Warframe’s Heart Of Deimos Update Adds Chaotic Open-World, New Frame Upgrade System


First proven throughout Digital Extreme’s TennoCon 2020 livestream, Warframe’s Heart of Deimos enlargement introduces a darkish storyline set within the sport’s subsequent open world location on Mars’ moon. In this large-scale replace to the net action-RPG, you will face off in opposition to new hordes of the Infested who’ve taken management of the moon Deimos, wresting management from the misplaced Entrati household. You’ll discover new armaments of energy whilst you’re exploring the moon. These embody a customizable mech swimsuit in addition to the brand new skill to boost your characters much more than earlier than. However, it’s going to price you.

Before its debut at TennoCon, GameSpot had the chance to take a look at an early have a look at the Heart of Deimos enlargement. The new content material will probably be open to all gamers who’ve unlocked Mars on the star map, permitting newcomers and veterans to leap into the brand new story specializing in the Infested management of Mars’ moon. Encompassing the floor in addition to a big, procedurally generated community of underground caverns, you will discover a piece of Deimos referred to as the Cambion Drift to help the remnants of the Entrati household, whereas additionally unlocking the true energy of the Helminth, which has been tucked away in your ship.

In addition to a brand new open world, the enlargement will add one other layer to the sport’s intensive customization programs. One of the extra stunning new additions to the replace is the means to broaden your Frame’s powers by granting it talents from completely different characters. For occasion, if you wish to give Volt’s shock skill to Mag, you are able to do so by feeding Volt to the Helminth positioned in your ship. Doing so will completely sacrifice your present Volt, and the one approach to get Volt again can be to craft a brand new one. It’s a tricky selection, particularly for long-time gamers who’ve an intensive steady of Frames to select from. Still, it presents an fascinating alternative to intensify your favourite Frame’s attributes.

This new approach to improve Frames additionally speaks to the best way Heart of Deimos continues with the custom of large expansions that shake issues up within the on-line sport. Speaking with Digital Extremes chief operator officer Sheldon Carter earlier than TennoCon 2020, he went into element about what’s to come back with the enlargement that not solely introduces a brand new open world however re-examines lots of the sport’s present programs and Frames.

“What we wanted to do with [Heart of Deimos] was to have a blend of the new and the old,” stated Carter. “Because we’re going to do an open world again, we wanted to make sure that we’re tightly packing that experience. We want it to have something for players that would feel like a really tightly packed open world with different traversal options with your K-Drive, but also focus on the core Warframe experience of procedural content you go through the tunnels underneath. At the same time, there will be new ways to play the game with the Helminth system, so you’re going to be mixing and matching Warframe powers, which is new and different. So it’s one expansion where we felt it worked well for the stories that we want to tell within the game, focusing on the Entrati family and the Infested. It also really worked well for the way we were organizing our team as we’ve moved through this interesting time with the pandemic. So yeah, working on Heart of Deimos was an interesting opportunity.”

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In the open world, you’ll be able to anticipate finding quite a lot of story missions, side-activities, and even some secrets and techniques to search out that designate what occurred to the world earlier than you arrived. Once you arrive on the planet, you will be handled to a beginning cutscene that units the stage for the battle, all defined by a brand new AI machine named LOID. In addition to going through off in opposition to new types of Infested on Deimos, it’s going to additionally turn out to be obvious they’ve important management of the state of issues on the moon. On the floor, two big glowing Infested, referred to as Wyrms, are successfully the guiding lights of Deimos–one representing the moon and the opposite the solar. In perpetual battle, one monster will ultimately defeat the opposite, and when that occurs, the smaller Infested will change to suit the present ruler of Deimos. While we solely bought to see this mirrored within the common enemies, the builders have said their battle occurs in cycles, and that they’ve bigger plans for the moon and solar Wyrms sooner or later.

The subsequent enlargement will introduce many quality-of-life updates as nicely. Firstly, the Okay-Drive–Warframe’s tackle the hoverboard–will see some new upgrades, which embody new Velacipod rideable beasts. Along with improved management, you will now be capable to use your secondary weapons whereas utilizing the Okay-Drive. Also, the Operator will now have extra of a job to play in fight and the open world. When in Operator mode, you can bounce into Entrati mechs scattered all over the world to let free in opposition to the Infested. Throughout your marketing campaign on Deimos, you will additionally work together with members of the Entrati household who’ve retreated underground. One of those characters you will work together with is the Mother, the matriarch of the Entrati household who has ties to the void know-how and constructs proven all through the sport. Taking on missions for the Mother will take you on incursions into the underground, which resemble dungeon-crawling occasions.

In the previous couple of years, Warframe has seen many modifications to the state of the net sport. In 2017, the Plains of Eidolon launched the primary open-world map, which featured dynamic quests and a brand new storyline. The yr after noticed the Fortuna enlargement, which introduced gamers to the open world of Venus, they fought in opposition to the Corpus to free indebted employees. In 2019, Warframe additionally launched large-scale ship fight with the Railjack, permitting groups of gamers to work collectively to pilot a ship in opposition to enemies. According to Carter, Heart of Deimos is the subsequent means for Digital Extremes to make an enormous shift for Warframe.

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“Our attempts to shake things up is what keeps Warframe fresh and interesting after all these years,” stated Carter. “What’s fresh to the players is fresh to us. It’s not that we don’t want to just focus on the shooting and parkour, that stuff’s amazing, but it’s like what we can give you that’s going to give you a new twist on those experiences? What’s the story that we can tell that you haven’t seen in any other game? What’s the game where you get to sacrifice your Frame to get another power and to see this crazy mouth inside your ship? I think it allows us to stretch creatively, and that’s one of the best parts about Warframe from a developer standpoint. You’re always getting to stretch your creative muscles and coming up with weird new ways that still fit within the core of what Warframe is.”

Releasing concurrently on August 25 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, Heart of Deimos seems to be one other large game-changer for Warframe. The hellish panorama of Deimos has some related vibes to Dead Space, which ought to make it extremely eerie and unnerving to discover. In addition to this new enlargement, Digital Extremes additionally revealed the subsequent Frame coming to the sport, Xaku, which can arrive with the brand new enlargement.

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