Nolan North Says Chris Pine Would Have Made A Good Nathan Drake In An Uncharted Movie


Spider-Man actor Tom Holland has been solid as Nathan Drake for the upcoming Uncharted movie that will not observe any of the earlier recreation’s tales however as a substitute inform a brand new one specializing in a younger Drake.

Had Sony Pictures went with a 1:1 adaptation of the video games, actor Nolan North–who performs Drake within the recreation series–believes Chris Pine would have been a best choice for the position. North had a small position in Star Trek: Into Darkness, and dealing with Pine on some scenes, he noticed that Pine would have made a really becoming Drake.

“I got to watch Chris Pine work, and [I] sat with him at lunch. One time in the makeup trailer I said, ‘If a script called Uncharted ever comes across your agent’s desk you should take a good hard look at it. Because I think you’d be perfect for it,'” North informed Fandom.

North mentioned he does not imagine it is sensible for the Uncharted film to be a 1:1 adaptation of any of the games–which it will not be. But if it had been to be, Pine has all of the qualities that might make for a superb Drake, he mentioned.

“Uncharted is a film [already]. And you are the star of that recreation. You’re the star of that film. You’re Nathan Drake. Not me [Nolan North]. It’s my voice, it is my actions, however you are Nathan Drake,” North mentioned. “You make the decision to jump, run, fall off a cliff. If they were doing a 1:1, Chris Pine is … I think he’s got the everyman quality. Charm. Humor. I really liked working with him. He’s a good solid actor and a good guy. That would be my top choice.”

The Uncharted film additionally stars Mark Wahlberg as Sully. After a few years and quite a few delays, filming was set to start earlier this 12 months, however the COVID-19 pandemic modified every thing. For extra on the Uncharted film, try GameSpot’s rundown of the movie’s Development Hell.

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