Final Fantasy 7 Remake Hard Mode Guide: 12 Tips For Survival


Once you full Final Fantasy 7 Remake as soon as, you will unlock a more durable problem: Hard Mode. This model of the sport requires you to be in your toes in each single battle, whereas taking away among the key parts you may need relied upon in Normal Mode to get you thru. Hard Mode is the one technique to absolutely improve your weapons with Manuscripts, unlock the toughest boss battles in the game to earn its best accessory, and get the prospect to make selections that can allow you to see additional scenes.

We have some important ideas that can show you how to greatest all of the amped-up foes you will face in Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Hard Mode. And if you’d like extra, we have got tons of FF7 Remake guides, walkthroughs, ideas, and analysis.

1. Conserve MP

There are only a few methods to replenish MP in Hard Mode, so reserve it for therapeutic.

That means you will wish to preserve MP as a lot as potential; solely use spells whenever you completely should, and save most of your MP for therapeutic spells, as with out objects, you are locked out of replenishing HP or reviving downed teammates in virtually another manner. Using MP Up Materia may help you get extra MP out of your teammates, however you will wish to contemplate fastidiously which character you employ for which magic job. Try to recollect methods to recreation the system, too: Aerith’s Arcane Ward doubles your spell output for a similar price and her Siphon Soul skill steals MP from enemies. Some weapon upgrades minimize down on spell prices, too, which could be significantly helpful.

2. Use Prayer And Chakra

Prayer lets you heal without using MP--that makes it essential in Hard Mode.
Prayer allows you to heal with out utilizing MP–that makes it important in Hard Mode.

The huge workaround on your finite MP provide are the Prayer and Chakra Command Materia. Prayer provides you a therapeutic increase to your complete crew for 2 ATB costs, whereas Chakra heals one character primarily based on how a lot harm they’ve taken. Neither is good in all circumstances, however discovering and equipping each Materia on all of your characters provides you with non-MP choices for therapeutic in emergencies. Chakra is comparatively straightforward to come back by, however Prayer is way rarer: search for it in Chapter 14 within the “Corneo’s Secret Stash” side-quest.

3. Don’t Forget Revival

Revival Materia is essential in Hard Mode--there's no other way to save your downed teammates.
Revival Materia is important in Hard Mode–there’s no different technique to save your downed teammates.

Without objects, you may solely revive teammates who’re knocked out in battle a method: Revival spells. You’ll want Revival Materia, which you’ll be able to usually buy, on all your characters, and it’s best to attempt to degree it up as shortly as you may. The Ascend spell is nice for getting characters again right into a battle at full energy, but it surely’ll take you some time to earn. Forgetting to equip Revival could be the top of your crew in a battle, so make certain everybody has some always.

4. Guard Like Crazy

Keep your guard up or you won't last long in Hard Mode.
Keep your guard up otherwise you will not final lengthy in Hard Mode.

You’ll take extra harm from assaults in Hard Mode from all sources–it is tough, in any case. That makes utilizing the Guard skill extra essential than ever. You can usually get away with out guarding a lot in Normal Mode, however in Hard Mode, there are many moments whenever you’ll face assaults from enemies that you would be able to’t keep away from. Guarding can massively scale back the quantity of punishment you are taking (particularly with the Steadfast Block Materia outfitted), whereas holding your characters from getting surprised almost as typically. As Cloud tells Tifa, hold these gloves up.

5. Counterattack Is OP

Punisher counterattacks and Cloud's Counterstance are key to winning fights and staggering many tough enemies.
Punisher counterattacks and Cloud’s Counterstance are key to profitable fights and staggering many robust enemies.

With all that guarding you are going to be doing, you are going to need to spend so much of time in Cloud’s Punisher mode. Even towards enemies whose assaults you may’t keep away from, you will typically have the ability to get in a counter-attack swing with Punisher mode engaged, permitting you to do harm and, for many enemies, refill their Stagger meter. Even higher than Punisher mode counter is the Counterstance skill from the Twin Stinger sword. It’s much like guarding in Punisher mode however is activated with an ATB cost, and permits Cloud to dish out a ton of harm when he is hit. These are nice methods to stress and stagger enemies, so attempt them typically.

6. Switch Characters Frequently

Fill all your characters' ATB bars and keep opponents off-balance by switching characters frequently.
Fill all of your characters’ ATB bars and hold opponents off-balance by switching characters often.

Enemies in FF7 Remake are inclined to flock towards and prioritize concentrating on whichever character you are presently controlling. That’s very true with bosses, who will typically ignore AI characters to go after your managed character, even in case you’re largely staying again out of the battle. You can use that concentrating on to your benefit by often switching between characters; it will typically can help you “kite” an enemy with one fighter when you swap to a different to flank, fireplace off spells, or heal. Especially in among the more durable boss battles towards the top of the sport, frequent switching will create gaps in enemy defenses you may exploit and open up probabilities to heal your crew after they’d in any other case be in deep trouble. It’ll additionally can help you drive up everybody’s ATB meters equally, supplying you with extra choices all through any given battle.

7. Experiment With Combos