New FFXIV Quest Has Big Gundam Energy, Which May Play Into Future Content


Final Fantasy XIV‘s newest replace has a ton of recent content material that I’m nonetheless simply making an attempt to course of myself, even after extolling the virtues of FFXIV 5.3’s main story events. But the replace is not all about MSQ since there are some substantial optionally available quests, considered one of which is one other chapter within the Sorrow of Werlyt questline. And the newest mission has you piloting a Gundam…I imply, G-Warrior.

Previously in Sorrow of Werlyt, you needed to struggle Ruby Weapon in an 8-player trial boss struggle, which was launched in patch 5.1. Here in 5.3, you face off towards Sapphire Weapon in a solo obligation, however because the pilot of a G-Warrior flying mech engineered by Cid and his crew at Garlond Ironworks. A bombastic cutscene, with some cheeky dialogue choices, performs earlier than the battle prefer it’s straight out of a mecha anime, too.

A detailed take a look at the G-Warrior design.

The G-Warrior has its personal moveset equivalent to a robust sword slash, ranged beam, pace enhance, protecting barrier, and restoration spell. You must handle your EP meter in combat–similar to managing MP as a spellcaster–and be taught when to execute sure actions so you are not left susceptible, as was the problem in numerous phases of the Sapphire Weapon struggle.

It’s seemingly that G-Warrior fight missions will not be a one-off factor in FFXIV both; it is a pretty intricate system that ought to most likely be used once more, however there is a fairly clear indication that there’s extra in retailer. After the Sapphire Weapon struggle, you arrive in a small city referred to as Terncliff and should you converse to the Ironworks Technician on the hangar bay door, you’ll be able to go inside to examine your G-Warrior. There, you’ll be able to ask the engineer to look at totally different elements to get particulars on them, and the dialogue hints to potential upgrades sooner or later. If I needed to take a wild guess as to what this implies, maybe some customization is in retailer for the long run. But at the least it is extremely seemingly that we’ll have extra battles to struggle utilizing our shiny new mech.

The G-Warrior inspection screen where you can also climb atop its shoulders for cute screenshots.
The G-Warrior inspection display the place you may also climb atop its shoulders for cute screenshots.

Even the story behind the Sorrow of Werlyt questline attracts some Gundam affect (spoilers forward). You discover out that the Garlean Empire is creating dastardly machines like Ruby Weapon and Sapphire Weapon–which are additionally references to Final Fantasy VII‘s sequence of robust bosses of the identical names. And to be able to function the weapons, somebody must pilot the factor however finally sacrifice themselves since they need to merge with it and the neural information of the outdated FFXIV villain Nael van Darnus. These weapons are merchandise of the previous work by former Garlean commander Gaius van Baelsar, one other outdated villain.

It appears that Gaius making an attempt to atone for his darkish historical past since defecting after you kicked his ass in A Realm Reborn. Under a watchful eye, he is cooperating with you to be able to destroy these weapons. Turns out that those piloting the weapons and sacrificing themselves are the previous kids Gaius took in as orphans who now serve the Garlean Empire. There’s a number of political and household drama, and extra to unfold as hinted by cutscenes on the finish of the hunt.

My character piloting the G-Warrior.
My character piloting the G-Warrior.

If that narrative arrange would not scream Gundam to you, then at the least the dang identify and stylings of those agile mechs you pilot must be sufficient to make it clear that FFXIV is paying homage to the basic manga/anime.

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