13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim’s Story Is Wild, And I Kinda Like It


You’d assume that listening to a cat all of a sudden speak would have been the purpose in 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim the place I misplaced it. But no, it was the “one year later” that bought my head tilted in bewilderment at this half journey recreation, half real-time technique recreation.

The plotline of 13 Sentinels is wild in a manner that loads of anime and manga followers can in all probability acknowledge. Within its first few hours:

  • You meet a dude who finds out he is caught within the midst of a conspiracy the place everybody round him is hiding his true id from him
  • A woman who has nightmares concerning the future
  • An alien-obsessed monitor star assembly a robotic and making an attempt to cover it from some mysterious males in black
  • A person struggling together with his emotions for who he thought was a cute woman however is definitely a crossdresser who dislikes binary roles
  • A instructor admitting to her scholar that she would have beloved him if he had met her whereas she was in highschool
  • A boy who wakes as much as a lady on his TV asking him to avoid wasting her
  • A highschool woman who beats up thugs on the common
  • Giant mechs tasked with defeating big kaiju monsters
  • And an amnesiac outlaw who’s crossed dimensions.
  • Oh yeah, and a speaking cat who claims he is truly an alien from a long-dead civilization and is now on Earth to attempt to stop humanity’s destruction
A sci-fi fangirl finds herself drawn right into a harmful manhunt when she chooses to befriend and defend a small android.

It’s just like the set-up for each kind of conventional sci-fi anime is jam-packed into 13 Sentinels’ prologue. Every trope you possibly can consider is right here, all weaving collectively and rising in complexity primarily based on their relationship to at least one one other. It’s as exasperating as it’s intriguing. I truly made it fairly a methods via the prologue earlier than shedding it and having to pause and take a break–I was taking part in as one of many 13 protagonists in 13 Sentinels, a quiet highschool woman who lives within the yr 2024. She matches the shy however good, black-haired magnificence trope to a tee. She then meets a boy beneath mysterious circumstances who seemingly dies in her arms and the display fades to black. Then the phrases, “one year later” pop up, revealing it is now…1985.

I’m fairly positive I screamed one thing alongside the traces of “that’s illegal” or some such; I cannot actually keep in mind past the actual fact it was manner too late at evening for me to be shouting on the prime of my lungs.

There’s rather a lot about 13 Sentinels that is prone to simply cross over your head within the first few hours–I understand it did for me. That’s as a result of the sport’s story is not chronological. You play via items of every of the 13 protagonists’ tales and these items themselves see a few of the characters journey via time, have visions of the longer term, reminisce concerning the previous, and journey between alternate realities, so a few of the occasions within the small contained items aren’t even informed within the order they occurred. It’s pretty complicated at first, however after sticking via the three-hour prologue, I discovered myself invested in quite a lot of of the protagonists’ tales.

And that is doubtless 13 Sentinels’ largest power. With 13 characters that every have their very own routes, you are certain to love not less than one in all them. Maybe it is going to be the highschool punk with a coronary heart of gold or the sly teenager who loves to seek out grime on her enemies or the World War II soldier seemingly coming to phrases together with his sexuality. This helped me get via the tales of the characters I wasn’t instantly smitten with; on the very least, each protagonist’s story crosses into the others. You’re prone to study extra about your favourite characters and what occurred to them whether or not you are taking part in as them or one of many protagonists you do not like as a lot. The animations of every character are often slightly awkward or unrealistic (I laughed out loud at how ridiculous the varsity nurse walks, you will understand it whenever you see it) however the voice performing is actually good–it actually brings life to every character. The preview demo of the prologue solely has the Japanese VO with English subtitles (which, frankly, is how I need to play) however there’s an English dub coming in a day one patch.

At least within the prologue I performed via, each chapter of every character’s story began within the journey recreation section. You discover areas and study concerning the individuals and the surroundings to gather information and objects that you would be able to then use to unravel small puzzles and push the plot ahead. Maybe it was simply because it was a prologue however it all felt actually hand-holdy, and I was a bit disenchanted with simply how straightforward the puzzles have been to unravel.

A mild-mannered student thinks he's boringly normal, not knowing that most of his classmates are hiding his true identity from him.
A gentle-mannered scholar thinks he is boringly regular, not realizing that the majority of his classmates are hiding his true id from him.

The real-time technique recreation parts on the finish of every chapter have been much more compelling. It looks like each protagonists’ arc will in the end finish with a last battle which the sport continues to return to after every journey recreation part. Though battles start terribly easy, they develop in complexity and delight. Each protagonist pilots a special Sentinel (an enormous mech) and you employ the strengths and weaknesses of every one to battle in opposition to the kaiju attacking Japan.

Some Sentinels are geared in direction of long-range fight, others are solely melee-focused, and others provide completely different technique of assist. You have to account for Sentinel and enemy placements, your general goal, targets it’s essential to defend, and the settle down timers on sure skills. It’s fairly enjoyable by the top of the prologue chapters, when the sport largely stops being a collection of tutorials and really places you up in opposition to threats it’s essential to strategize in opposition to. The finish of the prologue additionally provides the selection of cranking up the problem on fight encounters, and I’m very to see simply how tough 13 Sentinels might be.

When it comes right down to it, I assume 13 Sentinels’ success goes to be tied to how properly it could possibly truly pull collectively the tales of its 13 protagonists. Like I stated earlier than, a number of of those tales go to far out locations and it is tough to see how all of them can presumably come collectively into one thing cohesive by the sport’s finish. But, on the very least, the prologue has offered me on a couple of of the characters’ tales and I just like the real-time technique mech vs. kaiju fight, so I’m right down to see whether or not 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim can pull off its seemingly convoluted narrative when the sport releases for PS4 on September 20.

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