A Fix Is Coming For Paper Mario: The Origami King’s Game-Breaking Bug


A game-breaking bug is halting gamers’ adventures 20 to 30 hours into Paper Mario: The Origami King. The RPG’s driving narrative power revolves round Princess Peach and her fort being held in place by huge streamers atop a distant mountain. It’s as much as Mario to rescue the princess from the sport’s titular villain by travelling to totally different places throughout the Mushroom Kingdom in an effort to destroy all 5 streamers.

As YouTube channel Nintendo Unity not too long ago detailed, a game-breaking bug can destroy a gamers’ save file on the fifth and closing streamer, leaving these affected by the difficulty with the choice to both delete their save and begin once more or look ahead to Nintendo to resolve the bug with a forthcoming patch.

Polygon reached out to Nintendo and had been informed that the studio is at present engaged on such a repair. “We are aware of reports about issues affecting some players of Paper Mario: The Origami King,” a consultant from the corporate stated. “We are working to resolve these issues and plan to address them in a software update. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

If you are at present taking part in via Mario’s latest RPG journey and do not wish to lose hours upon hours of progress, it is value understanding find out how to keep away from the difficulty. As you make your method to the sport’s closing streamer, you will must seize the Spring of Rainbows VIP card within the Shangri-Spa space. A Toad will take the cardboard out of your possession completely as soon as you’ve got entered the cave for the Spring of Rainbows, and for those who progress ahead the sport will keep it up as supposed.

If you resolve to show round and depart the cave, nevertheless, Toad will deal with Mario as if he nonetheless wants to present him the VIP card to get again inside. Since you’ve got already handed it over and it is now not in your stock, there is no approach of buying one other one. Paper Mario solely has one save file, and the sport routinely saves when leaving the cave, so that you’re left caught in limbo with no method to progress.

For the sake of these already affected by the game-breaking bug, hopefully Nintendo’s repair is not too far-off. It’s a disgrace, too, as a result of other than this, Mario’s return to the paper world is a hit. The sport was awarded 8/10 in GameSpot’s Paper Mario: The Origami King review. “Each piece of The Origami King elegantly fits into its whole, taking its irreverent flair to new heights,” critic Suriel Vazquez stated. “The Paper Mario series has recently shown that being clever and being smart are two different things, but thankfully, it’s once again managed to be both.”