating Materia from Chadley, the unusual child you meet in Chapter 3. Chadley provides you “Battle Intel” assignments, and unlocking each allows you to buy a brand new Materia. Among these is Enemy Skill, a Materia that permits you to flip the strengths of your foes towards them.

Finding all of the enemy expertise in Final Fantasy 7 Remake earns you the “Master of Mimicry” Trophy, however nabbing it may be troublesome, since only a few enemies have expertise you’ll be able to study with the Materia. Here’s a rundown of every thing you have to find out about Enemy Skill, together with the place to seek out all of the enemies whose strikes you’ll be able to grasp.

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Where To Find Enemy Skill Materia

Complete Chadley’s Battle Intel 16: Monster Bio Pt. 4, which you’ll be able to unlock in Chapter 14. It requires you to make use of Assess Materia on 30 enemy varieties, however the complete is cumulative–any enemies you’ve got assessed earlier than Chapter 14 will depend towards the whole. Just preserve utilizing Assess in each battle to clear this one, then return to Chadley to buy your Materia.

How Enemy Skill Works

Enemy Skill is a Command Materia, which implies it provides a personality new choices beneath the “Ability” menu in fight. While you have got Enemy Skill outfitted, you’ll be able to study a number of particular skills if enemies use them on that character. That means to get all the talents for the Materia, you need to hunt down particular enemies and get hit by their skills. To get all of them, you will want to finish the sport as soon as and get entry to Hard Mode on the newly unlocked Chapter Select menu.

Here’s a rundown of every Enemy Skill capability, what it does, what enemy has it, and the place to seek out them.

Algid Aura

Generates an aura across the character that does Ice harm to any enemies close by. It’s useful to make use of towards fireplace creatures on a melee fighter reminiscent of Cloud or Tifa, since you will get additional harm as you assault your foes.

What Enemy Has It

Let the Cerulean Drake hit you with its Ice Aura assault to get its talent.

You can get Algid Aura from combating Cerulean Drakes; you will should be hit by their Ice Aura capability.

Where You Can Find Them

  • Chapter 3’s “Just Flew In From The Graveyard” side-quest
  • Chapter 11
  • Chapter 15

Spirit Siphon

Creates a big area-of-effect aura across the consumer that drains HP from enemies and provides it to the character. Useful in fights if you want a fast well being increase however you do not need to cease combating, or you have got a number of enemies surrounding a personality.

What Enemy Has It

You’ll must get hit by a Phantom‘s Energy Drain capability.

Where You Can Find Them

  • Chapter 14’s “Missing Children” side-quest
  • Chapter 16 Shinra Combat Simulator, within the “vs. 3-C SOLDIER Candidates” fights


Triggers an enormous area-of-effect explosion across the consumer that does an entire lot of injury, however incapacitates the character that makes use of it. Useful in dire conditions when a personality is surrounded or about to die anyway.

What Enemies Have It

Smogger is generally the easiest enemy to get Self-Destruct from, since you'll run into quite a few of them around Sector 5.
Smogger is mostly the simplest enemy to get Self-Destruct from, since you will run into fairly a number of of them round Sector 5.
  • Smogger: get hit by its Self-Destruct capability, which it makes use of after you kill it
  • Vaghidpolis: get hit by its Apoptosis capability
  • Bomb: get hit by Apoptosis
  • Proto-Trypapolis: get hit by Apoptosis
  • HO512-OPT: get hit by Apoptosis

Where You Can Find Them

  • Smogger
    • Chapter 8
    • Chapter 14, within the Sector 5 Slums
  • Vaghidpolis
    • Chapter 13
    • Chapter 14, within the “Subterranean Menace” side-quest
  • Bomb
    • Chapter 9, within the “Dynamite Bodies” side-quest
    • Fighting Fat Chocobo in Chadley’s VR simulator
    • Chapter 17 (Hard Mode), within the Shinra Combat Simulator combat “Three-Person Team vs. Monsters of Legend”
  • Proto-Trypapolis
    • Chapter 14, within the Collapsed Expressway
  • HO512-OPT
    • Chapter 16

Bad Breath

Hits an enemy with nearly each standing impact within the recreation, suddenly.

What Enemy Has It

You can only find the Marlboro in the Shinra Combat Simulator in the Hard Mode version of Chapter 17.
You can solely discover the Marlboro within the Shinra Combat Simulator within the Hard Mode model of Chapter 17.

Just one: Marlboro. You’ll must get hit with Bad Breath to seize the power, however be sure you have a teammate on standby with Cleanse Materia and the Esuna spell.

Where You Can Find It

  • Chapter 17 (Hard Mode), within the Shinra Combat Simulator combat “Three-Person Team vs. Monsters of Legend”