Grounded Beginner’s Guide: 10 Tips For Staying Alive


Obsidian Entertainment’s new title, Grounded, will appear so much like different survival video games at first blush–even although it is Honey, I Shrunk The Kids-like setting places it at a super-small scale in comparison with titles like Minecraft or The Forest. Like these video games, you continue to have to drink water and eat meals to remain alive, assemble shelters to maintain from getting overwhelmed by indigenous life, and craft tools that can assist you preserve alive and thrive in your new environment.

Though Grounded has so much in widespread with different video games within the style, its shrunken method to the survival style means it has fairly a couple of of its personal quirks. From how you may uncover crafting recipes, to the creatures eager on consuming you that dwell within the yard, there are many nuances to grasp. Here’s a fast rundown of 10 key ideas that’ll enable you to modify to life within the garden.

1. Pick Up Everything And Analyze It

One of the primary stuff you’ll come throughout while you begin a recreation of Grounded is an odd little science facility referred to as a Field Station. This is your first inkling that there is one thing larger happening right here than a bizarre dream. Inside each Field Station is an merchandise referred to as an Analyzer–something that is extraordinarily helpful.

Like different survival video games, you possibly can choose up nearly all the things in Grounded, and most of these objects, like sprigs, grass planks, plant fibers, and sap, can be utilized to make stuff. You’ll get some crafting recipes simply from selecting up objects around the globe, however Field Stations are important to unlocking much more. Use the Analyzer in your supplies to search out out extra about them and to search out new crafting recipes for utilizing them. It has restricted makes use of and has to recharge after you’ve got scanned a couple of gadgets, however as you discover, you may discover Field Stations in all places that even have Analyzers. Make positive to mark them with Trail Markers (extra on that in a minute) so that they’re straightforward to search out.

2. Pick A Good Base Spot

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The story quests you may begin with in Grounded gives you some stuff to maintain you busy as you acclimate your self to the sport, however whereas there’s so much to perform in your first day, survival continues to be your fundamental concern. After a time, the solar will go down in Grounded, and that is when life within the yard turns into much more harmful than it already is. You’ll wish to create a base comparatively early, even when it is fairly rudimentary, so you’ve gotten someplace to sleep by way of the nights.

A great place is within the early going close to the Mysterious Machine, since you may be spending plenty of time in that space. You can also’t go flawed constructing close to a landmark like a fallen juice box–or even inside a soda can. These areas drip juice you possibly can drink that’ll refill each your starvation and thirst meters, present pure cowl and safety, and might make base-building straightforward, so benefit from them. You’ll want an axe to chop down grass to make partitions, so preserve that in thoughts when crafting. But on the very least, construct your self a lean-to pretty early so you’ve gotten a spot to sleep and respawn. You may also construct lean-tos out on the earth so you possibly can change your respawn level as you discover to chop down journey time–but make sure you construct them in protected areas, and never in locations like spider dens the place you may end up trapped and repeatedly killed by enemies.

3. Make Armor, Check For Perks

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Before lengthy, you may end up preventing the varied bugs in Grounded, and you may in all probability discover in a short time that safety is essential. Combat is not too tough on the whole, however unaided, you may take plenty of harm even from small enemies, and it may be robust to heal up in an emergency. Therefore, armor ought to be an early precedence. You’ll wish to construct a workbench close to your base comparatively early so you can begin developing armor out of no matter you discover. The crafting menu will present you ways a lot protection armor will afford you, and getting one thing in your physique early may also help you survive harmful conditions when you’re studying the ropes.

Armor additionally carries totally different perks relying on what it is constructed from. Some armor may provide you with extra advantages while you eat meals, whereas different garments could make you run sooner. Pay consideration to the perks listed in your armor within the “Inspect” menu so you know the way to make use of it most successfully. (Weapons even have perks you may wish to take note of, as a result of having the proper gear may give you huge benefits.)

Once you begin to make your manner towards the oak tree as a part of the story, craft a hammer and smash up any acorns you find–their shells make for a few of the hardest armor you may get early on, earlier than scrapping with any of the larger enemies across the yard.

4. Avoid Spiders

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Most of the bugs you discover within the first few hours of Grounded will go away you alone. Lawn mites are a bit aggressive, however they’re tiny and simply dispatched, and bugs like ants and ladybugs will regard you curiously however go about their enterprise, as long as you do not assault them. But some bugs, like beetles, are aggressive on sight–and some, like spiders, are lethal predators.

You’ll discover spiders earlier than lengthy as you method the oak tree, and they are often significantly horrifying, in addition to extraordinarily lethal. Armor will enable you to survive any run-ins, however till you get higher weapons than the spear you possibly can craft initially of Grounded, it is best to preserve your distance. You can inform when a spider spots you as a result of it’s going to cease and put its legs up; if its eyes go crimson, it is after you. The excellent news is that you may dash away from just about any fight encounter to flee, so spiders are simply fled. You may also often spot and keep away from them at a distance by expecting blades of grass shaking as if one thing huge is pushing by way of them–something huge is pushing by way of them, so go the opposite manner.

5. Watch For Dew Drops

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Grounded is firstly a survival recreation, which implies you’ll want to preserve your self fed and hydrated in an effort to keep alive for any size of time. Food is fairly straightforward to come back by, as the sport’s tutorial will inform you–there are a lot of mushrooms rising across the yard that you may snack on, and so they’ll preserve you going till you begin determining how you can craft the gadgets you want for cooking bug meat. Water, then again, is not as straightforward. You’ll discover plenty of puddles within the yard, however ingesting that water is not the best concept.

