Yes, FF7 Remake’s Ending Is Bad — But I’m Still Optimistic


Warning: There are going to be spoilers, clearly. Read on at your individual danger.

The spectacular factor about Final Fantasy 7 Remake is how grounded a lot of it feels. Even if you happen to’re not conversant in Midgar, mako, or Materia, for probably the most half, the remake does a remarkably good job of dropping you into its world with out leaving you to flounder. That’s due to its expanded character growth and give attention to the human aspect of its main occasions–you could be wandering by way of a fantasy world, however you’ll be able to relate to the individuals who reside there and their common hardships and triumphs.

Sure, there are scenes the place a man with a five-foot sword and a large man with a gatling gun for an arm journey a subway and talk about being inconspicuous. But there are additionally extra human moments, like when the members of Avalanche take into account the collateral injury of their mission to explode harmful mako reactors, or when Shinra’s workers categorical the fears they’ve about merely going to work with terrorist assaults on the rise.

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