Umbrella Academy Season 2: Ending Explained


The Hargreeves household simply can not seem to catch a break. This season noticed them thrown from one apocalyptic occasion proper into another–this time again within the 1960s. If you are questioning precisely how they received there, you could wish to take a look at our Season 1 refresher (don’t be concerned, we solely coated absolutely the need-to-know factors, just like the time journey). Hopefully when you’re right here, nevertheless, you are already up to the mark on the primary season and, ideally, completed with Season 2, however left questioning what any of this implies.

We’re going to try to make sense of that ending cliffhanger–but first, this must go with out saying, however there are huge spoilers from all of Umbrella Academy from right here on out. Proceed with warning, as a result of in contrast to Five you will not have the power to blink again in time to a degree the place you have not spoiled the present for your self.

For ease and comfort we’ll break it down in items, because the overlapping plots can get a bit of troublesome to maintain observe of abruptly. Here we go.

The Kennedy Assassination

For the early a part of the season, dealing with the Kennedy Assassination is precedence primary for many of the Hargreeves household. For Diego, that meant a relentless (and delusional) effort to try to save his life, whereas for Five, it meant making an attempt to cease Diego from screwing up the timeline by saving his life. For everybody else, it meant one thing someplace in between these two extremes.

Eventually, Five and Diego’s mixed efforts revealed that their adoptive father, Reginald, and a clandestine secret society truly had put the assassination plans into motion–but that was the least of their issues. It turned out that stopping Kennedy’s assassination was truly what triggered the brand new apocalyptic future Five had been made privy to–though it wasn’t Diego’s interference that did it. The Cold War meltdown was brought on by Vanya, who misplaced management of her powers and induced an explosion whereas the president’s motorcade traveled by. Kennedy survived, however the explosion was seen as an act of battle by Russian forces.

To forestall that from occurring, the siblings needed to ensure that Vanya could not blow up the constructing. This was made trickier by the truth that Vanya had unwittingly discovered herself in FBI custody as a suspected Russian spy. Her powers started melting down as she was tortured for data, however the disaster was circumvented because of Ben, who was in a position to possess her physique and reign her skills in. The course of, sadly, used up the final bits of Ben’s ghostly power and at last allowed him to go on.

Though they might have prevented the explosion from triggering all out nuclear battle, the entire debacle put each member of the Hargreeves household very a lot within the highlight, and so they had been promptly proclaimed enemies of the state and placed on most-wanted lists. Not precisely a perfect resolution, although one which was definitely preferable to the literal apocalypse.

But, earlier than they may cope with their Most Wanted standing, Vanya had one other subject to cope with.

Vanya and Harlan

While the opposite Hargreeves youngsters handled their new lives within the 60s with various levels of success, Vanya settled down as an amnesiac live-in nanny to a household with an autistic son named Harlan. Harlan’s mom, Sissy, and Vanya started a secret love affair, prompting the fury of Harlan’s deadbeat dad. The stress and upheaval, together with Vanya’s slowly recovering reminiscences, induced Harlan to panic and try to run away. He practically drowned in a retention pond, however was saved by Vanya, who used her powers to revive him.

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The course of inadvertently transferred a few of Vanya’s powers into Harlan, who couldn’t management them. In coping with the aftermath of the Kennedy debacle, Vanya started to expertise flashes of Harlan dropping management and knew she had to assist. Her siblings did not instantly soar to her support, first opting to remain centered on the duty at hand in mitigating the Kennedy fallout, however they finally got here to Vanya’s support. The complete Hargreeves crew traveled to Sissy’s farm the place Harlan’s skills had been manifesting at an alarming price.

That’s when issues began to get actually, actually messy as a result of…

Five, The Handler, And The Commission

Throughout the season, Five labored tirelessly making an attempt to not solely determine a approach to resolve this new apocalypse however get his household again residence to 2019–but this, sadly, compelled him again right into a partnership with some acquainted villainous faces from Season 1.

The Handler, who had survived her gunshot wound to the pinnacle however had been ousted from her place of energy within the Commission throughout her restoration, supplied Five a deal. If he may infiltrate and kill the Commission’s board of administrators, clearing a path for the Handler to regain management, she may present him with a time-traveling briefcase which might enable the Hargreeves siblings to get residence. Meanwhile, the performing board has despatched a trio of Sweedish murderer brothers (identified solely because the Swedes) to try to get rid of the Hargreeves siblings solely, so that they maintain cropping as much as make bother whereas Five works out his plan.

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With no different actual choices on the desk, Five accepted, murdered the board, and plunged the Commission into chaos. But, unsurprisingly, the Handler then allowed the opposite shoe to drop–she had set Five up for failure, giving him an unattainable deadline to make use of the briefcase to get residence, after which declared he and his siblings enemies of the Commission who wanted to be eradicated.

This all culminated right into a closing showdown at Sissy’s farm, interrupting Vanya’s try to speak Harlan’s new powers down. Thankfully, the mixed efforts of all of the Hargreeves siblings had been in a position to cease the Commission assassins set to kill them–but the Handler had one closing ace up her sleeve. Lila, her personal adoptive daughter who had spent the season undercover as Diego’s new good friend (or girlfriend, in her personal phrases), turned out not solely to be a extremely skilled fighter however have superpowers of her personal. It was revealed that Lila was truly one of many different kids who had been mysteriously born on October 1, 1989, however she’d been scooped up secretly by the Handler reasonably than purchased by Reginald as a child.

As you may most likely think about, this revelation prompted its fair proportion of drama however finally Lila was swayed to affix forces with the Hargreeves household and assist take out her maniacal mom. Hopefully for good this time.

With the Handler gone, the rest of the Commission in full disarray, and the Kennedy assassination debacle handled, the Hargreeves youngsters (plus Lila) had been lastly in a position to return residence to 2019 utilizing the Commission’s now deserted time-travel know-how.

It was all nicely and good, till…

The new 2019

It turned out that the longer term the Hargreeves siblings returned to was not the 2019 they remembered, regardless of their preliminary impressions. They arrived again on the Umbrella Academy mansion to seek out it rebranded, by a really a lot alive Reginald Hargreeves, because the Sparrow Academy. And that is not all–it seems that on this actuality, Ben by no means died. Now, alive, and an grownup, Ben would not acknowledge his siblings in any respect, and apparently leads the Sparrow Academy group.

Unfortunately, that is about as a lot as we get earlier than the season ends. The excellent news is that each apocalyptic occasions have, apparently, been efficiently averted and Ben is not lifeless anymore–the dangerous information is that there is completely no approach to inform what went incorrect within the timeline to have induced this transformation, or how it is going to have an effect on everybody.

We additionally get a glimpse again into the 1960s the place we see that Harlan’s powers are very a lot nonetheless a thing–there’s even the implication that Harlan could have one thing to do with an alien or UFO incident in Roswell, New Mexico. The final surviving Swede joins the rest of Klaus’s free-love cult, Destiny’s Children, who live on regardless of Klaus vanishing from their lives. Oh, and Reginald briefly revealed himself to be an alien–though not one of the Hargreeves youngsters had been ever made aware about that data. We suspect that, now on this new timeline with Reginald nonetheless alive, that may come up.

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All informed, Umbrella Academy Season 2 poses extra questions than it answers–which is just about par for the course for the present as a complete at this level. These type of issues occur once you ship a bunch of severely underqualified, traumatized superpowered siblings via time with none actual guidelines or supervision, we guess. It’s protected to say there may be loads to dig into ought to the present return for a Season 3.

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