Puddle water makes you slightly sick in Grounded, so whereas your thirst meter is replenished, your well being meter will get knocked down. That means it is best to carry spare meals in the event you suppose you are going to should imbibe from an area gross puddle. You can get round that challenge by discovering clear water, typically in dew drops. These aren’t not possible to search out, however they’re considerably rarer than puddles and may be robust to identify. Look for them hanging on grass blades above you–they’re simply knocked down by throwing a rock or another object at them. Watch for and drink dew nearly each time you possibly can for large boosts to your thirst meter, with out the drawbacks. Watch your crafting menus for the flexibility to construct objects that’ll catch water at your base so will not should hunt for it.

6. Block, Strafe, And Stun In Combat

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You’ll be preventing plenty of bugs in Grounded after a time, and in the end, you are going to wish to enterprise into the harder bugs’ territories or into the underground tunnels that home spiders so you may get higher sources. Armor will enable you to in these conditions, however observe with the fight system can get you out of most conditions no matter what your tools appears to be like like.

Fighting in Grounded is about stamina administration. The extra instances you swing a weapon or block an assault, the extra your stamina depletes, so you’ll want to watch out to not overdo it with slashing at an enemy. Meanwhile, bugs will telegraph their assaults fairly clearly earlier than they do them, and so they are inclined to fall into two camps: smaller, faster jabs and slashes, and bigger lunge assaults. Once an enemy makes the animation to telegraph an assault, you possibly can usually strafe to the perimeters, since they will not flip as soon as they’re dedicated. You may also block assaults, which is essential to staying alive–blocking reduces the harm you’re taking, and in the event you can handle to hit the block button the moment an assault would land, you possibly can deflect it for nearly no harm in any respect. Getting good at blocking enemy assaults, good strafing, utilizing weapon perks like Stun will enable you to take care of most threats fairly simply.

You must also be aware that in the event you get into hassle, you possibly can usually trick bugs into preventing each other to present you an opportunity to regroup, heal up, or escape a battle. Pay consideration to which bugs are aggressive with one another and you should use their behaviors to your benefit.

7. Mark Key Locations

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The yard of Grounded is large and it’s totally straightforward to get misplaced in it. As you discover, you may uncover necessary landmarks, like a fallen piece of wooden or numerous tipped-over juice containers, that may enable you to discover your manner round, however opening your map always places you at a drawback and leaves you susceptible to assault. Luckily, you possibly can assemble your personal customized waypoints that seem on the display when you’re wandering round that can assist you discover issues, and it is best to achieve this anytime you discover one thing value remembering so yow will discover it simply.

Waypoints are referred to as Trail Markers within the crafting menu, and you may want clover leaves to construct them. You ought to preserve some on-hand always in order that any time you occur throughout a Field Station, a spot with significantly helpful sources, or the rest worthy of be aware, you possibly can drop a flag. Pop one subsequent to your base(s) so you possibly can simply discover them while you’re achieved exploring. Smart, organized use of Trail Markers makes mapping the yard a lot simpler, so get within the behavior.

8. Climb Whatever You Can

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Trail Markers are helpful as a result of it may be robust to see what’s round and the place you are going in Grounded, what with all of the grass and weeds blocking your view wherever you go. Wandering round on the bottom may be disorienting, however plenty of objects within the recreation will assist your weight and assist you to stand up into the air, the place you possibly can see farther, orient your self higher, and most significantly, keep away from bugs.

If you may get into the air, it is best to. Bent grass blades, tree roots, leaves, even clovers make helpful platforms. Bugs will not chase you onto most objects, and you may even typically construct in these elevated areas for added safety. What’s extra, with sufficient top, you may make touring faster and simpler, because of gliders. Speaking of which….

9. Grab A Dandelion Tuft For An Early Glider

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You will take fall harm in Grounded, and whereas getting off the bottom has its advantages, it may be straightforward to fall off stuff and get injured. A glider is a chunk of drugs you may make that may assist with that, however quite than crafting one, you may get a glider rapidly and simply by grabbing a type of white dandelion tufts that drop close to the crops now and again. Snag it and add it to the “Glider” spot in your tools checklist on the proper facet of your stock, and you can pull it out with the shift key anytime you are falling.

While a glider will prevent from damage, it is even higher as a way of traversal. Climb excessive sufficient and you should use the glider to journey an extended distance with out operating on the bottom and risking damage. Snag a dandelion glider early and lower down in your journey instances.

10. Gather Raw Science

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Once you head to the oak tree as a part of the story missions in Grounded, you may uncover a hidden lab beneath it. Inside is Burg-L, a robotic who is aware of one thing in regards to the experiment that shrunk you. In addition to. offering you with quests to maintain you busy and enable you to discover, Burg-L will reply some questions on what is going on on and promote you new crafting recipes, however provided that you collect a brand new useful resource referred to as Raw Science.

There’s not an actual rationalization of what Raw Science really is, however you may discover it round Grounded, floating in bizarre places–it’s a bubble of pink goo, and also you wish to seize it everytime you see it. Completing quests and crafting new gadgets will even give you Raw Science, so it is good to maintain messing round and making an attempt new issues. Raw Science is actually a forex you should use with Burg.L. to purchase stuff from his little store, so that you wish to collect it when you possibly can and regulate your provide.

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