Gamer Girl, The First Ever Improvised FMV Game, Casts You As A Streamer Chat Moderator


Wales Interactive, the writer behind FMV video games like The Complex and Late Shift, has introduced a brand new FMV title known as Gamer Girl, and it is not like something we have seen earlier than. The sport, which is coming to PC, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One in September, allows you to play as a preferred streamer’s chat moderator and private contact. The sport is being developed by FMV Future (The Bunker).

It’ll be as much as you to deal with a chat log and preserve private contact with the streamer, Abicake99 (Alexandra Burton). You’ll make selections in regards to the posts in her chat, reply to DMs from her, and work to assist Abi succeed–she can fireplace you if you happen to mess up.

Interestingly, that is additionally being positioned as the primary “improvised” FMV sport, with the press launch drawing comparisons to found-footage motion pictures like The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity. Part of the sport will contain defending Abbi from a predator, and following her as she takes her streaming into harmful real-world eventualities.

You can watch the trailer beneath, which hints on the sport’s horror parts.

The micromanagement parts of the sport will contain managing feedback, rewarding or banning Abbi’s group members based mostly on their feedback, and the higher you do, the extra moderator talents you possibly can unlock.

So it looks like the sport may have two goals–help Abbi succeed, and hold her protected. You may affect what sort of streams she does, or purposefully encourage drama and to assist enhance her scores.

Real-life streamers, together with CyborgAngel, may even seem throughout the sport as characters. You’ll be capable of contact a few of them, too, however they might have ulterior motives.

Wales Interactive is promising “hundreds of choices and permutations,” so it needs to be fascinating to see simply what number of completely different paths you possibly can go down in Gamer Girl.

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